Top10 Indian Mythological Books.

Indian mythological fiction

India’s fiction mythology and culture are so rich, that the possibility of stories being turned into books is immeasurable. The tale of thousands of gods, deities, and Asuras, each one is an impeccable story to live through. To bless you with tales of Gods and Goddesses, Here are the top 10 Indian mythological books that you should have a copy on your bookshelf.

10. Samsara

AUTHORSaksham Garg
GENRE Fantasy, Mythology, Fiction
PUBLISHERPenguin Ebury Press

Samsara: enter the Valley of Gods is also quoted as India’s Answer to Harry Potter. Imagine a place where magic dwells, residence to gods, and secrets of yogis are unveiled with no attachment to the outer world.

Likewise, Aman Chandra along with souls captured and transferred into the Himalayan valleys are believed to be the souls of Samsara. To save the valley, the chosen kid must prevail and answer the feudal life-changing questions that doomed their life.

The misconception of outer force destroying the valley caught up to ten souls as they shot their only chance at saving the valley from the culprit inside. Witness the knowledge of Vedas and yogic art and the creation of life and Gods with this book.

9. Dharmayodha Kalki

Indian mytholoical books
AUTHORKevin Missal
GENRE Mythology, Fiction
PUBLISHERFingerprint Publishing

Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu, one book from the trilogy series by Kevin Missal narrates the story of Kalki Hari resident of Shambala village leads a prosperous life alongside his parents, Vishnuyath and Sumati.

Unaware of his heritage and despite his fair share of suffering, after losing his father Kalki is reminded that he is the tenth avatar of Vishnu and the purpose of his birth is to cleanse Adharma in this world. 

 With a face of Adharma, Kali revives by consuming somas and Kalki faces the reason behind his people’s death. The epic tribal war, the fight between the Dharm and Adharma concludes with the third book series. The plot and ornamented words perfectly make it on the wishlist of any mythological enthusiast.


GENREFiction, Mythology

As the title suggests, the Multirealm book unfolds the existence of numerous realms including further planets, gods, and demi-gods.

The story starts with the human realm in 2032 based on Samarsen ve, an imaginary island, where a 120-meter-tall Shiv lingam has emerged onto the surface of the sea.

In another realm, gods are preparing for a battle to be fought against evil and simultaneously in another realm Prashuram ponders over the questions which troubled him.

As the devil Ravana and his son Meghnath challenge the multi-realm, all gods unify to defeat Raavan and his allies. This spell-bound creation will transfer you to various worlds in the chariot of words as one of the best Indian mythological books.

7. Aswatthama’s Redemption

Aswatthama’s Redemption
AUTHORGunjan Porwal
GENRE Fiction, Mythology, India
PUBLISHEROM Books International

Accursed by Lord Krishna, Ashwatthama, son of guru Dronacharya walks on the plain of earth after a hundred years of Mahabharat.

Death is a blessing, he isn’t capable of achieving. When a powerful demon king Dandak challenges King Vikram and Prince Rana. Accompanied by Aswatthama, they venture out to look for Lord Rama’s bow, the only weapon that could kill Dandaka.

 Join the journey of struggle and redemption of Aswatthama. The following part gives new beginnings to this very ending and concludes with its third part.

6. Ajaya: Rise of Kali

Ajaya: Rise of Kali
AUTHORAnand Neelkantan
GENRE Fiction, Mythology
PUBLISHERLeadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd.

To see good in bad and bad in good” This novel perfectly imitates the quote.

What if the great Mahabharat war was portrayed from Kauravas’ side? What if the Pandavas were wrong too? What if the Kauravas were tagged villain just because they lost the war?

The novel dives into the rebellious writing of Anand Neelkanth showcasing Suyodhan’s( Dur-yodhan) point of view. The story begins when Bheesma abducts Gandhari by killing her father.

Her brother shakuni pledges to destroy Hastinapur. The dice switched sides and the Pandavas here are the antagonists and the Kauravas are the protagonist of the story.

If you could behold a few criticisms and question all the acts of Pandavas and Krishna, then I vouch for it.


AUTHORKoral Dasgupta
GENRE fiction, Indian Literature

The tale of one of the Pancha Kanyas from Purana is said to be believed that reciting their names could favor the women of any generation. 

The Pancha kanyas as Sati, Kunti, Ahalya, Mandodari, and Sabitri ach turned into an epic tale depicted from the perspective of each feminine.  The Puranas exclaim the tale of Ahalya her birth in the hands of Brahma her marriage to Rishi Gautam and her curse of indulging in a relationship with Indra.

But the truth prevails as the narration depicts the reason and the wise woman lurking behind her curtain of infidelity. This series adds meaning to the tales which have been repeated in the past and misinterpreted.

4. Mahishasur

AUTHORDr. Anuradha Agarwal  
GENRE Fiction, Mythology
PUBLISHEROne Point Six Techno

We all know the great bloodshed fight between Mahisasura and Lord Durga.But let’s retell the journey of Mahisasura from an orphan to the king of Trilok- Paatal Lok, Prithvi Lok, and Dev Lok.

 But this time we will see the very reasons Mahisasura turns into a demon king and after receiving a boon from Lord Brahma instead of prospering the world with his power his choices bring wrath and havoc which leads to his subtle end by Mahashakti, the mother of all.

This retold mythology shows treachery and favoritism in society, a life witnessed discrimination and molded by a misguided Guru Sukracharya.


AUTHORJayanth Dev   
GENRE Fiction, Mythology, India
PUBLISHERJayanth Dev   

What happens when the gods commit adharma? Who punishes them? We all heard the tale of Shiva killing his son Ganesha accidentally and then reincarnating him with the head of an elephant.

 When he beheaded Ganesha using his trident, he asked Nandi and his supporters to bring an elephant head facing North. Here the story of Dhantasura comes into play, Dhantasura lives peacefully with his brother Hanta and father Gajasura.

 When his brother is killed to reincarnate Ganesha, vengeance and sadness consume Dhantasura to commit his only goal to avenge his brother by killing Shiva and his associates for this adharmic karma.

What is your favourite mythological Fiction choice? Let us know

2. The Hidden Hindu

indian mythological books
AUTHORAkshat Gupta
GENRE Mythology, HInduism
PUBLISHERPenguin Ebury Press

When a young twenty-one-year-old, Prithvi was fascinated by middle-aged Aghori, om Shastri who was last traced two hundred years ago. Confined in a high-tech facility by a team of specialists, the Aghori’s journey revealed that he witnessed all four yugas and participated in Mahabharat and Ramayan.

 As the Aghori looked for other immortals around the yugas, the author depicts the idea of the seven Chiranjeevi, creatures from Hindu folklore.

The essayist’s trilogy is a perfect treat for the fans of mythology and fiction which blends perfectly into each other. The truth and stories behind the aghori and lifetime ventures will leave you baffled.

1.Shiva and Ram Trilogy

shiva and Ram trilogy
AUTHORAmish Tripathi 
GENRE Fiction, Fantasy
PUBLISHERHarpercollins India

  You would be lying if you told me you haven’t heard one of the Shiva trilogy and Ram series by Amish Tripathi.

Shiva trilogy separates into Immortals of Meluha, Secrets of Naga, and Oath of Vayuputras. The series begins with the journey of Shiva and his tribe has fled from his village upon the invitation from Nandi and touched the lands of Meluha.

When Shiva’s throat turns blue in Meluha, the King and his kingdom consider Shiva their savior, The Neelkanth. Baffled by their astonishing beliefs and faith, Shiva fights from the side of Suryavnashi to wipe out the evil Chandravanshis.

Ram series consists of five books Ram the Scion of Ikshvaku, Sita Warrior of Mithila, Raavan Enemy of Aryavata, War of Lanka, and Rise of Meluha which is yet to be released.

The story follows the steps of the ancient tale Ramayan, the fight of good over evil. The evil Raavan has abducted Sita in his puspak vimana along with Kumbhkaran.

The eldest prince of Ayodhya has to fight evil to win his Sita. Each book story till the third part depicts the tale and venture of Ram, Sita, and Raavan. The War of Lanka depicts the showdown of the story and Rise of Meluha, yet to be released.



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