11 Best Manga and Manhwa Like Solo Leveling to Read.

Whether you are a reader of Attack on Titan Manga online or an Anime blinder, Solo Leveling took the world by storm leaving everyone in awe. Jiwoon-san’s transformation from E-rank Dungeon Hunter to the most powerful hunter is one exceptional journey to behold.

First of all, if you are still figuring out the difference between Manga, Manhwa, or Manhua then the answer is Manhwa is basically manga originating in Korea with a little bit different style of art. Manhua is just the same form of entertainment as from China origin.

Coming back to Solo Levelling, if you fell head over heels for the dungeon Guilds, masters, and monsters then you are craving more taste of it. So here is a personal collection of Manhwa and Manga like Solo Leveling.

11. Berserk of Gluttony

Berserk of Gluttony
First Published Mar 1, 2018 
GenreAction, Fantasy

Combine Seven Deadly Sins, Berserk, and Solo Leveling into one, and you get Berserk of Gluttony yet it feels unique and separate from all of these.

Imagine a power that makes you hungry all the time, if you don’t feed it feeds upon you. Protagonist Fate, the gatekeeper is tired of this useless power he is born with.

Here comes the plot twist, When Fate kills a thief with his gluttony power not only absorbs the thief’s soul but his quality too. Pretty amazing, Right? Fate now climbs the stairs of fame and respect with his newly acquired skills.

This fantasy manga like Solo Leveling, has some natural characters and with the amazing art of the manga is a perfect way to start.

10. I am the Sorcerer King

 I am the Sorcerer King
First Published May 31, 2019
GenreAction, Fantasy, Adventure  

The isekai/ reincarnation manhwa has a similar archetype storyline with dungeons appearing and hunters just like Solo Levelling. The Manhwa with 142 chapters never lets you get bored.

Sunghoon Lee fights for his life among the beasts and magical creatures that threaten humanity. While being powerless Lee has to look after her bed-ridden mother infected by the monsters.

On the verge of death, Lee discovers the unraveling truth about himself that he is the reincarnation sorcerer king from the past life.

The Manhwa has unique art stylization unlike others and the power fantasy mahwa’s story stands up to the point.

9. The Worn and Torn Newbie

 The Worn and Torn Newbie
First Published Nov 30, 2020
GenreAction, Fantasy, Adventure

Second Chances checked, Adventure checked, underdog MC checked. Well what’s more could you ask for while looking for a manhwa like Solo Levelling?

Lee Eojin has spent most of his life in the gaming world and it’s not a likeable one. For some reason the 15 years of pitiful life ended and he is back being a rookie.

But this time he isn’t repeating the same mistakes. He is conquering the game and the levels being the fan favorite and common foe for his enemies. Will this time be fruitful?

The sense of humor added into each arc remains the highlight for this manhwa.

8. Kill the Hero

Kill the Hero
First Published Mar 26, 2020
GenreAction, Fantasy, Adventure

When the debate breaks for the alternates like Solo Levelling, one name that pops out is Kill the Hero. The interesting premise leads the character back in time after being betrayed.

Woojin has been killed and betrayed by his leader but fate is in his favour. He travels back in time to start over again.

But this time his intentions are purely set on revenge rather than saving the world. His skills and awareness of the future give him the upper hand and nobody could find his true intention.

The polished art style will feel like a blessing to your eyes and the action scenes flow quite smoothly similar to Solo Leveling.

7. I am a Spider, So What?

 I am a Spider, So What?
First Published  Dec 22, 2015
GenreAction, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

So How does it feel to approach life through Spider’s POV? This manga will answer your question. This manga like Solo Leveling, has a way more realistic approach of the main character grinding her way up.

It was a normal day in the high school, but the sudden ambush kills everyone and transports the souls of the students into another mysterious world.

The souls are reincarnated into princes or prodigies but the heroine’s soul reincarnates as a spider. Being at the lowest of the food chain, she must survive.

The comic approach to the story will leave you caring for this only spider in your life. With hopeless struggles and few twists & turns the manga is a must-read similar to Solo Levelling.

6. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
First Published Feb 16, 2015
GenreAction, Fantasy, Adventure

Looking for a Manhwa like Solo Leveling with the intricacies of video games? The author’s knowledge and details about mmo really shine on The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.

Hyun has been shredding sweats in the VR MMO Royal Road but all his dedication to acquire a top-tier character flushes out. His loan sharks gulp the entire leaving behind crumbles.

Hyun must become rich for himself and his family and excel in this game. Accidentally he becomes The legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Will he become the best? Or misfire this opportunity.

Similar to Solo Leveling, the protagonist Hyun is as hard working as him and levels up. The dual art style of manhwa throws people away but It’s a great read to start with.

5. Over Geared

First Published Apr 1, 2020
GenreAction, Fantasy

Blending action and reflection into the manhwa is a rare thing to find and Over Geared is the perfect spot to stop searching. It may start as a generic manhwa but ends up surprising.

Meet Shin Youngwoo a low-level player similar to Jinwoo and his fate never favoured him in the VR game “Satisfy”. But for once in life he discovers a rare item that allows him to wear the Pagma’s successor title.

With the title comes the power of a skilled blacksmith and the next moment he chases for fame and money but the popularity soon becomes his downfall, probably more than he asked for.

Shin and JInwoo resemble in many ways the underdog players and hunters with a persistent hope of hardworking top-tier players. Like Solo Leveling, the manhwa feels refreshing and starts from the bottom of the food chain.

4. The Skeleton Soldier Failed to Defend the Dungeon

 The Skeleton Soldier Failed to Defend the Dungeon
First Published Jun 11, 2018
GenreAction, Fantasy, Adventure

Out of all the manhwa out there with the Leveling themes, The Skeleton Soldier Failed to Defend the Dungeon soars high in the air.

For his beloved Mistress, the skeleton soldier is ready to lay his life at risk. But when the group of invaders attacks, the soldier is neither able to save the mistress nor himself.

Reborn back in time 20 years, this time the soldier must alter the fate of her mistress and uncover the truth. In the process, he discovers a little truth about himself too.

The complex story keeps you wondering about the plots and decisions. If you are a fan of solo Leveling manhwa then you must check out this once.

3. A Returner’s Magic Should be Special

 A Returner’s Magic Should be Special
First Published May 19, 2018
GenreAction, Fantasy

Ever seen a concept being so repetitive but the Manhwa keeps making it enough interesting to stick to the end? No! Then, “A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special” is for you.

Shadow Labyrinth has sheltered the never-ending war for the past ten years. On the verge of losing the last standing magician travels back in time to his academic days to save the existence of humanity.

With the knowledge of the future and skills, He returns to Habrion Academy and tries to save himself and the comrades he once lost in the battle. Will that make any difference?

Like Solo levelling, the main character is underpowered and the training resembles Solo Leveling in many ways. The Fantasy Manhwa has great fights that not only use brute strength but strategies also.

2. Battle Through the Heavens

Battle through Heavens
First Published Jun 2012
GenreAction, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Romance

Imagine being so weak, even if you are a family member of the clan and your servants don’t respect you. Well, Battle through the Heavens Manhua shows the journey of the underdog to a memorable character.

The Strong rules the weak, and the universal truth applies on the Great Continent of Combat Qi too. An upcoming genius Xiao Yan lost all of his powers and now is disrespected all over the continent.

His loss of power brings humiliation along with despair from his fiancé and that’s when Xiao Yan decides it needs to stop.

With the kind mc, the manhua resembles manhwa like solo Leveling with the survival of the weak and climbing to the top trope.

1.Tower of God  

Tower of God
First Published Jul 5, 2010 
GenreAction, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Mystery

One of the most compared and similar manhwa, also a fan’s favorite is Tower of God. The mystery revolving around the tower, mazes, levels, backstories, drama, and the origin makes it 110 times more interesting.

The Tower and its existence hold a thousand mysteries and its top enables you god-like power. But the protagonist Bam, doesn’t want all of this he just wants to find Rachel.

As soon as Bam enters the tower he discovers some dark truth along with making some friends at some levels. So will he ever reunite with Rachel again? More importantly, will he reach the top?

The Psychological aspect, actions, twists and turns, and hype moments will make you feel like a hell of a ride just like Solo Leveling. In short, a magnificent piece of art.


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