9 Great Adventure Anime with Plot Twists (No Spoiler)

Adventure anime with plot twists

What makes a story live through ages passing on from generation to generation? An unexpected plot twist. Yes, You heard it right no matter the beautiful budgeted animation scenes, music, or action everything falls apart if the story doesn’t deliver. Twist and turn are the soul of the lifeless plot  (That’s a nice line, I am proud of me) which ultimately is there to derive a set of emotions from the audience just like you. 

On top of that Adventure anime with few turns and twists are just rare to find on the internet. So here is my list of top adventure anime with plot twists, of course without the Spoiler because I don’t want to steal your F-word moments away from you. Be Curious and Find out for yourselves.

9.Gurren Lagaan 

Gurren lagaan
Aired  Apr 1, 2007 to Sep 30, 2007
GenreAdventure, Action, Fantasy, sci-fi

Looking for larger-than-life mecha adventure anime with a plot twists? Bang on! Gurren Lagaan has it all. The anime is a thrilling ride from start to finish.

Simon and Kamina are just opposites while one desperately tries to get famous, the other just leads a life without purpose. But all changes when the two accidentally find an ancient artifact of war, Lagaan.

After taking their first flight into the clear sky soon join the war against the Beastmen. As the duo faces the challenges they tend to overcome each obstacle with their willpower.

With the galactic fight battles, unexpected shouts, and sometimes some idiotic characters the anime shines really with its plot twist that comes forward in the series.

8.Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

jojo's bizarre adventure
Aired Oct 6, 2012 to Apr 6, 2013
GenreAdventure, Action, Supernatural 

The fast-paced and hot-blooded Jojo’ Bizarre Adventure is a notable mention while discussing adventure anime with plot twists. A trip back to the 1800s  where the story focuses on the Joestar Family.

George Joestar and Jonathan Joestar breathe another day just because Dario Brando saved them from an incident. After years of Brando’s death, Brando’s only son Dio is adopted by George Joestar.

As George meets his last moments, the bond between the two brothers may seem right from the outside but it is just crippled from inside.

The classical tale also includes the revelation of vampires, the struggle of humanity, and the temptation of evil while providing a bit of playful twists and turns.

7.Hunter x Hunter

hunter x hunter
AiredOct 2, 2011 to Sep 24, 2014
GenreAdventure, Action, Fantasy

I have always mentioned on previous blogs Hunter x Hunter is such an underrated anime. It comes across such a few adventure anime with a plot twists that does everything right but fans don’t understand the effort enough.

Hunter x Hunter follows the life of Gon Freecss, a fatherless kid just desperately eager to understand the reason his father Gin abandoned him and followed the passionate life of hunting.

Curious Gon decides the adventurous life of hunting, exploring uncharted territories, and most importantly his Father. But first, he must clear the Hunter examination which ends people turning handicapped.

The best part about the anime it doesn’t have any predictable arcs, often hero loses, and obviously the breathtaking animation. Watch out for the chimera Ant Arc.

6.Attack on Titan

attack on titan
Aired  Apr 7, 2013 to 2023
GenreAdventure, Action, Fantasy

 Though Attack on Titan explores the adventure genre as a subplot it has some of the darkest plot twists whether it’s major or minor, the plot twist just bang one after another throwing viewers into a rollercoaster of emotions.

Becoming a mainstream anime, you must have explored the story of Eren and the land of paradise which the titans evade from time to time literally chewing the half of the population inside the walls.

The story of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin seeking freedom beyond the sea and roaming around free, just gives some spine-chilling twists and turns that shocked everyone.

Filled with action, blood, and a story that will echo forever in your mind, Attack on Titan just fits the list of adventure anime with plot twists.

5.One Piece

one piece
AiredCurrently Airing
GenreAdventure, Action, Fantasy

The Pirate life of Luffy and his adventures are well-known across the globe. Straw Hat pirates roaming from island to island enjoying the thrilling life, presents a great adventure anime with plot twists.

In the vast Land of the Ocean, each pirates dream of setting their hands on One Piece treasure and Own the title King of Pirates. Among the countless Pirates, exists a naive-looking Pirate Luffy.

But here is the best part Luffy isn’t just a kid dreaming the same, holding the super abilities Luffy gathers a crew and sets out to be the King of Pirates.

As humor plays a base role in the anime, you would laugh your ass off but the serious arcs give a shocking plot twist (I bet you won’t see what’s coming). Just Remember the word Void Century.

4.Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fma brotherhood
Aired Apr 5, 2009 to Jul 4, 2010
GenreAdventure, Action, Fantasy 

The epic remake of the original Full Metal Alchemist, Brotherhood just stands out in the crowd but this time without repeating the same mistake from past days while sticking to the manga.

Brotherhood follows the world of alchemy where two brothers Edward and Alphonse just met a terrible accident while bringing back their mother from the realm of dead.

While both faced terrible loss, Alphonse’s soul now resides in a suit of armor and Edward lost multiple limbs. After years of learning and practicing the alchemy process, the brothers set out to restore their bodies with Philosopher’s Stone.

Unlike other anime, Brotherhood doesn’t include any filler episodes setting right into the straight. Well for the part of the plot twist memorise the word Homunculus.

3.Madoka Magica

madoka Magica
Aired  Jan 7, 2011 to Apr 22, 2011
GenreAdventure, Action, Fantasy

Oh Boy! Whenever I recommend someone to watch Madoka Magica they laugh it off as a girl cute magic trick anime. But this anime is pure thrill and gore and violent with each of its episodes.

The pretty simple plot shows the life of two young high school girls Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki encountered with the new transfer magical Girl Akemi.

Her magical Cat offers the two young girls any wish if they make a deal to become the magical girl Akemi is. Sound simple right? Under that simple promise lies thousands of dark secrets.

The Blood Bath, visually graphic isn’t for everyone but initially what seemed like a fairy tale adventure turns thriller becoming a proper adventure anime with plot twists.

2.Naruto Shippuden

naruto Shippuden
Aired  Feb 15, 2007 to Mar 23, 2017
GenreAdventure, Action, Fantasy

Naruto Shippuden features some of the greatest unexpected plot twists and the reason behind those twists are just poignant whether the selfless sacrifice of a character or the for the greater good.

After rigorous training with Jiraiya, Naruto has returned to the village and thus begins the great journey of bringing back Sasuke and becoming the Hokage of the village.

Differing from the Naruto, Shippuden arcs are longer with a darker tone and lots of maturity, the philosophical talks are just overwhelming for the anime watchers.

Be patient with this anime and the plot twist will surprise you like no other. 

1.Made in Abyss

made in Abyss
Aired Jul 7, 2017 to Sep 29, 2017
GenreAdventure, Drama, Fantasy

Talking about an innocent child in a cruel world?  Made in Abyss hits the ball out of the park as an adventure anime with plot twists. Don’t let the chibi art fool you into shaping it as a children’s adventure while it gets a lot darker.

Basically, the story is about the abyss that has immense and unexpected creatures, and artifacts in the depths of the Earth. Riko, an orphan child found a robot resembling a boy so she named him Reg.

Riko always wandered about the abyss where her mother White Liza the Annihilator got lost. As Riko and Reg wander about the origins and the abyss they set out to explore the depths.

Made in Abyss just shows graphic, violent scenes and some disturbing scenes too of course with the twists and turns which I won’t spoil.


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