Is Mechamaru Dead or Alive in Jujutsu Kaisen 2?

Is Mechamaru Dead or Alive?

Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident Arc has created a lot of buzz among fans including raising a few mysterious questions. With the conclusion of the Hidden Inventory Arc, the upcoming game-changing saga was brutal and decided the fate of several major characters like Gojo Satoru along with supporting characters like Kokkichi Muta better known as Mechamaru.

After a few episodes into the flashbacks of Geto and Satoru’s life history and bond, it was revealed that Kokkichi interacted with the Pseudo Geto and Mahito as a mole. Kokkichi has leaked the information in exchange for a healthy body with Mahito’s Idle Configuration.

Their quick conversation before reviving Kokkichi quickly went awry as Mechamaru declared the binding vow between the two was broken after the attack in Kyoto Jujutsu High School.

As the showdown between Mahito and Ultimate Mechamaru begins it’s off-screen shonen-style death while Mechamaru reappears in Shibuya confusing many. Let’s dive into Details and solve this mystery, Is Mechamaru dead or Alive?

The Burning Question: Is Mechamaru Dead or Alive?  

To answer your burning question, Technically Mechamaru died at the hands of Mahito but his off-screen death was like a true shonen. However, these confused circumstances derived the confusion just to be confirmed later in the episodes.

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All thanks to Utahime for her investigation that led to the discovery of the Traitor. Mechamaru always wanted to restore his own body and with his puppet manipulation, he had access to every crucial information out there that Geto and Mahito Needed.

As the feudal conversation Between Mahito, Psuedo-Geto, and Kokkichi begins at first Mahito refuses to fix Kokkichi’s body but Pseudo-Geto reminds him of Vow and the essential work he planned with Kokkichi (Remember this line, it plays a crucial part later) but sadly they have to revive him and then kill him.

 As the fight between the two unfolds it is also revealed that Kokkichi might have revealed information but he wanted to summon Gojo Satoru and aware him of Geto’s hideous plan about Shibuya and trapping him in the Prison realm. So How did this fight go?


Kokkichi ramages a few miniature mechamaru towards Mahito and escapes to reveal the Armored Puppet Ultimate Mechamaru Prototype 0 which stored 17 years of cursed energy.

Geto instantly lowers a veil on the dam, at first Kokkichi uses an ultra cannon against Mahito and tries to break the armor. Kokichi uses Pigeon Viola to tackle Mahito and Mahito transforms into different animals while escaping into the woods.

Mahito slashes the head coils on Ultimate Mechamaru and releases Domain Expansion SelfEmbodiement of perfection, slamming Mechamaru into the ground.

Mahito’s idle transfiguration leads him to believe Kokkichi’s death but to his surprise, Kokkichi uses New Shadow Style Simple Domain and slashes through Mahito breaking the domain expansion.

This Seeds a hope in Kokkichi but Mahito penetrates through Mechamaru’s Cockpit and for one last time, Kokkichi screams for Mechamaru and succumbs to death off-screen.

How Did Mechamaru reappear in Shibuya? Was it a Contingency Plan or Is he Alive?

Well Mechamaru is dead, there is no coming back from it. But but but… Mechamaru Knew something that no one was aware of, he was aware of the plans in Shibuya the whole time.


Since the binding vows prevented him from escaping he quickly calculated his chances of surviving and escaping from these two. He quickly came up with a contingency plan as you can see in between the fights. You can see the AI-powered appearing in his plan.

Kokkichi made a condition if he died the three puppets would appear in various places in Shibuya entrusting Yuji Itadori as one of them.

You might be wondering how he knows the exact location in Shibuya to reappear as Ai powered puppet.

Well, the answer is right in front of your eyes, He was aware of their plan, right? There is no surprise he was also aware of what locations they had chosen to lure Gojo Satoru and imprison him. 

Was Mechamaru’s Death Impactful?

To be honest, Mechamaru’s death didn’t leave a hole in the heart but his farewell with Miwa was quite painful to watch.

Many people debated over Reddit whether it was as painful as Nanami’s death or just a requirement for the sake of the plot. While a lot of people voted in a thread for that He didn’t have enough screen time to make people more attached to his character.

During the fight, everyone hoped Kokkichi would meet Miwa with his full body but the signs of his death were already thrown when Kokichi Shouted at the top of his lungs “I would meet everyone”. But there was no chance for him against Mahito and Psuedo-Geto.

The other thing that overshadowed his death was that the Shibuya Arc was full of surprises and main events which were far more impactful involving the primary characters.


To be precise, Mechamaru’s reason for being a traitor was sympathetic and reasonable. Like his friends, Kokichi also dreamed of having a regular human body. Although Heavenly Restriction never allowed him his cursed technique of puppet manipulation allowed him to appear in the outer world as Mechamaru.

Though dying at the hands of Mahito and coming up with a contingency plan guided the others to rescue Gojo Satoru. Still, there are lot of debate regarding Mechamaru’s Decision and how he could have altered everything or saved everyone along with himself.

What do you think? Was Mechamaru’s death Justified or impactful for you? 



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