“Expelled from Paradise acquires sequel Liberated from Paradise”

The 2014 joint project of Toei Animation and Nitroplus’s sci-fi anime Rakuen Tsuihou (Expelled from Paradise) officially receives a sequel titled Liberated from Paradise( Rakuen Tsuihou Kokoro no Resonance). Toei Animation broadcasted the news and a glimpse of the upcoming sequel on their thrilling Virtual Anime Festival livestream on Jan 27, 2024. The sudden announcement was a surprise for fans across the oceans as the popularity of Expelled from Paradise spread its wings all over the world.

Liberated From Paradise

(source : Rakuen Tsuihou website )

The Team Behind The Screens

At every anime’s core remains its capable team that leads the project into a worth-watching series. With the leadership of Visionary Director Seiji Mizuhsima, responsible for projects like Full Metal Alchemist and Mobile Suit Gundam. The impeccable screenwriter Gen Urobuchi is widely known for his craftsmanship for Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Light Novel Fate/ Zero. The original team is likely to return with Masatsugu and his original character designs and with Narasaki’s music. The announcement of a sequel, seeds hope for a compelling story and animation on screen that captivated fans worldwide.

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Glimpse of Expelled from Paradise and its Fandom

Expelled from paradise

( Source ; MAL)

The 2014 action sci-fi anime Expelled from Paradise portrayed the utopian world where humans mostly spend their valuable time inside a virtual reality Paradise known as DEVA.

The Female protagonist or the security officer Angela Balzac must find the hacker that invaded their world and his motives.

The movie combined multiple elements like human consciousness, two sides of the real world and the virtual world, and philosophical exploration seamlessly.

With a few twists and turns the mecha anime intrigued the fans with the concept of humanity and its existence. Aniplex became the medium that delivered this movie across the borders acquiring fans. Initially, the movie was released in 15 theatres across the United states of America.


The enthralling action anime created a buzz immediately with its announcement, pumping up the blood among the fans.

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