Best Romance novels by Indian authors of 2023

In this turmoil of life, our mind incessantly leans towards some romantic reads. If you are too craving for some freshly released best romance novels. Here are the four best romance novels by Indian authors released in 2023.


romance novels by Indian authors
AUTHORShabnam Minwalla
GENRE Contemporary

Dwindling between her muse; from Bombay to Mumbai, captured the timeless tale of past and present in her debut romance novel published by on 1st May 2023.

This everlasting story unfurls two Zainabs; Zainab Essaji, one in the era of 1935’s Bombay, and Zainab Currinji known as Zen, a teenager of the modern Mumbai. Zen, an introverted expert in history, hailing from a modern supportive family with a Muslim father, participates in a debate to support her friend regarding the CAA protest.

Her introverted side vanishes into thin air when she meets a boy named Yash with a right-wing father. Parallel to Zen’s story, a 19-year-old girl Zainab Essaji’s diary demonstrates her life engaged to a man despite never meeting him or seeing his photo.

Her rebellious and proud nature leads her to fall head over heels for a boy from Lahore amidst her marriage, owning her secret from her sister and family.

Shabnam’s writing portrays the world of retro Bombay and the present Mumbai with immense detail. Regardless of family drama and politics, it delivers the poetic touch of romance into the story.

Though this story inspired the writer by an incident, when she found a diary of 19 years old of that time, it formed a tale of historical love.

A Heart Full of Hope

a heart full of hope
AUTHOR Shibaji Bose
GENRE Fiction, romance
PUBLISHERSrishti Publishers

Transporting the readers through a ladder of emotion: “A Heart Full of Hope” novel was released by on 10th February 2023.

A gut-wrenching tale of young girl Moyna, an enthusiast of life facing the odds of being traded into Kolkata’s red light area.

After being rescued by a Good Samaritan Suchitra, Moyna wears the name “Ahana” and gets adopted by a new family. Despite her heart-wrenching past and in this journey of self-acceptance, she defies her roots and obscure past to maintain a courageous bond with her family.

As the story progresses, her destiny collides with Aryan, a hairstylist who deals with his demons of lies, stereotypes, and loneliness. Their bond unfolds when Ahana’s friend is the sister of Aryan who later acts as a cupid in the story joining the two realms.

The author’s depiction of self-acceptance blossoms the love and romance between the characters. It hinges on you by a thread to believe in self-love and second chances.

My Imperfect Love

my imperfect love
AUTHORNiharika Jindal
GENRE Romance
PUBLISHERRupa Publications

As science states two opposite poles always attract, likewise two individuals with poles apart values do. The heartfelt tale of such characters is captured by in this book published on February 2023.

The narration gyrates around the protagonist Rhea, an insightful and committed student’s path crosses the path of Saahil, who has his battles to conquer.

Despite their different realms of bubble around them, Rhea sets out to pursue her interest in fashion in London, and Saahil, devastated by his doomed family and his parent’s divorce, dumps his MBA into the pit and parties with various women.

As their chemistry begins, the inner demons and family show up often on their path of destiny. The dynamic of their chemistry keeps hypnotizing the readers amidst their heartbreak and struggles.

With appealing characters and affection-filled pages, this book keeps on fascinating the readers. It would be a wise choice to add to your stacks of romance novels.

Twisted Temptations

twisted temptations
AUTHORKamini Kusum
GENRE Fiction, Romance
PUBLISHERSrishti Publishers

The charismatic tales of explosives women, “Twisted Temptations” released on 10th March 2023. The compartments of captivating stories about powerful women lead a quirky and juicy journey into secrets and romance.

The collection of stories directs the path of powerful women toward their desires and hearts regardless of society. The foremost tale of the anthology sequences the story of a royal woman whose secret is breathtaking.

Then it propels into the next tale of the alluring wife of a diamond tycoon, who takes flight on a journey to spice up her singular life.

Multiple tales about powerful women clearly show the skills of the author’s storytelling and character design. Compelling tales of the author in this anthology leave you craving for more touch of romance from her.

What are your best picks for this year? Let us know what’s on your bookshelf?

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