Isekai Anime Failure Frame arrives in July, Reveals Cast and Opening Song in 1st PV.

Howdy! All anime lovers out there, Some great anime news awaits you. Karou Shinozaki’s Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything with Low-Level Spells will debut in July 2024 on TBS and other networks. On Sunday the official website released the 1st PV for the anime revealing the cast, the opening theme named “HAZURE” and the second key visual.

failure frame anime

Staff and cast

Adapted from the light novel series by Kaoro Shinuzaki which was later adapted into manga by Keyaki Uchi-uchi and Sho Uyoshi. Michio Fukuda (Hyakko, Tesla Note) is directing the anime at Seven Arcs with Synergy Sp. Yasuhiro Nakanishi ( My Love Story with Yamada-Kun at Lvl 999) is overlooking the scripts along with Kana Hashidate (When They Cry, Blue Period) as the character designer and chief animation director. Tatsuhiko Saiki (My Instant Death Ability is so overpowered) will create the magic of his music.

Other Staff members include:

  • Director of Photography: Shintaro Nakamura
  • Prop Design: Goichi Iwahata, Noritaka Suzuki
  • Art setting: Akihiro HIrasawa
  • Art Director: Yoko Nakao
  • Sound Director: Nobuyuki Abe
  • Color Design: Fukura Sodai
Failure frame anime

The Failure Frame Anime features a star cast of

  • Ryota Suzuki (Blue Period) as Toka Mimori
  • Saki Miyashita (Horimiya) as Celes Asharin
  • Ayami Tsukui (Neko no Dayan) as Pigimaru
  • Ami Koshimizu (Kill la Kill) as Vicious

The isekai failure frame anime follows Mimon Touka and his classmates who are transferred into another world by a mysterious goddess. There they must become the hero with exceptional powers. Where all his friends ranked up Mimori seems to retain E rank and is thrown into a dungeon. He vows to get his revenge and redeem himself.

Failure Frame

Karou’s Light novel series started serialization on the Shosetsuka novel posting website on Nov 24, 2017. Later on July 25, 2018, Overlap acquired the series while collaborating with KWKM. Seven Seas Entertainment acquired the rights for English Publication.

Keyaki Uchi-Uchi and Sho Uyoshi’s manga adaptation started serialization on the Comic Gardo manga website on July 26, 2019. Seven Seas also acquired the English Publication for the manga.

The series received an immense amount of love receiving 1.1 million copies in circulation between its digital and press releases.

Source: Failure Frame Anime official website


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