5 Shogi Anime to Checkmate Your Shogi Desires.

shogi anime

Anime is a very complexly woven ball that includes fans of various genres. Some anime enthusiasts gush over mainstream anime while some explore the underrated side of the anime.

Very few selected fan base has the interest to explore the Shogi Anime. Shogi is a board game similar to chess which is deeply carved in Japanese Culture. With a 9×9 grid, the game is often referred to as Game of Generals.

It represents the tactics, strategy, and the art of war all combined similar to the Game of Chess anime. Shogi Anime not only reflects the strategies but also the characteristics of the person on each side. Here is the list of Shogi Anime to know more about the game and its genius tactics.

5.Susume Karolina

susume Karolina shogi anime
AIREDJun 14, 2018
GENREStrategy Game

Susume Karolina is a short original animation with a 3-minute duration. The anime is a tribute to Karolina Fortin Styczynska who is a Polish, professional Shogi Player,

Japan Shogi Association has renowned her as the first non-Japanese person to play Shogi. She mentioned that her obsession with Shogi started with a chapter of Naruto Manga that intrigued her.

Though immensely short in run time, The anime shows Karolina’s journey from Yamanashi to Tokyo. Whether playing in the subway or with University Professor she took her shogi board every place.

The nostalgic animation with the Shogi piece turning into Knight can only be done by Makoto Shinkai, Known for Your Name, and 5 centimeters per second.

4.Ryou’s Work Is Never Done

Ryou’s Work Is Never Done
AIREDJan 8, 2018 to Mar 26, 2018

Well balanced with sports, drama, and slice of life, Ryou’s Work is Never Done explores the world of competitive shogi capturing the essence of a mentor and his disciple.

The plot focuses on the young shogi teacher and his disciple. Sixteen-year-old Shogi prodigy Yaichi Kuzuruyu wins the Title of “Ryuo” the highest achiever title in shogi which means The Dragon.

Meanwhile, Ryuo’s title doesn’t buy the respect for young Yaichi, people underestimate him. But Yaichi trains Ai as she shows immense passion for becoming a female shogi player.

With teachers and students excelling together at shogi, the anime fills the heart with innocence and Lightheartedness.

3.When Will Ayumu Make His Move?

When Will Ayumu Make His Move? shogi anime
AIREDJul 8, 2022 to Sep 23, 2022
GENREComedy, Romance

Shogi with a bit of romance never hurts, Right? When Will Ayumu make his Move? As the title suggests, the romance revolving around Shogi Player will leave you questioning the same.

The romance shogi anime delves into the life of Ayumu Tanaka who is a Kendu champion. But his admission to New High School and the love, at first sight, led to his joining the Shogi club.

His crush Urushi Yaotome, is the only member and the president of the shogi club in School. Ayumu decides to confess to Urushi after excelling in Shogi and beating her in the game.

With such an enjoyable plot and Shogi mix, the anime is sure to make you blush with its romantic plots. The heartfelt anime also explores the shogi matches between Ayumu and Urushi.

2.The Flowers of Hard Blood

The Flowers of Hard Blood
AIREDOct 14, 2007 to Mar 23, 2008
GENREDrama, Mystery, Suspense

Move on from the romance and blend Shogi anime with bits of mystery and thriller. The Flowers of Hard Blood is one of the best shogi anime out there to keep you at the edges of your seat.

The anime focuses on Shion Yaosuka, who lost her parents in a mysterious murder years ago and mute since that day. Now living with her foster parents, being raised with love and care excels in the world of the shogi championship.

Her talent catches the curiosity of the current shogi champion’s brother and He invites her into the shogi championship.

The show surely does service to shogi but it is more than that with amazing ost that compliments and builds up each mysterious scene.

1.March Comes in Like a Lion

March Comes in Like a Lion
AIREDOct 8, 2016 to Mar 18, 2017

The Poignant anime gives a reality check with its layered storytelling of isolation and burden by combining Shogi. The representation of human life with amazing art and sound marks it as a life-changing anime.

The coming-of-age anime focuses on fighting the depressing life of Rei Kirayama who is an elite player of shogi. With the rising hopes from foster parents and community Rei isolates himself in Tokyo becoming a prey to depression.

But his encounter with the three sisters Akari, Hinata, and momo changes everything. When Rei feels loved and cared for in the hands of Akari, Rei tries to maintain the balance between life and shogi.

While visually and mentally meaningful and appeal March Comes in Like a Lion is the best shogi anime to watch.

If you want a extra slice of shogi then watch Shogi Hour Anime too.


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