I Read Attack on Titan Manga Online (Here are 8 Best Websites to Read in 2024) 

Attack on Titan manga Online

Forgive my chronology, after watching Attack on Titan I wanted to read its manga of 139 chapters to be familiar with the source. 

So I scurried the internet to find the best platform to read Attack on Titan Manga online. 

If you are an Anime watcher like me then probably you know the plot, details, and pretty much the ending too. 

Majorly, you want to dive deep down into the world of Attack on Titan and its metaphors or details. 

If you are a beginner and looking for a platform to read Attack on Titan manga online, then let’s start with its basic plot. 

The premise of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Centuries ago, Titans nearly wiped out mankind and forced the humans inside the gigantic long walls. Without encountering any single Titans in years, the life inside the walls blossoms. 

But soon a Colossal Titan managed to breach the walls and enjoy the flesh and blood of humans. The flesh-eating titans destroy many lives and among them remains Eren’s and Mikasa too. 

Eren and Mikasa along with Armin vows to join the survey corps responsible for wiping out the Titans. Eren vows to eradicate the Titans once and for all from the surface. 

This is just the beginning of one of the most loved anime saga. 

Where to Read Attack on Titan Manga Online? 

Well, to answer your question I always urge you to read and purchase legal subscriptions to support the creator Hajime Isayama. 

Again, if you are just a student or struggling financially I have some free websites to read too. 

First, let’s look into the authentic limited free and subscription-based platforms. 

5. Crunchyroll 


Crunchyroll has been a household name as a streaming Platform for anime, But Guess what? You can enjoy reading the manga too. And yes you can read the Attack on Titan Manga online here. 

  • The Fan plan of 7.99/month allows you to access the whole manga library along with Anime. 
  • The plan allows you to read without any ads. 
  • The interface remains versatile and user-friendly. 
  • You can read your manga with Android, iOS, or any web browser easily. 
  • It also allows you a 14-day free subscription trial to read Attack on Titan manga online

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4. Comixology by Amazon 


Integrated into Amazon now You can have access to unlimited graphic novels, digital comics, and manga including Attack on Titan Manga. 

  • The plan costs you 5.99/month to access the library. 
  • The additional perks arrive If you are already an Amazon Kindler user, You can have free access to the first chapter of Attack on Titan. 
  • You can sync your Kindle library with the Comixology library 
  • Also, You can read offline without any hassle of internet connection 
  • The Guided view allows you to read in both portrait and landscape mode. 

3. Kodansha 


Kodansha is one of the biggest publishers in Japan and a well-known company. The extensive catalog of manga including Attack on Titan remains one of the biggest digital libraries on the Internet. Kodansha is the original manga publisher of Attack on Titan.

  • To read Attack on Titan Manga online, You have to pay a subscription fee of $4.99 to $6.99/month. It varies in different regions. 
  • The smooth navigation makes it easy for you to switch between chapters. 
  • You can read on your Android device, iOS, tablet, and PC too.
  • You can easily download chapters for offline reading. 
  • Not only just Attack on Titan, but You can also access other manga and have early access too. 
  • Sometimes the limited content issues pop up with fewer chapters for any manga. 

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2. Azuki 


The popular Manga reading platform has a vast library for manga enthusiasts who trying to find suitable platforms and are willing to read Attack on Titan Manga Online.

  • It allows you to read the first three chapters for free then after you can access further with a subscription. 
  • The subscription costs around $4.99/month to get access. 
  • Easily available on your iOS and Android devices and also free to download. 
  • The free chapters aren’t ads free, you have to withstand the ads for a few seconds or minutes. 
  • The quick browser reader is more efficient than most of the other platforms. 
  • It also allows you to bookmark and offline reading. 

1 . Mangamo 


For manga lovers, who want to take it slow and read Attack on Titan Manga online slowly, Mangamo is a match made in heaven. 

  • The Platform allows you to read 4 chapters a day for free to access more you need to subscribe. 
  • For subscription, You need to pay $4.99/month for access to the full library. 
  • You can only access it on mobile devices for iOS and Android, not any web browser. 
  • With a premium subscription glide through as many Manga as possible not just Attack on Titan only. 
  • If you are dwelling on a free subscription then You have to wait for another 24 hours to enjoy 4 more chapters of AOT. 

Now coming to free websites, if you are struggling a bit with your financial stability. No This is not a promotional post or I am not paid anything. Just want to help you with reading though I urge you to read with authentic platforms to support Hajime Isayama Sensei. 

Well, you can try aotmanga.net, readaot.com, and Mangarock.com to read Attack on Titan Manga online without any hassle to subscribe. 


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