14 Highly Animated Action Scenes in Anime History beyond Budget.

highly animated action scenes in anime

The shonen genre reflects a great amount of action combined with brilliant voice-over, hardcore music, and the most crucial factor i.e. breath-taking animation. Whether it’s a strategic battle or a one-on-one duel, animation plays a key role in it.

I love the brawl between characters with a little chat involved. Despite the other factors the visually stunning animated scenes hold a special place in people’s hearts.

The Animation quality defines the fluidity and essence of a fight scene whether in terms of choreography or sounds it all falls flats if the animation isn’t good.

I forever preach the animation quality wherever a discussion breaks out. So here is my list of some Highly Animated action scenes in Anime history that are most talked about.

14.Gojo’s second Domain Expansion (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Highly animated action scenes in anime

I became an instant fan of Jujutsu Kaisen and its cursed spirits. The most pleasing animated scene from the series is when Gojo faces Jogo in the subway and to save the humans activates his infinite void.

Unable to point out humans and transfigure humans Gojo uses his infinite void and moves rapidly killing all the 1000 transfigured humans in just 299 seconds.

With the swift movements quick cuts and surrounding with the blood bath that it brings, this scene steals a place in highly animated scene in anime history.

13.Asta and Yami vs Dante (Black Clover)

Asta and Yami vs Dante ( Black Clover) highly animated scenes in anime

Black Clover remains in the underrated fantasy anime list that offers some great fights visually and emotionally. The battle in episode 162 of the series is when Asta and Yami team up to defeat Dante.

The Spade Kingdom arc establishes the presence of Spade Kingdom’s dark trade and Dane attacks the Black bulls all on his own which puts Asta’s abilities to the test.

As Asta faces Dante, the detailed visual representation impresses all fans. The dark and eerie setting with the surroundings just fulfills the soul.

12.Kakashi vs Obito (Naruto)

Kakashi vs Obito (Naruto)

Naruto is one of the mainstream anime that introduced me to the anime World. Naruto offers many well-choreographed battle sequences but the fight between Kakashi and Obito in the fourth Ninja war is just visually stunning.

A perfect hand-to-hand fight with no screaming or yelling, just strategic moves to outsmart the opponent. This fight unlike any other shonen anime has great camera angles capturing the essence.

The fight transitioning between the Kamui dimension with the flashes of Obito’s childhood fight with Kakashi shows the bar of the animation standards.

11.Saitama vs Boros (One Punch Man)

Saitama vs Boros (One Punch Man)

Despite the immense power of Saitama, the antagonist never soar beyond. But the most remarkable one that comes to my mind is the Battle between Boros and Saitama in the Alien Conqueror arc.

With the upper hand of regenerative power, Boros leads the fight in the first few minutes but Saitama remains unimpressed. Boros enters his meteoric burst form giving a tough time with speed and intensity to Saitama.

With awe-inspiring animation quality, the soundtrack compliments the intensity of the battle. The epic showdown hands down one of the best. 

Saitama’s consecutive normal punches in the fight and with well-animated impact scenes this fight sequence helms as badass anime.

10.Deku vs Overhaul (My Hero Academia)

Deku vs Overhaul (My Hero Academia)

One of the pivotal moments in fight sequences is the brawl between Deku and Overhaul the leader of the Shei hassaiki. The fight was pretty damn hype.

The fight takes unexpected turns while Deku uses his unmatchable speed to bypass all the attacks of Overhauls. As Overhaul transforms his massive body into a typhoon, Deku dodges and uses his One For All quirk to its full limits.

With the crisp animation, whether it is overhaul’s detailed eyes or Deku’s scary look, the animation remains one of the classic scenes from the series.

9.Eren’s Rumbling (Attack On Titan )

Eren’s Rumbling (Attack On Titan )

The final Season of Attack on Titan broke millions of hearts. That poignant ending shattered every hope like a piece of glass.

The Anime features some gorgeous animated scenes but one aesthetic that Mappa went beyond the expectation is Eren’s rumbling and ending of the franchise.

Eren declared war against Marley, everyone rushed to stop him. But the showdown was the most iconic fight. The colossal titan, armored titan face-off with the War-hammer Titan is just divine to the anime fans.

The swinging scenes with all the Titans gathered together and the amount of emotions and fear evoked are just aesthetically pleasing. The highly animated action scenes in AOT anime was the work of Mappa

8.Naruto Sasuke vs Momoshiki

Naruto Sasuke and Momoshiki

From frenemies to best friends, Naruto and Sasuke fight whether with each other or fighting any Antagonist. In Boruto episode 65 Naruto and Sasuke face Momoshiki in an intense battle.

Naruto and Sasuke use their old tactic which they implied in Zabuza, but with the elevated plan, the battles represent fine choreography and use of martial arts skills.

The fluid animation with perfect cuts, and sound effects drives the memories of the decade that went past. From planetary devastation to huge Rasengan, the scene executes stunning animation wholeheartedly.

7.Levi vs Beast Titan (Attack on Titan)

Levi vs Beast Titan (Attack on Titan)

I would pay any price to revisit the experience of Levi slashing the Beast titan with his god mode. The satisfaction it offered with the music, roar, and Zeke’s disbelief in his eyes questioning, “Is this Levi?” just piques the adrenaline rush.

After Zeke’s beast titan havoc wrath on the island, Levi slashes through his limbs, blinds him tearing apart the snape, and puts a blade into Zeke’s mouth without any interrogation.

The irresistible animated scene is one of my favorite boss fight scenes from the Attack on Titan series. For sure it makes it to the list of highly animated action scenes in anime.

6.Mob vs Koyama Fight (Mob 100)

Mob Psycho

I always vouch for Mob season 1 brawl between Mob and Koyama. Koyama, an executive member of the criminal organization Claw takes his hand on Ritsu. As Mob tries to stop, gets punched multiple times.

But his ultimate psychic power reaches its full potential when Ritsu gets hit with a single punch. Mob’s psychic break meter is the coolest thing in season one.

The over-the-top and detailed animation during the punches and Mob trapping Koyama’s hand and Slamming into the ground. That scene just alone is a million times a watch worth.

5.Rengoku vs Akaza

Rengoku vs Akaza

I wasn’t ready for the outcome of the Mugen train ending! I want more from Flame Hashira Rengoku. In the Mugen Train Arc, Rengoku faces Akaza an upper rank three demon.

The sword Slicing and breathing technique of Rengoku is just awe-inspiring. Ufotbale as always never lacks in the quality of animation. Demon Slayer is the most funded anime with a massive fan base.

The undefeating fighting spirit of Kyojuro just serves the animation with all the emotional aspects. The scene with the flame animation enters the list of highly animated action scenes in anime.     

4.Gintoki vs Takasugi (Gintama)

Gintoki vs Takasugi (Gintama)

Set in the Edo period the anime mimics the mainstream anime and classic movie references. Gintama is also one of the Japanese anime with epic one-on-one duels that I have always inclined towards.

When two comrades, two best friends, or two samurai who slashed people together now swings swords to behead each other.   Gintoki faces Takasugi with a wooden sword in the Seventh season EP 39 where pure rage, anger, and a brutal action sword fight take place.

The Duel between the two remarks the grief and anger for each other for not being able to save their sensei. The sword fight stirs every moment inside of you from anger to sadness.

The spellbinding animation of the fight sequence is just seductive to the eyes in each form.

3.Tengen uzui vs Gyotaru (Demon Slayer)

Tengen uzui vs Gyotaru (Demon Slayer)

Ever Since its release Demon Slayer’s each season resides on the top of my watch list. Demon Slayer Corps members beheading the demons with various levels of breath forms is just worth every penny.

Tengen Uzui in the Entertainment District Arc fights Gyotaru, an upper demon alongside Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu. The Animation breached the barrier of modern-day animation.

The sword clashing forming sparks, the red and yellow hue just makes it watching a perfectly orchestrated fireworks. Without a slayer mark, Uzui fighting an upper rank one-handed is one of the best highly animated action scenes in Anime history.

2.Araragi vs Kiss Shot (Kizumonogatari)

Araragi vs Kiss Shot

I warn you this anime scene is not for you unless you are an adult. The flood of blood with heads flying, and punches that go through the fight between Araragi and Kiss shot from the Kizumonogatari series is a serious gore fight.

The extreme anime Kizumonogatari never holds back. Don’t let her beautiful form deceive you unless you want to lose your head.

The Fight is so brutal that it got age-restricted. The decapitated bodies fighting, swinging heads laughing, and regenerating power are just unexplainable in words.

It is one of the best highly animated action sequences in anime. I wish you luck if you are going to watch it.

1.Saber Alter vs Berserker Fight  (Fate/Stay Night)

Saber Alter vs Berserker Fight  

The fight of the Holy Grail war between gods and servants fascinated everyone including me in Fate Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel when Saber alters the corrupted version of Alter and goes against Berserker the strongest servant.

The dark Saber wielding the Excalibur Morgan dominates over mighty Berserker. But with his relentless power and madness bounces back.

The dark edgy fight filled with colors like purple and red sometimes reminds me of cyberpunk settings. Ufotable nailed the animation and it tops the list of highly animated action scenes in anime history.


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