10 Best thriller novels by Indian Authors of 2023

thriller novels by Indian authors

Tired of romance novels? No worries, to satisfy the devil lurking inside you and fill your bookshelf, we have some nail-biting best thriller novels by Indian authors released in 2023. Grab yourself a coffee and a copy of these books to sense an uneasiness while reading.

10. Ties Of Blood

ties of blood
AUTHORNiti Kewalramani
GENRE Crime, Thriller, Mystery
PUBLISHERSrishti Publishers &Distributors

 Astonished by the death of the heir, Surya Jain to the billionaire family of Mumbai’s JAINs. After his declaration to the throne, the man who produced the most appealing chocolate of SGI Industries lies on the floor of the death.

The wealthy and pretending-to-be perfect family’s secrets and scandal unfold as police inspector Hasan dives deeper into the investigation.

When another murder occurs, Hasan suspects the possible rivalries involved in the murder and the family too. The secrets deepen as the story follows, leaving a lump in the throat to whodunit and best thriller novels by Indian Authors.

9.Queen and King

best thriller novels by Indian authors
AUTHORNandini Gupta
GENRE Crime, Thriller, Mystery
PUBLISHEREmbassy Books

Baffled by her past the queen of the story, Avanti has faced her share of struggles by moping houses, dealing with poverty, and her trauma.

As she stumbles upon her dream prince, Dhairya, their chemistry blossoms. Dhairya had faced his childhood trauma too, but their marriage became worth it all.

Tearing apart between their past and poverty they welcome a son into this world. Soon after Dhairya’s behaviors take turns and sweep the earth under her feet.

To what extent does a mother go to save his kid and to silence the demon that causing havoc?

8.The Girl in the House

the giirl in the house
AUTHOR: Harshvardhan Rao
GENRE Crime, Thriller, Mystery
PUBLISHERSrishti Publishers & Distributors

This psychological thriller unpacks the series of mysteries when a forthcoming journalist, Aditi wants to pen an article about an abandoned house that the localities believe, is bewitched. 

In her quest to the mysterious house, she appoints two photographers Ratna and Ravi. Despite the fear of paranormal activities, due to lack of work they profoundly agree for the job and Ravi slips out of fear just to fall in love with Aditi.

As Aditi’s troubled past caught with her, the signs of paranormal presence heightened. Is there a paranormal force in the house? Or does Aditi’s behavior reflect her past? Discover this thriller with a feel of horror, grief, and friendship.

7.The Kid Killer

the kid killer
AUTHORSalil Desai
GENRE  Crime, Thriller, Mystery
PUBLISHERFingerprint Publishing

Adding another whodunit crime best thriller to the list, the story begins with an eleven-year-old Pranjal found deceased with signs of sexual assault or a case of pedophilia. Bringing us into the Inspector Saralkar universe of mystery, one ransom call has been made after his missing.

Suspicion revolves around familiar persons around the family in the story as the Bhatti’s feuds are quite evident in the society.

The author drives the reader through with chilling experiences and brutal crime scenes related to this paedophilic case.

6.I Hear You

I hear you
AUTHORNidhi Upadhyay
GENRE Crime, Thriller, Mystery
PUBLISHERPenguin Ebury Press

In an abusive marriage with a perfectionist geneticist husband Shivam, the protagonist Mahika had many miscarriages. While she conceives a boy, Shivam’s madness to achieve a perfect child directs him into altering the genetics of the fetus thus creating a perfect child named Rudra.

Six months into her pregnancy, she receives a piece of mysterious information about her husband’s insanity.

Soon confined in her own house by his husband, as like every other mother in this world, she confesses the truth of the marriage and her life to her unborn child.

But soon she discovers her unborn baby has some sort of powers and responds to her. What happens next her unborn child tries to free his mother from the reins of his father.

This sci-fi thriller keeps you on the edge of the seat.

5.The Kamin’s Daughter

the kamin's daughter
AUTHORNithya Sashi
GENRE Crime, Thriller, Mystery
PUBLISHERVishwakarma Publishers

 As the title suggests “The kamin’s daughter” means the coal miner’s daughter. It begins with Koena Mahapatra, a journalist in one of the big TV news in India needs to investigate the two incidents.

One bomb blast in Chirmiri coal mines deceasing many and another blast inside the CM’s house in Delhi. As the narration builds, she ponders the truth of her famous chef husband related to the incidents but her traumatized past related to the mines comes into play. 

To answer her questions about the two incidents she tags along with her colleague Sagar to find the truth. The research and detailing depict the devastated life inside the coal mine and the suspense grips the reader exactly when needed.

4 The Kidney Scam

the kidney scam
AUTHORKiran Nirvana
GENRE Crime, Thriller, Mystery
PUBLISHERSrishti Publishers & Distributors

An exhilarating eye-opening crime that revealed the hideous side of human organ traffickers in India. The story is based on a real-life incident when three medical scholars cross paths with a rickshaw puller who happens to have a freshly wounded cut on his body.

Courageously three students try to unveil the culprits behind the monstrous organ trafficking amidst threats to their family they converse with professors and seek the help of politicians.

Defying failure, the three students decide to consult the help of an advocate to unmask the truth to the world. If you are a crime thriller enthusiast then this book serves the purpose.

3.Until I find you

until I find you
AUTHORGirish Dutt Shukla
GENRE Crime, Thriller, Mystery
PUBLISHEROm Books International

Aftermaths of a mass suicide, decades after her desperate attempt failure to save her friend and infant, Jenny, the protagonist witnesses a kid in a magazine resembling her friend.

That leads to her village Bannod in Rajasthan where Virat, a local police officer discovered the chopped leg of a woman he once met, Sejal.

As the mass suicide committer Visesh, blends into the village, Jenny and Virat team up to reveal the jaw-dropping truth and recover the boy who now lives with Vishes.

The story was inspired by the mass suicide in 1978. Kanchana’s skills as a wordsmith reflect on the details and narrative. This is a must-read for those who love to read a thriller and consider

2.Cold Blooded Love

Cold blooded love
AUTHORGirish Dutt Shukla
GENRE Crime, Thriller, Mystery
PUBLISHER Rupa Publications India

A psychologically thrilling tale of the protagonist, a designer, Ziva, begins as she leaves behind her husband and Mumbai to Delhi, only to escape her toxic life.

Her grief is deepened by next-door couple Aadit and Ovya, an opposite relationship of Ziva’s. This mythically perfected relationship steers direction as she collects notes concerning the harmful persona of Aadit.

As their relationship becomes quarrelsome, one night Ziva witnesses a scream from Ovya and the next day her life takes turns as she is entangled with a murder next door and missing of Ovya.

How the dead, Saachi is related to both Aadit and Ovya? Why Ovya’s missing? Did she murder Saachi? Answer all your questions by experiencing this unsettling tale.

1.The Highway Murders

the highway murders
AUTHORSourabh Mukherjee
GENRE True Crime, Non-fiction
PUBLISHERSrishti Publishers & Distributors

This novel is based on the gruesome rapist and serial killer J.Shankar who committed 30 rapes, and 15 murders and escaped two times from jail.

The story follows as a lady constable goes missing and a month later found raped and dead on the highway of Tamilnadu.

His terror prevails in the neighboring states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The cruel crimes and details of the novel could easily grab faint-hearted readers by the throat. With a dedicated police officer, the hunt for a cat and mouse begins after his greatest prison break.

The narratives show the extremity of crime and dreadful pain which will keep you up for many nights. It’s an absolute read for crime thriller lovers as the original tale of a criminal casts a heinous spell.

Let us know! Which is your favorite thriller pick of this year?


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