Best Novels With Strong Female Characters.

novels with strong female characters

In this world of patriarchal society, tales of strong inspiring female characters voices need to reach every corner of the world.

The fire within those stories whether real or fictional ignites a tremendous amount of hope in teen girls and women across the world and also throws an insight into a few conservative minds.

The ruthless and wild journeys of powerful females in the fiction rush the adrenaline in us, treating us with an impeccable read. Here are some best novels with strong female characters from my vault collection.


Wild Seed by Octavia. E. Butler
AUTHOROctavia.E. Butler
GENREFantasy, Science Fiction

What happens when the paths of two immortals collide? On this journey of Doro and Anyanwu from the late 1600s, Doro has lived more than forty centuries by consuming mortal human bodies as a host and the protagonist Anyanwu lives her life as a healer.

Their paths crossed when Doro’s only goal came into play creating a superhuman breed exactly like him.

The characteristics of a great protagonist are to be kind and fierce at the same time as Ananywu depicts it perfectly making her one of the powerful science fiction lead.

Her journey also focuses on racism, slavery, patriarchy, and feminism about African Americans.


The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
AUTHORHolly Black
GENREFantasy, Young Adult, Romance

The fantasy tale of Faery brings three sisters from the lands mortal to immortal when their mother and father are killed by the most dreaded General of the land, Madoc.

Bound by duties and rules adopts the half-blood and twins as her daughters. The story revolves around three sisters facing the struggles of being mortal among the powerful immortals.

Vivian rebels against her biological father, Jude to become a warrior and the most strong female mortal in fiction to eye for the throne of the king. Taryn wishes to become a bride one day.

The author Holly Black lets your imagination drive you through the words. The journey of three fierce sisters leads to a gripping tale.


The Book thief by Markus Zusak


AUTHORMarkus  Zusak
GENREFantasy, Historical  Fiction
PUBLISHERAlfred  A. Knopf

The gut-wrenching tale of ten-year-old Leslie witnesses her brother’s death in the world before World War II.

After Losing her father and shouldering the pain of her brother’s death, her undying love for words forces her to steal her first book, The Graveyard’s Handbook.

But soon she transfer to The Hubermanns. Hans Huberman, an empathetic man equally passionate as Leslie for books fuels the ignition on her.

Soon Leslie steals books from the Mayor’s wife’s library when death arrives like wind. And the best part is the story narrated by one of the most interesting characters, Death.

My eyes bawled out while reading this book. It is one of the best books by Markus Zusak with a female protagonist that bawled the eyes of the audience.


novels with strong female characters
AUTHORKristin Hannah
GENRE Historical  Fiction
PUBLISHERSt. Martin’s Press

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 The storyline of two motherless sisters with a conflicted father grows up to form a distant bond between the sisters.

Vianne, the elder sister caught in her turmoil, later settles in France with her husband Antonie and daughter Sophie. Antonie leaves for the war front when the Nazis invade.

When the Nazis attack Paris, Isabelle the younger sister runs for a shelter to her sister. But soon the Nazis invade the very home of Vianne. 

Two sisters with poles apart characteristics Isabelle decides to join the resistance and fight upfront for the Nazis. Vivian fights indirectly by sheltering the Jews.

An epic tale of bravery, relationships, love and betrayal, and the gruesome war from the eyes of both sisters and a mother leaves you weeping and being inspired.


Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
AUTHORDelia Owens
GENRE Historical  Fiction, Mystery, Romance

The journey lights us the past and present of the protagonist KAY who is known as the ‘Marsh girl’ in the town.

Abandoned by their mother and siblings KAY lives with a drunkard father and seeks motherly affection. Her living in the marsh deserts her from social love too.

It all shifts when she befriends two boys from the town. Destiny couldn’t leave her without misery and soon one of the boys was found dead in the swamp.

The society immediately suspects her. This coming-of-age and mystery thriller spills an insight into an unloved kid dwindling between poverty and affection. And how isolation forged her into something different.


Wild Swans by Jung Chang
AUTHORJung Chang
GENRE Memoir, Non-fiction, History
PUBLISHERWilliam Collins

The most riveting and depressing tale of generational women ranging from grandmother to grand-daughter set in China in the era of 1900s.

The memoir is a must addition to the genre with novels with strong female characters. The memoir dives into the world of tyranny and oppression of generational Chinese women.

As the story unfolds the grandmother, Yu-fang destiny led her to be a concubine at the age of fifteen to a warlord of that time. Her mother’s struggles as a young idealistic communist.

Chang’s tale of working as a peasant for the same communist group for which her parents once served before boarding to America with a scholarship.

This generational story uplifted the voice of many unheard souls like her caught in that turmoil. It torches the harsh history of communist ideology in China and women’s suffering during the period.


An Ember In the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
AUTHORSabaa Tahir
GENRE Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance
PUBLISHERHarper Voyager

Set in the world of the Roman empire under a tyrannical king, the two protagonist’s path gets intertwined. Their own goals bind both of them in this journey

. The female protagonist Laia spies for the rebel group against the king for the price of the freedom of his brother who was allegedly caught by the king for treason.

On the other hand, Eliah the male protagonist, a soldier or you could say one of the finest soldiers in the academy of the King desires to win the price of his freedom.

They discover each other’s goals despite all falling in love but that isn’t enough to spare the freedom of a brother and his own life.

The series filled with action, brutality, and bloodshed with a touch of love keeps you intrigued till the last page. Laia’s character arc fascinates the most in terms of strong female characters arcs.


Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell
AUTHORMargaret Mitchell
GENRE Historical fiction, Fiction, Romance
PUBLISHERFingerprint Publishing

In General, heroes are meant to be generous and kind but the protagonist in this novel is flawed, inconsiderate, and spoiled.

The tale of Scarlett begins in the after-period of the American civil war, fallen head over heels for Ashley. However, the rejection of his love leads her to marry Hamilton.

Soon she becomes a widow with a child and is invited to Atlanta to live with her aunt and cousin who is married to Ashley.

War sets fire in Atlanta too forcing her to return home. Her days of struggles unfold as she realizes there is no one left behind back home.

Amidst her selfishness, through her determined mind, she peers through the obstacles thrown at her and her love life.

 These are a few novels with strong female characters from my vault. Do let me know what are some of your favorite ones in the comment section



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