Crunchyroll announces Spy x family, Assassination Classroom Hindi Dub

Crunchyroll officially announced Spy x Family in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu Dubs in February slot along with many more.

Spy x family

Great News for anime fans all over India who love to watch the Japanese masterpiece content in their regional Language. Crunchyroll announces Spy x family, Assassination Classroom Hindi Dub. No More Language barriers! You can watch some of your favorite anime starting this February ranging from Spy x Family to The Magus Bride. Here is the list of anime and their dubbed languages that Crunchyroll is about to release.

Anime and Dates

Spy x family Season 1

Crunchyroll announces Spy x family,
Release DateFeb 17

Discover the spy world with the perfect spy twilight and the assassin Yor along with Anya and their adventurous life together. As Crunchyroll announced Spy x Family in Hindi, Indian fans will be delighted.

Spy x Family Season 2

LanguageTamil, Telugu
Release DateFeb 17


Assassination Classroom

Assassination classroom
LanguageTamil, Telugu
Release DateFeb 16

An assassin monster arrives as the sensei and assigns the classroom with a task to kill him. The students of Class 3E learn more than just reading, writing, and solving arithmetic problems.

The Ancient Magus Bride

the ancient magus bride
LanguageTamil, Telugu
Release DateFeb 15

Unloved by everyone and abandoned Hitori Chise longs for peace rather than anything. After losing all hope The Magus with a beast head claims her in an auction, soon Magus realizes their worth and accepts her as apprentice and Bride.

Tower of God Season 1

tower of god
Release DateFeb 8

With the unimaginable chemistry between the two, One wants to reach the top of the tower where everything she wants. And The Boy just wants to be with her.

Fire Force Season 2

fire force
LanguageTamil And Telugu
Release DateFeb 7

Amid Tokyo’s burning Turmoil, Shinra Joins the Fire Force, responsible for wiping out the fire. But his past and secret turn the table at 360 degrees.

The Daily Life of Immmortal King season 3

the immortal king season 3
Release DateFeb 4

In the world of Magic, Wang Ling is a prodigy defeating the demon king at the age of six. As the dark supernatural rises, he must save the world.

Language plays a major role in reaching every corner of the world of anime fans. However most people love to watch the subbed version , fans love dubbed version too. For these anime, You no longer need to worry as Crunchyroll announced Spy x family in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Source: Crunchyroll News


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