24 Top Unique Anime about the Countryside to Keep Vibes Alive.

anime about the countryside

To escape the harsh reality, mechanized surroundings, chaotic rush, and unwavering sounds, I often seek the shelter of anime about the countryside.

The amount of serenity, calm, and peace it brings with its vast landscapes, breathtaking animation, and the mesmerizing sound of the rustling of leaves is unmatchable.

I love various genres across anime, whether it is the gore violence of intense battle scenes or the cute romantic love birds. But a slice-of-life anime carrying all the nostalgic feelings of childhood with ear-soothing sounds on a bad day never hurts.

I guess these anime will transport you back into the time when life was simple not a complex structure like a honeycomb. Here is the list of Top unique anime about the countryside to keep your serenity intact.

24. Rainbow fireflies

rainbow fireflies
AIREDMay 19, 2012
GENREFantasy, Romance, slice of life

Let’s drive you into a remote location with the well-framed painted environments, revisiting childhood nostalgia. The fantasy anime dives into travel into the past where no cellphones existed just pure solace.

Rainbow Fireflies revolves around a 12-year-old boy who struggling to accept his father’s demise. The nostalgic summer vacation memories lead him into the woods, causing him to slip and time travel to the era of the 1970s.

Soon he figures the village drowned in the centre, where he stands. With nostalgic feelings driving around this anime movie gives a fine moment of entertainment with a slice of life. The anime changes the perspective about the countryside.

23.Konohana Kitan

AIREDOct 4, 2017 to Dec 20, 2017
GENREFantasy, girls’ love, slice of life

 The best part about slice-of-life genres is that watching mundane works brings solace to the heart and mind with lots happening all around. Konohana Kitan properly fills the task with supernatural and fantasy twists.

Sakuya Amano’s story showcases the village of Konohanatei that shelters the spirits. Amid the village, the plot revolves around the fox girl Yuzu who joins Konohanatei Inn as a new employee.

While trying to learn Yuzu proves to be a burden rather than any help, committing playful mistakes while preparing for the role of INN attendant.

22.Sanpei The Fisherman

sanpei the fisherman
AIREDApr 7, 1980 to Jun 28, 1982
GENREAdventure, Sports

With a unique premise in hand, Sanpei the Fisherman is the only anime about the countryside I think that is about Fishing. Despite being produced in the 80s era the animation is awe-inspiring with background art and fishing as an adventure sport.

The slice-of-life anime dives into the life of a young optimistic boy Mihira Sanpei who lives in a village and participates in a local fishing competition. While learning the techniques of fishing he faces many troubles but learns from his mistakes.

As he maximises his potential in fishing he gains opponents who throw challenges at his feet. Despite he comes out victorious. The fun-filled educational anime lets you dive into the passion of fishing of a young boy giving cheerful and heart-warming moments.

21.Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi
AIREDJan 8, 2016 to Apr 1, 2016
GENREComedy,  gourmet

Taste a sweet! Dive deep into the anime which explores the sweet or Dagashi of Japanese culture for years. Dagashi Kashi anime relives the cultural aspects along with personal aspirations.

The story focuses on Kokonotsu Shikada, an aspiring manga artist who refuses to inherit the family business of the Dagashi shop owned by his father in the countryside. However, everything changes when a famous dagashi company girl Hotaru approaches his father to work for their family company.

Hotaru explains shikada the culture and essence behind Dagashi. With the light-hearted comic moments along with unique characters, the anime presents a great time to escape in a countryside setting.

20.The Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus Bride
AIREDOct 8, 2017 to Mar 25, 2018
GENREDrama, Romance, Fantasy

Leave behind the landscapes of Japan and travel the vast lands of rural England. The historical supernatural anime about the countryside is one of the finest works from the Wit studios. From enchanting forests to land of dragons is a piece of art anime about the countryside.

Fifteen-year-old Chise Hatori’s story unfolds when she is abandoned by her parents and tossed into an auction for sale. A mysterious man purchases Hatori and reveals it to be Alias Ainsworth who is a magus.

This unexpected turn in her life leads to magical things as Alias accepts her as his apprentice and future bride. The magical and mundane romance features a great amount of serenity in a rural area.

19.Myself; Yourself

Myself; Yourself
AIREDOct 3, 2007 to Dec 26, 2007
GENREDrama, Romance

Leave all the rush behind and relax a bit. Cherish this short anime swinging between childhood friends and the bonds that are left behind. As life happens this anime showcases the old bonds sometimes fade away.

The Slice of Life anime revolves around a young boy Shana Hidaka in the small town of Sakuranomor. As his group of friends bid him farewell due to his parent’s business, Sana believes that his bonds will remain the same forever.

But some don’t last forever when Sana returns to his old town after years in Tokyo, he discovers the bond has been refabricated with new strings.

With its amazing art and ost the slice of life and coming of age anime about the countryside will surely poke your heart.


AIREDOct 3, 2011 to Dec 19, 2011
GENREslice of life

The beauty of life lies in the simplest things. With light comedy and warmth inside Tamayura offers an anime filled with happy memories that make your eyes go wet sometimes.

Fuu Sawatari, a passionate photographer shared a deep bond with her father. But after her father’s death, She moves to her father’s small town to lead a peaceful life and to relive the passion she always followed.

After moving to Takehara, she befriends three girls from the school and embarks on the journey of finding her life’s true meaning and her friends too.

The anime’s ability to convey deep emotions with a wholesome relaxed theme sets it apart from other anime.

17.A Letter to Momo

.A Letter to Momo
AIRED April 21, 2012
GENREDrama, Supernatural

Surreal like Studio Ghibli but it isn’t, the heart-warming tale that transcends after its decade of its release. A Letter to Momo is infamous for its supernatural drama and poignant tale with perfectly craved character and animation.

The anime delves into the life of Momo Miyaura, who struggles with her father’s loss and relocates to a remote island in the Seto Inland Sea. Leaving behind her previous life in Tokyo, Momo struggles to cope in the countryside with her mother.

But things take unexpected turns when three troublesome spirits or Youkai come to overcome her pain. The portrayal of the small town with its outmoded wooden buildings, crop fields, and beautiful shrines.

The anime beautifully captures the essence of anime set in rural areas.


AIRED Oct 23, 2005 to Jun 19, 2006
GENRESlice of life, Adventure, Mystery

Yuki Urushibara’s precious story adapted from the manga with the same name, poises a mysterious story and research about a creature whose existence is unknown. With not one but multiple countryside settings the anime lets you barge into multiple views.

The story features mysterious creatures that are called Musi and their researcher known as Mushisi. One such Mushisi is Ginko, a wandering silver-haired Mushi Master who revolves around villages gathering and understanding the information related to Mushi.

Based on East Asian legends and folktales, the episodic tale delivers vivid scenes of natural beauty like raindrops and cherry blossoms with breathtaking animation, makes it to the list of anime about the countryside.

15. Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha anime about countryside
AIREDApr 3, 2011 to Sep 25, 2011

Immerse in the journey of a teenage girl through struggles, life, bonds, attachment, and loads of drama set in a rural village. Hanasaku Iroha portrays the breathtaking super-realism animation of the countryside along with the hot springs.

The plot revolves around the 16-year-old protagonist Ohana Matsume who faces the circumstances of her mother abandoning her so she could elope with her boyfriend. That forces Ohana back to her strict grandmother who runs a traditional Inn, Kissuiso, in the scenic countryside.

As Ohana adjusts to her new life, now the challenges of life and survival begin. With the detailed animation from P.A.Works, the anime reminds you of a town where you probably live.

14. Shiki

AIREDJul 9, 2010 to Dec 31, 2010
GENREMystery, Horror, Supernatural

The mundane life of the countryside seems exciting but it takes flight when a little amount of horror and mystery are sprinkled into it. The eerie vibes of anime with the horrific scenes set in the village sets it apart from other anime.

Set in the tranquil setting of Sotoba village, mysterious death engulfs the village starting with a young cheerful girl Megumi Shimizu. Toshio Ozaki a doctor in the village starts investigating the deaths of a teenager and two of Megumi’s friends.

The doctor suspects the arrival of the Kirishiki family into the mansion located on the outskirts of the village might be the cause of the deaths unfolding.

With well-crafted storytelling, the countryside anime will question your belief about what’s good and what’s wrong.


AIREDOct 3, 2007 to Mar 16, 2008
GENREMystery, Slice of life, Supernatural

Blend the elements of folklore, mystery, and slice of life and you get a perfectly woven story from TakaToshi Makabura about life in rural Japan.

The anime set in rural Japan dives into the life of Hibara sisters Shizuru and Mizuki. Both the Shibara sisters have unique powers, Shizuru wields a power that enables her to see and engage with a Ghost. Mizuru carries a power that enables her to chat verbally with the ghosts but without seeing them.

After a few Incidents two Shibara sisters are sent to the countryside to live with their grandparents. But the countryside teaches them valuable lessons of co-existing in this world.

The supernatural slice of life is equipped with a rural setting, the nights of the forest, and complimenting characters to keep you invested with each episode.

12. Yosuga No Sora

Yosuga No Sora
AIREDOct 4, 2010 to Dec 20, 2010
GENREDrama and Romance

One of a soft romance filled with magical moments revolving around the countryside, Yosuga No Sora blissfully manages the story. Set apart the few intimate scenes that make it sometimes into another category but it is a gem of a anime about the countryside.

The tale of two Kasugano siblings changes when they lose their parents in a tragic accident. Haruka and Sora, in search of solace and profound peace head towards the land of countryside Okukozome.

The nostalgic town drives them back to the time of summer vacation. As they collide with a few friends, mates, and known people the slice of life dives deeper into the life of Haruka and his multiple romance interests.

With amazing art and animation, life in a small town is explored flamboyantly with a touching story.


AIREDApr 5, 2006 to Sep 27, 2006
GENREMystery, Horror, Supernatural

Grab your snacks cause you aren’t going to get up from that edge of the seat with a psychological horror masterpiece show. With each episode building anticipation, the horror, and shocking bloody mess will leave you unanswered.

Set in the rural village of Hinamizawa, sheltering a peaceful community blooming with relationships, celebrating festivals together with a chill vibe. But as the teenager moves Keichi into the community discovers the mysterious death happening in recent times.

Keichi soon finds the deaths and missing cases are related to the annual festival. As she realizes the greater turmoil, the bloodshed and mess become intense and gore.

The pinnacle of dark mystery takes on a journey of curiosity into the life of the villagers. It is remarked as one of the best dark mystery anime set in rural Japan.

10.Natsume’s Book of Friends

Natsume's Book of Friends
AIREDJul 8, 2008 to Sep 30, 2008
GENREDrama, slice of life, supernatural

One of the most thought-provoking anime generating the most amount of emotions is Natsume’s Book of Friends. The anime is one of the best slice-of-life anime about the countryside I have seen with gorgeous countryside towns and amazing details.

The episodic tale follows the unsocial life of Takahashi Natsume, with the ability to interact with creatures called Youkai. Until he frees a Youkai named Madara who bargains to protect the book of friends with the ability of Natsume.

The anime with intricate story-telling and countryside landscapes will live rent-free forever in your heart.

9.The Tale of Princess Kaguya

The Tale of Princess Kaguya
AIRED Nov 23, 2013

Studio Ghibli and the Countryside Stories is a love story that anime enthusiasts never want to end. Based on the Japanese Folktale ” The tale of the bamboo Cutter.” The anime features the life of a bamboo cutter and his family with a unique visual style resembling the water paint colors.

The story unfolds when a bamboo cutter discovers a baby girl inside a bamboo stalk. The bamboo cutter and his wife decide to raise this child as their own. As the kid grows rapidly into a young girl with beauty, the bamboo cutter names her Kaguya.

Bamboo cutter soon finds some fortune and considering it as a blessing she provides Kaguya all the comforts in the world.  The classic approach of hand-drawn animation sets apart from other anime about countryside.

8.Into the forest of Fireflies’ light

Into the forest of Fireflies’ light
AIREDSep 17, 2011
GENREDrama, Romance, Supernatural

The heartwarming and Poignant anime defines serenity and romance on a whole other level. The underrated short anime Into the Forest of the Fireflies Light explores the theme of friendship, love, and the unusual relationship between the two.

Six-year-old Hotaru Takegawa visits her grandfather in the summer vacation, while roaming she loses her path and wails. To the rescue comes Gin, a masked spirit with a curse to never touch a human otherwise he will fade into oblivion.

As the friendship between Hotaru and Gin blossoms, Hotaru visits him each summer turning into a bitter-sweet love interest.

With a heart-breaking ending, the anime with piano music establishes the calm atmosphere of the movie.

7. When Marnie Was There

 When Marnie Was There
AIRED Jul 20, 1991
GENREDrama, Romance

There is something always refreshing about the air of the village air that the polluted air of cities can’t match. Another Ghibli Studios made it to the list with a delightful and poignant story that makes us realize that we stress over little things.

The tale of self-discovery and friendship focuses on the young girl Anna Sasaki suffering from severe asthma attacks, living in town with her foster parents. Upon medical advisory and in a hope for fresh air she shifts to a countryside area with her uncle and aunt.

As she discovers an abandoned house Known as Marsh House, She befriends a girl Marnie. Their friendship with time but Soon Anna realises the truth behind Marsh House.

The anime becomes an epitome of art, peace, colorful, tender, and passionate story-telling. 

6.Wolf Children

Wolf Children
AIRED April 21, 2012
GENREDrama, Supernatural

What could be more enchanting than a tale of the unconditional love of a mother set in a small town? Wolf Children is one of the best anime out there with picturesque wilderness and lovely countryside.

Hana, a committed college student falls in love with a mysterious person, who can transform into a werewolf in the full moon night. The romance leads to two kids Ame, born during rainfall and Yuki born during Snowfall.

Ame and Yuki inherit the powers of their father, but the sudden demise of their father leaves Hana to hide their identity from the rest of the world by shifting to a rural area.

The movie’s intricate story of a mother’s sacrifice while keeping their dual identity safe is a must-watch.

5. My Neighbour Totoro

My Neighbour Totoro
AIREDApr 16, 1988
GENREAdventure, Supernatural

The era of the 80s and the magic of Studio Ghibli was just a blessing point in time to be alive. My neighbor Totoro reawakens the blossoming childhood and the time to identify your idiosyncrasies.

The story dives into the period of the 1950s when Tatsuo Kusakabe had to relocate his two daughters into the countryside due to his wife’s long terminal illness. Settled in their new rural home, near to her mother, two sisters Satsuki and Mei discover the world of magical creatures and befriend Totoro-a giant bunny-like spirit.

Two sisters along with the fluffy Totoro embark on a magical yet funfilled light-hearted journey facing many adventures. The beauty of childhood is expressed with mesmerizing settings, impeccable soothing sounds, and characters that are down to earth.

The heart-warming experience is for all ages perfectly portraying the magical life of anime about the countryside,

4.Only Yesterday

Only yesterday
AIRED Jul 20, 1991
GENREDrama, Romance

Infamous for quality and consistency Studio Ghibli along with the director of The Grave of the Fireflies, Isao Takahata delivers a classic. The movie with astounding soundtrack blending into the small details of life in a village area that separates itself from the crowded town.

The underrated anime Only yesterday features 27-year-old Teaka Okajima, an independent woman tired of her chaotic world. She decides to leave behind Tokyo and relocate to her family’s countryside to help cultivate the harvest.

Dwindling between her past flashbacks and her present she learns what true life is. Despite being produced in the 90s’ the animation quality remains stellar. It is one of the best anime about the countryside.


AIRED Jul 6, 2014 to Sep 28, 2014
GENRESlice of life

If you are a fan of art like me, dwelling on the world of inspiration and creation then this anime has it all. Barakamon features many aspects like art, a slice of life, and the most important essence and serenity of living in a village.

Seishhu Handa is a prodigy of calligraphy following his father’s footsteps but as much as he is talented he is a narcissist too. After being accused of copying his father’s style Seishu slaps one of the old men.

Upon this act, his father deports him to the island of Goto, a village far from Japan. In the village, his comfortable life doesn’t exist but a friendly neighborhood does. Handa must discover his inner self and find a unique style despite the disturbances.

Barakamon is one of those slice-of-life anime about living in the countryside that teaches life with balanced humor and poignant moments.

2.Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon
AIRED Jul 12, 2013 to Sep 20, 201

Despite all the genres of anime focusing on the lives of opposite sides of town people, or using it as a subplot. The slice-of-life and coming-of-age anime does it better than any other genre. With fluid animation check your wings and get ready to take a flight into the world of agriculture.

Meet Yuugo Hachiken a hard-working student, tired of shouldering the weight of his parent’s expectation amidst the results. Thus he decides to travel to the countryside of Hokkaido and be admitted to a boarding agricultural school.

Out of his expectations, he isn’t enough smart for the lands of agriculture, farming, and stocks. His classmates beat him up quickly without any competition in academics.

Join the amateur journey of Yuugo with well-crafted and detailed animation of the countryside, and tasting the slice of the agricultural side of a rural village and life.

1.Non-Non Biyori

Non-Non Biyori anime about countryside
AIREDOct 8, 2013 to Dec 24, 2013
GENRESlice of life

Revisit the charm of slice-of-life anime about living in a small village anime that clams your stressful life. Whether it’s natural settings, the characters, or the sound of the anime just soothes or appeases every anxious pore in the body.

A simple yet elegant story takes into the village of isolated Asahigaoka Village. Protagonist Hotaru ichijou decides to leave her chaotic life in Tokyo and relocate to the village of Asahigaoka. Her life changes as she makes friends from the school.

Her encounter with countryside life shifts multiple things along with her life, Renge Miyauchi the first grader from the school busts around the village showing the essence and beauty of Rural life.

Rather than any adrenaline–rushing adventures the anime finds the subtle nuances in daily life. The anime is considered to be one of the best anime about the countryside.

(Image Source: MAL) (Image Credits: To the original studios and creators)



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