Another Fantasy Series ‘Teogonia” Anime Announced, Adapted from Light Novel Series.

Who isn’t fascinated with a morning coffee, a beautiful day, and some great anime news to begin with? Tsukasa Tanimal’s light novel series Teogonia sees the light of an Anime production with Hakuhodo DY Music and pictures on Friday. The official website also released a teaser visual illustration to confirm the announcement of the TV Anime Arrival.


Fantasy anime dives into a mystical world where the days don’t go by without any battles. The tiring battle has been continued between humans and demi-humans for a long period. Kai, a normal boy from the village constantly fights against the Ash monkeys and Pig people to protect his precious land.

These people with great powers widely known as Blessing Bearers constantly haunt Kai’s friend one after another. After the devastating events, he accesses some unique memories, a new world where technology and people excelled than this world.


Thus begins the saga of epic fantasy Kai, leading himself into another world yet a bigger trial that awaits him eagerly.

Tsukasa Tanimai’s Teogonia light novel series illustrated by Kouichiro Kawano began its serialization on Shosetsuka ni Naro in August 2017. Later PASH! Books light novel imprint was acquired and began publishing in 2018.
Shunsuke Aoyama illustrated the manga inspired by the book and started serialization on Sha’s Comic PASH! Website in March 2018.

PASH! Book comics’ popular work has sold over 10,000 copies.

Source: Teogonia Anime official website


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