“In a World Full of Zombies, I am the only one won’t be attacked.” gets Anime Adaptation

The novel Zombie no Arureta sekai de ore Dake ga Osowarena confirms the anime adaptation.

in a world of zombies I won't be attacked

Rokuro Uraji and Saburo’s original light novel “In a World Full of Zombies, I am the only one won’t be attacked.” is in now production for an anime adaptation on thrusday Feb 1, 2024. AT-X will broadcast the anime.

The panic action movie follows the backdrop of a world flooding with zombies. But for some reason, the zombies don’t attack the protagonist. It’s like he is immune to the zombie attacks. “In a world full of zombies, I won’t be attacked” showcases the main character Takemura who doesn’t use other’s goodwill.

Takemura uses his power for his pleasures and profit because this ain’t a superhero movie. Basically after Takemura’s company goes bankrupt he spends most of his day confined inside his room. One such day he strolls out for fresh air and a zombie bites his hand. Though he survives the attack and returns back to his room, the fever takes over.

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The serialization of the novel began in Nocturne Novel in 2013 at first. Later Frontier Works published three volumes of the novel in 2016 and in 2021.

Frontier Works serialized Chihiru Masadura’s manga with the same name. With the wave of popularity on the internet bragging about characters, the total circulation of the series exceeded 3,80,000 copies. As the latest volume 3 of the comic version awaits release on Feb 5th, Fans await the arrival of the anime.

The comic action packed anime promises a lot of humor along with the action sequences surrounding zombies.

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