7 Forbidden Fantasy Anime in Various Regions.

forbidden fantasy anime

Anime seems to teach a lot of values and social issues but sometimes it tends to go overboard and cross all boundaries. Whether the reincarnation trope of isekai anime or the gore and violence sometimes the fantasy genre features. Different countries across the world found various causes leading to their sentimental beliefs of God or patriarchial belief to not accept a female lead in anime. These personal beliefs lead to the restriction of some of the Fantasy anime around the world from India to Russia. Here are 7 forbidden Fantasy Anime in various regions of the world and their controversial reasons.

1.Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok
AiredJune 17, 2021
GenresAction, Fantasy, Drama
Streaming PlatformNetflix

The Record of Ragnarok amazed the anime fans of India with its mythological reference to the appearance of Lord Shiva. But soon it became a forbidden fantasy anime in India as the inaccurate depiction of reference and culture shown in the anime concerned the officials and raised a question about cultural beliefs with Lord Shiva’s offensive incarnation.

The fantasy yet action-filled drama anime featured various Gods and their mythological references like Zeus, and Poseidon from Greek Mythology and Thor from Norse Mythology.

The plot follows Gods gathered every 1000 years to decide whether to wipe out humanity or let them see another day but this time the decision has been made, humanity must cease to exist.

Brunhilde, One of the Valkiryes suggests a fair chance and gathers 13 mortal heroes from the 1000 years to face the gods in a one-on-one battle.

2. Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
AiredJul 13, 2013 to Sep 14, 2013
GenresAction, Fantasy, Comedy
Streaming PlatformNetflix

A spinoff to the Fate Series, Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya became an instant forbidden fantasy anime in Russia for its explicit content and adultery of underage characters. Russia’s official strictly prohibits adult content related to children.

Russia officially banned any kind of Hentai anime that could concern or violate the policies of their entertainment laws.

The spin-off series showcased the characters as magical girls parodies of the Fate series. Rin and Luvia have a task to locate the Seven Class Cards with their magical powers.

But soon They find two high school girls named Illya and Miyu and form a contract to receive the powers and instead look for the Seven class cards.


3. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon
AiredMar 7, 1992 to Feb 27, 1993
GenresFantasy, Romance, Mystery
Streaming PlatformNetflix

The Cultural sensitivity and beliefs of Women anywhere in Saudi Arabia lead most of the anime with female protagonists to be banned in the Country. Sailor Moon is no exception, easily falling prey to a forbidden fantasy anime.

The religious references also played a vital role in preventing the anime for the country’s people from being remarked as outlaws with multiple similar tropes anime.

The fantasy romance anime features the female protagonist Usagi Tsukino a normal high school student who saves a cat and becomes the Sailor Moon to protect the Earth from Evil threats.

Though highly loved by fans from other regions the 90s anime couldn’t protect itself from the Wrath of Saudi Arabia’s laws.

4. Puni Puni Poemii

Puni Puni Poemii
AiredMar 7, 2001 to Dec 19, 2001
GenresFantasy, Comedy, Sci-fi
Streaming PlatformCurrently Unavailable

Over-the-top uncensored scenes and violence strikes again, taking down Puni Puni Peomii as a forbidden fantasy anime in the Regions of New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. The overused theme of being a parody of a magical girl the themes just turned out to be awful for the Laws.

The explicit depiction of young characters in various contradicting scenarios and the violence horror too is just not for the young kids out there. In 2021 New Zealand relabelled as the R-16 category.

The Short OVA features Poemi Watanabe an aspiring voice actress with not so talent and bad grades in school as the alien attacks her family, she stands up as a magical girl obtaining powers to save the day.

Though New Zealand has its reason to ban and unban on the other hand it remains banned in Saudi Arabia for female lead and violence.


5. Konosuba

Aired Jan 14, 2016 to Mar 17, 2016
GenresFantasy, Comedy, Adventure
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll, Netflix

Isekai tropes in Fantasy anime have always concerned and caught eyes of the Russian officials as the Isekai tropes build an unreal expectation of reincarnating into another world and people might try to escape the real world with these fantasy stories and end their lives.

Not only this isekai anime but popular anime like That Time I got reincarnated as Slime and Mushoku Tensei also got the tag of forbidden fantasy anime in Russia.

Kazuma Satou after facing a pathetic death, has two of the difficult questions thrown before him either continue to live in heaven or get reincarnated in the fantasy game world.

6. Pokemon

Aired Apr 1, 1997 to Nov 14, 2002
GenresFantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Action
Streaming PlatformNetflix

This seems a bit odd, Right? How can so overly loved and wide fan-based anime become a forbidden fantasy anime? The answer is that Islamic states pointed out a few reasons like sensitive and harmful content and religious reasons too.

Saudi Arabia banned the anime for its mention of gambling features and constant evolution which goes against their personal beliefs.

The Worldwide infamous Pokemon couldn’t meet the standards of the Islamic states therefore it became completely restricted in various countries.

7. Girls Bravo

Girls Bravo
Aired Jul 5, 2004 to Sep 27, 2004
GenresFantasy, Comedy, Romance
Streaming PlatformFunimation

China has been known for banning multiple anime with complete authority over its youth’s entertainment. Girls Bravo turned out as an easy target for forbidden fantasy anime with its explicit adult content.

Despite having a good plot line the overuse of adult content immediately attracted the attention of officials resulting in being banned.

Yukinari, a high school boy has been bullied by girls but his sudden powers now transfer him into another mystic world where the number of women in comparison to men is quite high.


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