Best Debut Novels by Indian Authors of 2023 so far.

debut novels by Indian authors

Fiction books are a great escape from this gruesome world and a friend who recommends a worthy read is more precious than a Diamond.  Does your mind crave a new touch or fresh-styled writing?  We got you covered, let us wear the cape of a friend, skip the boring part of searching, and satisfy your literary orgasm, here are some of our best debut novels by Indian authors released in 2023 so far. You could avail it from your local bookstore to Amazon

5. The Bandit Queens 

the bandit queens
AUTHORParini Shroff,
GENRE Fiction, mystery, Contemporary
PUBLISHERHarper Collins India

 Does this title reminds of you any woman in India who killed 22 men responsible for her rape? Yes, Phoolan Devi, the bandit queen of India.

Similarly, The bandit queen is set in a village of stereotypes, the tale of Geeta, a woman abandoned by her husband but the villagers accuse her of a husband’s murderer.

She follows the footsteps of Phoolan, a bit quirky and gutsy which results in her ending up with a business of jewellery. Her reins are no longer handled by any men.

Bemused by her freedom, the rest of the women request her to get rid of their drunk husbands in the village, settling Geeta on the throne of violence.

Parini’s novel follows perfect crimes, violence, and the quirky and daring sides of women delivering the dare in their eyes and souls. This novel is also long-listed for the WOMEN’S PRIZE FOR FICTION 2023.

4.Not Quite A Disaster After All

not quite a disaster after all
AUTHORBuku Sarkar,
GENRE Fiction
PUBLISHERHarper Collins India

Covering the stories beyond oceans this quirky novel unfolds the story of Anjali a privileged kid from Kolkata and her friend Anita nuancing the meaning of life in their way spanning over two decades.

Both shift to America as Anjali with her family and Anita as a wedded wife which falls as an ideal marriage. The six stories unravel Anjali’s scars and wounds concerning his friendship with a bartender and Anita’s sacrifices.

”it was when their lives began behind closed doors, in darkness, breathing into the grief.” Buku penned down reliving the pain of women behind those closed doors.

The book flies you through reminiscences of a woman’s struggle, joy, love, and bruises.

3.A Dark and Shiny Place 

 a dark and shiny place
AUTHORPragati Deshmukh
GENRE Thriller, fiction
PUBLISHERThe Write Order

 The story unfolds around the female protagonist Maya perfectly living her unreally happy marriage as the pandemic hits in 2020.

The isolation leads to spooky paranormal activities defined by her thoughts, reality, and dreams. Staying in her mind which conveys her from her permanent pain that her partner is no longer alive

. The made-up world allows her to be weak, and vulnerable unlike the outer world but her only support her younger sister Meera constantly snatches her out from the thin line of fading eternally into her thoughts. The more she was lured inside, the more she could distinguish the imaginary line between two realms.

Pragati evaluated the mental health and despair during the pandemic in a palpable manner that interweaves the bond of sibling love.

She showed that after every night, the sun shines bright conveying hope through her words, forcing you to propel through the pages.

2.The Woman who climbed Trees

the woman who climbed trees
AUTHORSmriti Ravindra
GENRE Fiction, Indian Literature

 This novel drives through the generational stories of a mother-daughter; love, lust, trauma, joy, and sacrifices of women. 

A spell-casting prologue narrates the story of a widowed husband who seeks a wife and mother for their kids, later just to stamp her witch and to get killed by his children depicting how women’s simplest desires are considered complex in this patriarchal world.

The story recites the life of Meena, a 14-year-old girl who gets married to a Nepali 21-year-old boy Manmohan, and leaves behind her household.

While his husband spends most of his time in college in Kathmandu, she shares a household with her dictatorial mother-in-law and kind sister-in-law Kumud.

Despite of her distant husband, she feels guilty for an unrequited love towards her sister-in-law. After a few miscarriages, she gives birth to her daughter who narrates the rest of the story of her mother.

Smriti’s narration explores the terrain and relationship of both land; India and Nepal. Amidst the struggles the lesbian love, the sacrifices, the cultural boundaries, and mostly the voice of a woman who suffered it reflects on the words.

1.One Small Voice

One Small Voice
AUTHORShantanu Bhattacharya
GENRE Fiction, Contemporary

The story unveils two timelines; childhood and adultery of the protagonist Subhankar Trivedi (Shabby), born to a Brahmin family and a grandfather who was a freedom fighter.

His childhood era reflects the nineties era of Lucknow city where riots and political agendas orphaned many. Similarly, He witnessed a Muslim tailor turned to ashes by a riot of people.

His family overlooks the incident and turns their blindfold on and this gruesome act leaves a deep scar on his soul leaving him with anxiety and mental illness.

On the current timeline of his adultery in his mid-twenties, he shifted to the city of dreams MUMBAI despite achieving a king-sized life as of rooting from a middle-class Indian family, his wounds reopen as he witnesses another gruesome act.

His ghost reappears on the surface as he ponders the meaning of his life in this city of freedom with his two new friends Syed and Shruti

Shantanu’s writing will keep your heart throbbing and at the edge of turning pages one after another. It grabbed him AN OBSERVER best debut novel for 2023.

If you are looking for an emotional ride for a political journey this will be one of the best choices to fill your library or you could read it in the Amazon Kindle is considered to be one of the best debut novels by Indian authors.

These are the collection of five best debut novels by Indian authors of 2023 so far

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