12 Mystery Anime on Crunchyroll for Max Suspense.

Mystery anime on crunchyroll

Whenever Anime is mentioned, Crunchyroll pops up as a catalyst to elevate the experience, dominating the streaming platforms. Crunchyroll has one of the widest collections of Anime you name the genre they have it. One such is Mystery, it creeps behind the elements of Supernatural, murder, and suspense while building the tension in the story. The ending and payoffs are really the things that you couldn’t stop your heart from rushing for and those aha! Revealation moments are pure adrenaline rush. The tempting clues to daunting soundtracks these anime lack no element to give you some best mysterious thrills. Here is the list of Top Mystery anime on Crunchyroll.

12. Holmes of Kyoto

 Holmes of Kyoto
AiredJan 8, 2016 to Mar 25, 2016
Genre Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense 

Bet your all money on this mystery anime on Crunchyroll with a romance subplot brewing slowly, if you are new to the genre. The light-hearted anime wraps mystery like a blanket while investigating the art and antique-related cases.

Aoi Mashiro has left her house for a long time and the sudden turn of incidents leads her to steal grandpa’s antiques and sell them to the pawn shop but this will turn into something interesting.

Aoi encounters the shop owner KIyotaka also known as Holmes who seems to recognize Aoi’s Special eye for things. While in need of money, Aoi is offered a job she can’t refuse.

They solve multiple cases but the anime moreover focuses on the artifacts and promoting the Kyoto city which is obvious because the anime is sponsored by Kyoto Tourism. Holmes of Kyoto is a great anime to kick off your journey.

11. Death Parade

Death Parade
AiredJan 10, 2015 to Mar 28, 2015
Genre Drama, Supernatural, Suspense

Ever come across any mystery anime that teaches you to live your life to the fullest? Death Parade enlightens you to enjoy while it is there while keeping the mystery part intact to the storyline.

When a person dies where does their soul Go? Either to heaven or hell but the two persons who died at the same time go into the doorstep of Queindecim.

In the periphery of Queindecim, the souls are judged based on the game and darkness hiding inside their hearts which decides their further journey into heaven or hell.

The mystery anime on Crunchyroll is more of like a survival game except the persons are dead, though the mystery aspect isn’t any grandiose but a great watch to follow the list.

10. Shadows House

 Shadows House
AiredApr 11, 2021 to Jul 4, 2021
Genre Fantasy, Mystery

Looking for a mystery anime on Crunchyroll with unique aesthetics and an engaging premise? Shadows House serves the purpose with its happy and cheerful atmosphere hiding the dark truth underneath.

The pitch-black appearance of the Shadows is just a bunch of nobles living in a mansion far from the humans hiding their existence. but the shadow child is given a doll to be taken care of when they turn a certain age.

One of those Dolls is Emilico a playful doll serving to her kind-hearted master named Kate. Emilico serves her master well and soon unites with her fellow dolls to unravel the truth of Shadows and their mansion.

The solid show hides multiple dark truths behind its cute girls and aesthetics. The original concept with a dark atmosphere compliments the mystery that weaves into the plotline.

9. The Garden of Sinners

The Garden of Sinners
Aired Dec 1, 2007
Genre Action, Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense

From the studio that is known for its impeccable quality in animation, Yeah you guessed it right! Ufotable’s The Graden of Sinners has some of the best mystery tales under its sleeves.

The Movie follows the life of a girl named Shiki who just woke up from a coma with a supernatural power that enables her to see a line of death of all things.

The recent multiple suicides in the city have caught the attention of Shiki with the strange fact that each victim committed suicide has jumped from the same building. With the power, Shiki tries to find the truth behind multiple deaths.

The paranormal cases and their pay-off in the movie are quite good but it also leaves you with multiple questions that are answered in the sequels.

8. Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs
AiredApr 7, 2016 to Jun 23, 2016
GenreAction, Mystery, Supernatural

What happens when you combine drama, mystery, and fun experiences? Bungo Stray Dogs. The exciting mystery anime on Crunchyroll instantly grabs your attention with its heroic and detective moments.

18-year-old Atsushi has always sheltered himself in the orphanage but the orphanage kicks him out when a mysterious tiger starts to haunt and plagues the orphanage.

Atsushi is living on the streets for a few days but one day he stumbles upon a man drowning in the river and saves him later he discovers that man is a supernatural detective. The further encounter puts Atsushi in a tighter spot forcing him to join the supernatural detective group and investigate a case.

The badass characters with cool powers and the cases feel like a civil war but with the superpowers. With a coherent story, the anime is a fresh one to watch.

7. ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Department

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept
AiredJan 10, 2017 to Mar 28, 2017
GenreDrama, Mystery, Fantasy

Relax and watch this mystery anime on Crunchyroll but don’t relax too much, You might miss the details and plot. The underrated drama anime might be hard to accept at first but surprises instantly.

The Kingdom of Dowa has signed a unity treaty with all the other 13 states during a war but it seems another coupe is arising secretly behind the curtains to destroy Dowa.

The protagonist Jean Otus goes on an inspection into the thirteen states examining each one whether the states are following the regulations or not and more importantly where the coupe is getting nurtured.

The politically themed mystery anime feels like a vintage wine that aged well with its atmospheric animation, various cultures, and mysteries embedded into it.

6. Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi
AiredApr 6, 2021 to Jun 29, 2021
GenreDrama, Mystery, Suspense

Do you like Netflix’s Beasters? Then you are gonna love Odd Taxi. The anthropomorphic animals take you on a ride with their Odd taxi experience where the drama and mystery never slow down.

Meet Hiroshi Odokawa, an eccentric taxi driver who comes across different people from delinquents to nurses along his normal journey of life.  But his normal life stirs when a missing girl case leads the police to him.

The clever mix of genres and styles gives a fresh air of content and often people compare the dialogue style to Tarantino’s style of story-telling.

The simple yet complicated mystery with a bit of odd animation remains one of the best mystery anime on Crunchyroll to watch.

5. Erased

AiredJan 8, 2016 to Mar 25, 2016
Genre Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense 

Time travel trope has been done several times in anime but what separates Erased from others? The suspense, the mystery, and the whodunit theme perfectly play out in the entire 12 episodes.

Satoru Fujinuma is a 33-year-old ordinary pizza delivery boy but he is gifted with some powers that aren’t very ordinary. Satoru travels a few seconds back in time whenever something terrible is about to happen and prevents the scenario.

One day he discovers his mother is brutally murdered in their apartment and the murder seems to connect 18 years back in his life where a classmate was kidnapped. This time he travels back in time to prevent both cases which are interlinked.

This mystery anime on Crunchyroll forces you to want more and more of it, each scene filled with mysterious elements drives almost nuts whoever is watching.

4. From the New World

From the New World
AiredSep 29, 2012 to Mar 23, 2013
Genre Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Disguised as a Utopia anime, from the New World isn’t for the kids. The gore, lots of death and the adult theme shifts the coming-of-age drama anime into something dark and horror category.

In the new world, a thousand years in the future Mankind can gain or awaken the psychic power known as Juryoku which allows humans to stand tall above the other species.

Similarly, 12-year-old Saki Watanabe awakens her psychic power with some of her friends and wanders about the kids who couldn’t access their power. But the truth is yet to be revealed.

The story slowly builds up with the first three episodes but then takes off with mystery and revelation undoubtedly one of the best mystery anime on Crunchyroll.

3. Junji- Ito Collection

Junji- Ito Collection
Aired Jan 5, 2018 to Mar 23, 2018
Genre Drama, Mystery, Horror, Suspense

The most underrated horror mystery anime on Crunchyroll remains the Junji-Ito Collection. The short collection of horror stories runs chill down to your spine but starts with a comic start quickly into a dark theme.

The various traumatizing tales are hard to swallow like a snail growing out of a girl’s mouth which easily can’t let you have a peaceful night.

With the unique art style, the stories remind you of Stephen King horror tales. Be prepared for the jump scares more than a few times in the series.

2. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss
AiredJul 7, 2017 to Sep 29, 2017
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Gore

Don’t let the images of playful kids fool you into thinking it is some kid’s adventurous anime. The gore deaths, dark plotlines, and unforgivable sadistic villains are just too much to handle if you are squeamish.

The Abyss’s depth is unknown to the world stretching into the core of the earth while sheltering various mysterious creatures and much more importantly it hides relics.

The divers have tried to uncover the true possession of the abyss and Riko dreams the same too. Like her missing mother, she wants to explore the underworld of Abyss but her encounter with a mysterious robot will soon change everything.

The drama anime has all from mystery, emotions, sadness, and tears to actions and love. There is no way you are gonna be unsatisfied while watching this.

1.Death Note

Death Note
AiredOct 4, 2006 to Jun 27, 2007
Genre Supernatural, Suspense

You would be lying if you mentioned someone you are an Anime fan and never heard of Death Note. Death Note hails as mystery anime on Crunchyroll with its whodunit plot and cat-mouse chase.

Crimes have plagued the roads of Japan and Light Yagami a 17-year-old high schooler discovers a strange Notebook known as Death Note which allows one to Kill anyone by just writing their name and cause of Death.

Ryuk, a shinigami has dropped his death note into the human world but now Light has become the owner of the notebook. The wicked sense of Justice surprises the world and hence begins the cat-and-mouse chase.

The Unexpected plot twists with the dark and eerie atmospheric animation build the mystery piece by piece surprising each time with wtf moments.



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