Acro Trip Anime: Revelation of Cast and Visuals with Teaser Trailer

The teaser Trailer marks the premiere of the anime in 2024.

 acro trip anime fantasy comedy anime

Previously announced on December 1, 2022, The fantasy comedy anime Acro Trip reveals the cast and crisp visuals with its teaser and trailer. The anime will witness the release somewhere in this year 2024, which is to be announced yet. The comedy anime dives deeper into the magical girl combo from the manga of Yone Sawata.


As per the reports, Voil Studios handles the production along with the director Ayumu Kotake. Toshie Kawamura provides the character design for the series with Shinichi Inotsume’s supervised scripts from the original manga. Techno Boys Pulcraft Green-Fund composes the music for the entire season.

acro trip anime

The Original Cast

  • Chizuko Date- Miku Ito ( Locodol as Nanako Usami)
  • Chroma – Nobunga Shimazaki(Free as Haruka Nanase)
  • Berry Blossom- Inori MInase (is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon? As Hestia School-Live)
  • Mashiro – Kengo Kawanishi ( Naruto Shippudenn As Kagumi Uchiha)

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The Blurb

acro trip anime fantasy comedy anime

The intriguing fantasy comedy anime Acro Trip focuses on the protagonist Chizuko, who visits her grandfather’s house for a short period. She runs across the savior of the Town, Berry Blossom a magical girl. Berry loves her heroic magical job but her clumsy opponent Chroma, the leader of “Fossa Magna” gives too clumsy fights. Chizuku finds the fights shamelessly boring and tries to elevate fights so her magical girl can struggle and succeed.

The anime promises some tear-jerking laughs with the boring antagonist Chroma. Upcoming fantasy comedy anime is surely likely to uplift the genre in 2024. Whether you are a fan of it or not if you are feeling low and looking for a little laughter then mark your dates.
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(Source: Crunchyroll news)


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