I watched 15 Best Anime about Twins on the Internet. (Here’s the Top 8 for you)

What are the best Anime about Twins that you should spend your time watching?

Well, I scurried the internet and watched the 15 best Anime about twins for weeks to find out.

This suggestion list will show you my top 8 and why the other 7 anime didn’t make it to my recommendations. Let’s take a deep dive.

TOP 8 Best Anime About Twins (After 7 days of Continuous Watching)

Anime about twins

Mostly people read some reviews and jot down the list of Anime list without any effort.

I wanted to take a different approach and personally suggest you the best anime about twins out there.

So I glued to my chair, sofa, and mobile and watched all these anime about twins to give you the best experience.

There were times I couldn’t watch it anymore and couldn’t stop dreaming about it.

 But it was worth watching for, Here we go.

1. Monster


Episodes: 74

Aired:  Apr 7, 2004 to Sep 28, 2005

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Suspense

Streaming Platform: Currently unavailable

The twins from Monster Anime, Johan Liebert and Nina Fortner have suffered enough and that transformed Johan into a cruel character.

Johan spreads chaos wherever he goes not only with his presence but manipulating with his mind too.

Johan shoots his adopted parents and gets shot in the head but a doctor Kenzo Tenma saves him.

The thriller anime about twins portrays the protagonist, neurosurgeon Kenzo Tenma, and his past haunting him. He must amend the wrongs of the monster he once saved.

What makes it exceptional?

  • The outstanding writing and dialogue
  • Phenomenon job in voice acting
  • Strongest lead character

2. Blue Exorcist

Blue exorcist

Episodes: 25

Aired:  Apr 17, 2011 to Oct 2, 2011

Genres: Action, Fantasy

Streaming Platform: Crunchyroll, Funimation

I was scurrying for anime with twins as main characters and stumbled upon Blue Exorcist with high ratings.

Blue exorcist features Rin and Yukio, the twins or sons of Satan living in the world of humans or Assiah.

Rin and Yukio are opposites, Rin has always protected Yukio from bullies. Whereas Yukio is an emotional and meek child, trembling his legs under stress.

The twin brothers in the fantasy anime are raised by a priest who trained to become an exorcist and protect the human world from Satan.

So the real question remains which elements kept me hooked?

  • Great color-composition with Animation
  • Amalgamation of Fun and Serious characters.

3. Trigun


Episodes: 26

Aired:  Apr 1, 1998 to Sep 30, 1998

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

Streaming Platform: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix

Good vs Evil, One Brother against another this 90s sci-fi anime about twins intrigued me.

The twin brothers Vash and Knives as the protagonists and antagonists in the series.

Vash is a great pacifist and could go any extent to save humans but Knives is cruel and a psychopath.

The action anime shows the protagonist Vash the stampede with a 60 million dollar bounty on his head. He is also known as The Humanoid Typhoon with the chaos he causes.

But deep inside Vash doesn’t match the description, why the world is after him? Is he really the Human Typhoon?

Why did this anime make it to the list?

  • Hilarious comic timing
  • Conventional art and animation style which really works for me
  • Adrenaline fuelled gun battles.

4. Black Lagoon

Black lagoon

Episodes: 12

Aired:  Apr 9, 2006 to Jun 25, 2006

Genres: Action

Streaming Platform: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix

Black Lagoon features one of the craziest and the most tortured twin Antagonists in anime history.

The twins Hansel and Gretel fall prey to torture and pedophilic situations where they are forced to kill.

Most of the time the twins exchange each other’s identities while suffering from split personality disorder. They kill people believing their life span would increase with each kill.

But the story traces ordinary salaryman Rokurou Okajima being kidnapped by a group of pirates and circumstances leading him to join the band.

What’s the real highlight of this anime about twins?

  • Fast-paced action
  • The adrenaline rush and mind-bending characters
  • Amazing soundtrack.

5.  D. Gray Man

D. Gray man

Episode: 103

Aired:  Oct 3, 2006 to Sep 30, 2008

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Streaming Platform: Crunchyroll, Funimation

The twin brothers in D. Gray Man Jasdero and Devit merge into one person to become the antagonist named Jasdevi.

Jasdevi’s appearance with blonde hair hiding his eyes with black lips caught my attention pretty quickly.

While Devit is the dominant one, Jasdero is the submissive one with a childish personality. But Jasdevi picks most of the Devit characteristics.

The premise of action-fantasy anime is that dead souls are recalled by their loved ones and trapped in a mechanical weapon called Akuma.

While the chosen humans called exorcists battle to exorcise, will Akuma take over the human world?

What makes this anime about twins interesting?

  • Long-running shonen-style episodes
  • Strong Characters
  • Dark, Gothic, Edgy Art and Animation

6. Higurashi When They Cry


Episodes: 26

Aired:  Apr 5, 2006 to Sep 27, 2006

Genres: Drama, Suspense, Thriller

Streaming Platform: HIDIVE, Netflix

Don’t fall for the girly characters, Higurashi When They Cry is one of the most twisted anime I have ever seen.

Mion and Shion are the twins from the Sonozaki Family with the vow, but I won’t spoil the suspense.

The story follows the young boy Keichi moving into the village of Himamizawa and befriending a bunch of girls.

Unbeknownst to him, the village and girls hide chilling secrets. The series of murders each year leads Keichi to unravel the dark secrets.

What makes it truly horrific (in a good way)?

  • The blood, guts, screams and gore content
  • Nerve-shaking horror moments

7.  The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets 1

Episodes: 12

Aired:  Jan 11, 2019 to Mar 29, 2019

Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Streaming Platform: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix

Not just two, but I give you five sisters who are quintuplets and ignorant too, of course with their wealth.

The five sisters with different and complex personalities have no interest in their studies and have poor grades.

The protagonist Futaroo, a high school nerd is hired to teach the quintuplets but at first, it goes all south. But soon each sister forms a unique bond with Futaro.

What sets it apart from typical romance drama?

  • The humor and the comic involvement
  • Unexpected romantic twists
  • Flawless art

8. Yosuga No Sora

Yosuga No sora 1

Episodes: 12

Aired:   Oct 4, 2010 to Dec 20, 2010

Genres: Drama, Romance

Streaming Platform: Currently unavailable

No wonder why I put this romance anime about twins on the last of the list.

With 6.05 ratings in MAL, the romance anime seemed average compared to others but stood out from the rest 7.

Sora and Haruka are twins, who recently lost their parents and moved to the countryside.

The childhood place brings back a lot of memories and a lot of people from the past with adult stuff.

Be prepared for a bit of adult scenes even though each scene has its meaning and story leading to it.

What remains remarkable in this romance anime?

  • The Moody art with fluid animation
  • Soothing background music
  • The carefree yet emotional characters

Why Other Anime Didn’t Make it to the List?

  • Most of them lacked the appearance of twin characters and the roles were negligible.
  • The twin characters became too cliché and felt the comedy and characteristics forced on them.

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