“For some reason, I started living with a NEET Kunoichi” Acquires Anime.

Another Enthralling news for anime fans out there. “For some reason, I started living with A NEET Kunoichi Manga gets Anime adaptation. The original Work of Yakito Mato and Kotastu’s manga has received a green flag for the Anime Studio Quad. The Studios announced the news on Saturday with a teaser visual, teaser PV revealing the cast and Staff for the upcoming Anime.

For some reason, I started living with a NEET

Staff and Cast

The anime features some of the best team members on board. Among them is Hisashi Saito (My Life as Inukai San’s Dog) the director for the TV Anime. Takashi Aoshimata (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch) will compose the series or screenwriter for the entire series. Masahiko Suzuki ( Bofuri: I don’t want to get hurt so I will max out My Defense) as the character designer and CMJK (theme songs for Spider Riders) will provide the music.

  • Ryuji Iwata as Prop Designer
  • Chieko HIbi as Color Designer
  • Isamu Nishiyama as Art Director
  • Shinya Kin and Hideki Imaizumi as Photography Director
  • Junichi Masunaga as Editor
  • Kohei Yoshida as Sound Director


  • Hinayoshi Yano (Bocchi The Rock) as Shizuri Ideura
  • Shoya Ishige (My Dress Up Darling) as Tsukasa Atsumi
  • Shigeru Chiba (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) as The Narrator.

The Romantic comedy focuses on an Otaku Shizuri and a genius Kunoichi who decides to save ordinary office worker Tsukasa Atsumi from Demons. The romance brews when the two start living together as a part of the Deal.
The short teaser visual promises a journey of an impeccable mixture of romance and comedy with some stunning visuals. As the creators declared in the announcement the anime will be broadcast in April, and the fan wait for this amazing ride. Stay Tuned for the more news update as the creators is yet to announce the official date.

Source: For Some Reason I started Living with a NEET Kunoichi Website


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