11 Devastating Drama Anime with Social Issues

drama anime with social issues

Over the years Anime turned into mainstream media entertainment a lot of questions have arisen in the minds of its viewers and non-viewers. How does anime affect society? Does Anime have inappropriate content? Or Is there any anime even based on a true story?

Merely joked about kid’s cartoons, Anime holds a lot of meaning to the society than the world could ever understand. Anime has taught many aspects of societal issues like oppression, life struggles, and most importantly humanity. These social issues are mostly evident in genres like Drama Anime. So here is a list of devastating 11 Drama anime with social issues to spread awareness as much as possible.


Aired  Oct 5, 2007 to Mar 28, 2008
GenreDrama, Romance, Supernatural
Streaming PlatformFunimation, HIDIVE

If good parenting could shape the life of a child then bad parenting worsens the heck out of it.

While mentioning social issues like bad parenting, depression and the pain of losing someone Clannad and its second season is a must-watch drama anime with social issues.

The light romance and slice-of-life anime turns into dark and deeper storytelling. Tomoya, a delinquent in high school roams around without attending classes due to his drunkard father.

All changes one day when Tomoya meets Nagisa Furukawa, who is in her senior year and sick but her only dream is to revive the school drama club.

10. Boogiepop and others

 Boogiepop and others
Aired  Jan 4, 2019 to Mar 29, 2019
GenreDrama, Mystery, Supernatural, Horror
Streaming PlatformFunimation, Crunchyroll

Even though a mystery anime, the non-linear story of Boogiepop and others addresses many major social issues like drug abuse, depression, and more importantly mental health that no one talks about much.

In modern-day Japan, the rumors of a mysterious being are constantly floating and They named it Boogiepop. But Boogiepop must save the world from supernatural events to maintain the balance of the world.

Even divided within into arcs and at first it may seem confusing, bear with it, this drama anime with social issues and mysteries will surely surprise you.

9. Elfen Lied

Elfen lied
Aired  Oct 5, 2007 to Mar 28, 2008
GenreDrama, Horror, Supernatural
Streaming PlatformFunimation, HIDIVE

Only the monsters could experiment on a child and not feel anything. Elfen Lied is a psychological horror anime series that sheds light on issues like child abuse, animal abuse, and escaping home.

The gore anime shows Lucy, a special breed of human, born with telekinesis power is constantly experimented on by the government as she escapes causing total bloodshed.

Her encounter with two cousins Kouta and Yuka and their kindness soon drags them into this turmoil.

Despite the immense amount of gore and violence, the social issues are visible and wicked at the same time.

8. Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers
Aired Nov 8, 2003
GenreDrama, Comedy
Streaming PlatformNetflix, Crunchyroll

Children are considered the face of gods but they are abandoned. Tokyo Godfathers, a drama anime with social issues like child abandonment and the struggles of homeless kids and their difficulties.

The anime features Eve, Hana, Gin, and Miyuki scurrying for a present in a pile of garbage and finding an abandoned child on Christmas Eve.

Anger with such actions, Hana decides to question the biological mother who left the kid in the garbage. As they set out in Tokyo City to find the real mother they face multiple situations.

This slice-of-life anime is about the struggles of homeless people while reflecting on other issues like child abandonment and the essence of having a family in tough times that you must check out.


Aired  Jul 4, 2016 to Sep 26, 2016
GenreDrama, Romance, Sci-fi
Streaming PlatformFunimation, Crunchyroll

What if you received a letter from your future self that mentions your life is filled with regrets and mistakes? What would you do?

Orange anime portrays many social issues like male depression and pressure which has become an ignorant topic in society. The upsetting thoughts of suicide, loss of mother, and helplessness are beyond the explanation.

Similarly, Naho Takamiya receives a letter from her future self, which mentions the regret and pain and to keep an eye on her male friend Kakeru Naruse who doesn’t live in the future.

Orange is such an underrated drama anime with social issues that few people talk about.

6. Your Lie in April

your lie in april
Aired  Oct 10, 2014 to Mar 20, 2015
GenreDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformFunimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix

Expectations and pressure from parents could harm kids like no other. Your lie in April shreds the truth of achieving perfection, parental expectation, and trauma of loss.

Kousei Arima is a prodigy of piano, dominating each competition from his childhood with a strict mother who constantly puts him in rigorous training.

After the sudden loss of her mother Arima’s trauma forces him to never again touch the piano or the sound of it until he meets the eccentric violinist Kaori.

The hidden gem shows the many shades of emotions along with social issues.

5. Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket
Aired Apr 6, 2019 to Sep 21, 2019
GenreDrama, Romance, Supernatural
Streaming PlatformNetflix, Crunchyroll

Fruits Basket starts with a light-hearted anime that slowly turns into dark and mystery elements. The disguised anime focuses on social issues like bullying, cycles of abuse, suicide, and isolation.

Tooru Honda and her crazy fate led her to a great loss of family and everything, forcing her to stay in a tent. Her temporary tent is under the private property of the Shouma Family.

Soon Shouma Family and their cousins discover the truth about Tooru and urges Tooru to live with them but soon Tooru discovers a hidden truth about the Shouma family too.

Fruit Basket is a female character-driven anime that fits perfectly into the list of drama anime with social issues that you should must watch.

4. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice
Aired Sep 17, 2016
Streaming PlatformNetflix

One of the best anime movies on Netflix that you must consider watching. A silent voice shows the life of elementary kid Shouya Ishida who bullies his new deaf classmate Shouko Nishimiya for fun.

After repeatedly bullying her, Nishimiya’s mother confronts Shouya’s mother which changes the whole life of Shouya. From a goofy bully to isolated and depressed, Shouya faces many challenges in high school while making friends.

The anime movie focuses on social issues like depression, and isolation which leads to his suicidal thoughts and major bullying in school. The struggles of being trapped in his mind lead to his failed attempts at socializing and trusting again.

Redemption plays the biggest part in forgiving and accepting yourself reflected in this drama anime with social issues.

3. Anohana

Aired Apr 15, 2011 to Jun 24, 2011
GenreDrama, Supernatural
Streaming PlatformNetflix, Crunchyroll

Grief shelters in the people who never learned to let go. Anohana seems simple yet over-sentimental with social issues like the unspoken trauma and grief of losing a friend which might stay forever.

The anime opens with Yadomi Jinta, a teenager spending his summer in the house playing video games but things take a turn when his dead friend appears again and again before him questioning multiple things.

 Jinta and his friend’s group reunite with their ultimate grief and guilt that has stayed with them even if they didn’t.

This drama anime with social issues shows the struggle of trans kids being accepted in modern society, the loss of a dear friend and its trauma, and the strained relationship of family and their expectations.

2. Serial Experiments Lain

serial experiments lain
Aired  Jul 6, 1998 to Sep 28, 1998
GenreDrama, Mystery, Supernatural
Streaming PlatformFunimation, Crunchyroll

This 90s psychological anime shows the multiple aspects of social issues like suicide, the dark truths of technology that you constantly unsee, depression, and split personality.

The anime opens with an introverted high school girl, Lain who gets a cryptic email from her dead friend which leads her into a thing similar to the internet called Wired.

Lain encounters many dark secrets and many mysterious people who seem to know more about her than she knows about herself.

Drama anime with social issues, like Serial Experiments Lain shows the struggle of identity while showing the threats of cyberspace and multiple social issues.

1.Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies
Aired Apr 16, 1988
Streaming PlatformFunimation

War could never buy peace and Grave of the Fireflies shows the ugly truth behind the war and its aftermath that torn people to no ends whether it’s the fight for a bowl of rice or to survive another day.

The devastating anime shows Seita and his sister Setsuko who became orphans during World War II. After losing their home, parents, and everything to the war, they face multiple diseases and starvation in the countryside.

Seita and Setsuko’s journey and ending reflect many social issues but mainly the war that never profited anyone.

With that Grave of the Fireflies tops the list of drama anime with social issues.

Tell us your favourite piece of life long advice from any anime down below.


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