India Welcomes Crunchyroll’s Chillin in Another World and Netflix’s Cherry Magic! In regional dubbed language. 

Namaste! Indian Anime Lovers, let’s check out some dubbed anime available. Crunchyroll released the Chillin in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers both in Tamil and Telugu dubs in India. At the same time, Netflix will bring the Yu Toyota’s Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard? In India on May 1. 

Chillin in another world Cherry Magic !

Cherry Magic anime aired in Japan on Jan 10 while Ani-one Asia’s YouTube channel streamed the anime in India. Crunchyroll also releasing the anime in their platform with dubs and subs. 

cherry magic

The Story of Cherry Magic follows the life of Adachi who has spent his years of life remaining a virgin. His virginity enabled a special power to read people’s minds with a gentle touch with them. His accidental touch with his colleague reveals the secret crush of his colleague none other than him. 

The Manga began serialization in 2018 on Pixiv’s Gangan Pixiv service. The manga also inspired a live-action Thai series. 

Chillin in the Another World aired in Japan on April 8 but Crunchyroll began streaming the anime as it aired the English dub started streaming on April 23 and the Regional dub Tamil Telugu was recently added. 

Chillin in another world

The anime follows the magical kingdom of Klyrode summoning heroes to fight their war against the Dark enemies. The average merchant Banaza is sucked into another world with no power or abilities. The King and the kingdom quickly reject him and want him gone but soon he discovers some newly found power which ranks him on the top. 

Kinjo’s manga started serialization on the Shosetuska ni Naro website in 2016 and ended in Nov 2019. 

Source; Crunchyroll and Netflix


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