10 Heartwarming Coming-of-Age Drama Anime.

coming-of-age drama anime

Drama anime is good but Coming of age drama anime is the best. The slice of coming-of-age taste with a hint of drama never hurts actually. The landscapes of the countryside, the serene ost and the drama just pay off in each aspect. So without wasting any time here is the list of top 10 coming-of-age drama anime to soothe your fragile hearts.

10. Kids on the slope

Kids on the slope
AiredApr 13, 2012 to Jun 29, 2012
GenreDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll, HIDIVE

Let’s take you back to the time of the 1960s, the summer has just started, and you are chilling in a yard while someone is playing a musical instrument. Isn’t it beautiful? Kids on the slope do exactly.

In the summer of 1966, Karou Nishimi, a classical pianist has transferred into many schools and has become introverted. His shell nature never profited him from any kind of bond or relationship.

One day he befriends the delinquent of the school but he soon discovers a fond of jazz music and groups with people to play piano and enjoy the real taste of music unlike before.

 The coming-of-age drama also has an angle of romance, the series might not create a great impression at first but it’s a gem show.

9. Sound! Euphonium

Sound! Euphonium
AiredApr 8, 2015 to Jul 1, 2015
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll

Looking for a musical journey with a taste of coming-of-age drama anime about girls? Sound! Euphonium just fits into the category. The attention to detail is just mesmerizing.

Kumiko Oumae has transferred into her new high school leaving behind her past but the new classmates force her to join the school band club.

Unfit to play in the local festival, the band aims for the national competition whereas Kumiko recalls her past mistakes and with caution proceeds with the school band club.

The light-hearted anime shows the journey of the band members and overcoming their struggles to achieve the goal.

8. Ef: A Tale of Melodies

Ef: A Tale of Melodies
AiredOct 7, 2008 to Dec 23, 2008
GenreDrama, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll

Have you ever watched any coming-of-age drama anime that looks straight out of Da Vinci’s painting? No! then give it a try to Ef: A Tale of Melodies sequel to The Memories.

Divided into three stories, the story of Himura Yu and Amamiya Yuko set in the past, resurfaces their past events and their hunted childhood. The regrets and grief all come in like a storm.

Meanwhile, in the present, the story of the darkened relationship between Kuze Shuichi and Mizuki takes a tragic turn.

Tragic back story, interesting character chemistry, and of course the animation and music which hits right on the spot.

7. Honey and Clover

 Honey and Clover
AiredApr 15, 2005 to Sep 27, 2005
GenreDrama, Comedy, Romance
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll

Looking for a coming-of-age drama anime that can connect with you on deep emotional levels? No Worries! Honey and Clover serve the purpose.

Meet Yuuta Takemoto, an art student who shares a cheap space with two of his seniors without caring about his future life. But Takemoto’s encounter with Hagumi changes everything.

Takemoto falls in love head over heels for Hagumi at first sight but Hagumi has hints of Takemoto and his seniors from a friend.

The exciting journey of an artist and their personal lives while exploring the romance subplots, the anime resonates with you on many levels with topics like unrequited love, loneliness, and the constant dilemma of the future.

6.March Comes in like a Lion

March Comes in like a Lion
AiredOct 8, 2016 to Mar 18, 2017
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll, Funimation

March comes in Like a Lion combines the Shogi sports with social issues like isolation and burden into its poignant storytelling. Infamous for its realistic touch of human life depiction, this anime is a must-watch in the list of coming-of-age drama anime.

Rei Kirayama, a talented player of shogi becomes a prey to depression and isolation in the town of Tokyo with the higher expectations from the foster parents.

But soon it all changes when Rei encounters three sisters Akari, Hinata, and Momo. Akari’s care brings multiple changes in Rei’s personal life as well as his Shogi life.

The sports cum drama anime constantly shifts between dark and light tones while maintaining it’s pace.

5.Only Yesterday

Only yesterday
AiredJul 20, 1991
GenreDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformNetflix

The 90s coming-of-age anime movies have a different aura in comparison to the rest. Only Yesterday isn’t something grandiose or about a mature theme but the beauty of it lies in its simplicity.

Meet Taeka Okajima, a 27-year-old independent woman tired of her whole life spent in Tokyo. She decides to revisit her family in the countryside and help out during the harvest.

Taeka on her way reimagines herself as a schoolgirl and begins her trip to the countryside with her childhood self.

The amount of simplicity that is hidden in this anime is unmatchable and the remarkable underrated masterpiece shows the mundane life at its best which is a must-watch coming-of-age drama anime.

4. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service
AiredJul 29, 1989
GenreDrama, Comedy, Fantasy
Streaming PlatformNetflix

Unpopular opinion but Kiki’s delivery service defines the best example of coming-of-age drama anime. Like other Miyazaki and Ghibli anime, this also features a female protagonist in the movie.

The responsibility and being independent comes with a much bigger price and Kiki’s journey has just begun to become the full-pledged witch but she must spend a year living on her own.

In a distant town, soon Kiki starts working for a bakery and delivers with her broomstick then Kiki decides to start her own business which isn’t going to be easy.

Though the artwork looks dated for some people this coming-of-age anime is a typically fun-to-watch family anime that you should give it a try once.

3.Ping Pong The Animation

Ping Pong The Animation
AiredApr 11, 2014 to Jun 20, 2014
GenreDrama, Sports
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll, Funimation

How can you forget Ping Pong the Animation while discussing coming-of-age drama anime? The anime is a beautifully crafted sports anime that is more of an impactful emotional series.

Despite being polar opposites, the unbroken bond between Smile and Peco shines because of their undying love for Ping Pong or Table Tennis.

Peco has his struggles and Smile has his share, the journey of the two defines overcoming their self-doubts while making a path in their sports career.

A bit unorthodox in the art but Ping Pong follows the original manga art style which many don’t find fascinating, the sports anime won’t let you leave with regrets.

2.Hikaru No Go

Hikaru No Go
AiredOct 10, 2001 to Mar 26, 2003
GenreDrama, Comedy
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll

Hikaru No Go captures the competitive world of board sports games and the coming-of-age drama anime focuses on the go board game of Japan, keeping you at the edge with every intellectual battle scene and strategy.

Hikaru Shindou, a 12-year-old boy after being cut off his allowance, looks for his grandfather’s old things to sell. While scurrying he stumbles upon the go-board and encounters the ancient spirit named Sai.

Sai is a board game genius from ancient times but has some unfinished business in the present time. At first, Hikaru doesn’t have any interest but soon he gets intrigued with time.

The characters and rivalries are the main highlight of the anime while the shonen drama anime not only introduces to the board game but also gets invested in the game.

1.Whisper of the heart

whisper of the heart
AiredJul 15, 1995
GenreDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformNetflix

Studio Ghibli and the 90s Era is nothing less than Romeo and Juliet. The coming-of-age anime movie on Netflix is a masterpiece from Miyazaki exploring the beautiful adolescent phase of a child.

The dreamy tale opens with Shizuku Tsukishima and her undying love for literature leads her to look for a fellow who shares the same passion as her.

The boy named Seiji and Shizuku’s encounter in an antique shop resulted in them being friends with each other. Soon Sheiji and Shizuku discover their purpose along with their talents in this world.

Focusing on the simple yet complex question of life, what do you want to be when you grow up? Studios Ghibli’s best constructed coming-of-age drama anime that leads with a female protagonist.


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