10 Scariest Horror Anime on Crunchyroll in 2024.

Horror anime on crunchyroll

What is the scariest Anime to watch? What is the most unsettling Anime? Is there any Rated R anime on Crunchyroll? If questions like this keep you awake at night then fear no more, your questions will be answered right away. Crunchyroll has shouldered the weight of streaming various Anime whether the heart-pounding drama anime or exploring the dungeons of Solo Levelling. Crunchyroll has dominated other anime streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Funimation. So here are some of the scariest horror anime on Crunchyroll that you should watch at least once.

10. Petshop of Horror

Petshop of Horror
AiredMar 2, 1999 to Mar 23, 1999
GenresMystery, Horror, Supernatural

If you are a fan of 90s anime with horror combined, Petshop of Horror ticks your requirements. The four-episode Anthology OVA may not be frightening but has some serious creepy moments.

The Chinatown and one of those pet shops hold quite a mystery to the deaths of multiple people. The common thing among all the victims was they adopted pets from the owner Count D.

Count D binds a contract with each pet owner if they harm any of the laws from the contract the unfortunate series of events falls upon them if they don’t everything goes smoothly.

The Episodic tales are short but profound dark and full of mysterious things revolving around the anime making it one of the best horror anime on Crunchyroll to watch.

9. Mienuko-chan

AiredOct 3, 2021 to Dec 19, 2021
GenresComedy, Horror, Suspense

Let’s toss away the serious gloomy haunted nights and blend a bit of comedy into horror anime on Crunchyroll. Mienuko-chan exactly serves the purpose with its comedic touch to the serious supernatural drama and horror.

Miko Yotsuya is fond of staying up late at night and watching horror movies but one day she starts to see the supernatural spirits and ghosts around her.

Afraid to her core, she promises herself to never acknowledge the presence of those ghosts and continues to be baffled by her surroundings as the ghosts continue to disturb and scare people.

Miko being herself and putting up a poker face is a pure entertainer which most horror anime doesn’t provide. This unique anime craves your attention.

8. DeadMan Wonderland

DeadMan Wonderland
AiredApr 17, 2011 to Jul 3, 2011
GenresAction, Sci-fi, Horror, Suspense

The only problem with this horror anime on Crunchyroll is that it finishes. Deadman Wonderland has been one of the underrated horror anime with a bearable amount of bloody scenes.

Ganta Igarashi along with his friends have planned for a field trip to the prison amusement park where the convicts perform soon his life turns around.

His all classmates are massacred by a mysterious man and Ganta Igarashi is framed for all the life lost and imprisoned for a lifetime in the same prison he once visited. But inside the prison, he encounters some unbearable truths.

The dark and gruesome mystery anime gives chills down your spine with the depiction of an amusement park and prison and the secret that lies under it is totally scary.

7. Paranoia Agent

 Paranoia Agent
AiredFeb 3, 2004 to May 18, 2004
GenresMystery, Horror, Supernatural, Drama l

If you liked the works’ of Satoshi Kon like Paprika, Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers then add Paranoia Agent to your wishlist. The Anime has more twists and turns than a bow tie.

Musashino City is terrorized by the presence of Shonen bat, who moves around with his rollerblades and beats people with the bat so hard that they are frightened to death.

As the Assailant keeps coming, detective Keichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Minawa begin to investigate the identity of the Golden Shonen bat.

The masterpiece anime remains one of the greatest with its animation style and world-building and definitely one of the horror anime on crunhyroll to watch.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul
AiredJul 4, 2014 to Sep 19, 2014
GenresAction, Fantasy, Horror

The dark Fantasy anime will leave you rooting for a man-eater ghoul. Famous for its opening theme and interesting plot line from the rather common premise of human vs. human–eaters.

Kaneki Ken has been a loner and spends most of his time reading books and ignoring the fact the city has numerous flesh-eaters known as Ghouls.

One night introverted Kaneki has been asked out by a girl and goes on a date but the unfortunate series of events awaits him as the girl, herself is a Ghoul luring him into a trap.

The potential of the plot really shines as the episodes slowly progress and Ken starts to accept his new life as half ghoul half human. The cliffhanger will force you to watch one after another season of this horror anime on Crunchyroll.

5. Parasyte

AiredOct 9, 2014 to Mar 26, 2015
GenresAction, Sci-fi, Horror, Suspense

What makes you a human or a monster? There is a bit of good and bad in each of you and that’s what summarises the anime. It’s in your hands to become what you want to be.

The parasitic aliens have invaded the lands of Earth and taken over the human bodies turning into weird-looking aliens and devouring other humans.

One such Parasitic alien invades 17-year-old Shinichi Izumi and while failing to capture his body the aliens reside in his hand and Shinichi decides to eradicate the other aliens from Earth.

The action-packed anime with lots of tension peaks as one of the horror anime on Crunchyroll, keeps you hooked till the end with a promising plot.

4. Yami Shibai

 Yami Shibai
AiredJul 15, 2013 to Sep 30, 2013
GenresAvant Grande, Horror, Supernatural

Remember the ghost stories your elder brother told you when no one was around? Yes, these are the kind of stories you witness in Yami Shibai anime, a properly executed horror anime on Crunchyroll.

When dusk arrives, so does the yellow-masked storyteller with his traditional Kamishibai, a paper-scrolling machine to add visuals to his extreme horror stories for the kids.

The story follows the inspiration from Japanese urban legends and the anime opens up with a bachelor moving on to his new apartment and starts sensing presence around him.

The episodic tales’ duration remains 5 minutes with the intention of a quick scare to the audience and get creeped out in no time with this horror anime

3. Itou Junji collection

 Itou Junji collection
AiredJan 5, 2018 to Mar 23, 2018
GenresDrama, Horror, Suspense, Mystery

What’s the best objective of a horror anime? It doesn’t let you sleep. The writer Junji Itou known for his excellence in the horror genre represents his short collection of tales named after him.

The anime opens up with a funnier start with a bit of surprise and then boom! It picks up the gloomy and dark sense rapidly.

The traumatizing and disturbing tales of different stories like a snail growing out of a girl’s mouth, terrifying nightmares, and a jade opening up his victims’ bodies.

Sound plays an important aspect in terms of representing the eerie atmosphere of the horror genre and In this horror anime on Crunchyroll, Sound direction is done down to perfection.

2. Death Note

Death note 1
AiredOct 4, 2006 to Jun 27, 2007
GenresSupernatural, Suspense

Not just one but there are multiple reasons why you should watch this horror anime on Crunchyroll. Death Note immediately grabbed the attention, providing a spectacular thriller anime for years to brag about.

Japan’s Streets are ruled by thugs, thieves, and murderers and the vandalism is rising on top. Meanwhile, the shinigami Ryuk drops his death into the human world and comes looking for it.

17-year-old Light Yagami finds the Death Note which enables him to kill any person in the world if he writes his name and cause of death while recalling their face. Light and his godlike power know no boundary in dealing with this wretched method of justice.

The pay-off is high in terms of each aspect whether it is the eerie animation and settings or the music and plot twists, it all sums up to be a really great anime.

1.Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate 9
AiredFeb 10, 2006 to Dec 26, 2012
GenresAction, Horror, Supernatural

The most captivating and iconic horror anime on Crunchyroll’s title undoubtedly goes to Hellsing Ultimate Anime. Unapologetic about its blood bath and gore scenes the scenes just horrify you.

The story revolves around the Hellsing Organization and the vampires that plague the earth at night. Hellsing organization wipes out the vampires with their ruthless leader Integra.

Integra possesses a powerful tool to eradicate these threats out of the way i.e. Alucard, the vampire who fights against his own to protect humanity.

The brutal and badass Alucard’s slashing isn’t for kids, this vampire doesn’t stop. The gore action, the dark and bloody atmosphere is just too much to handle at once.



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