Josie Manga Ikoku Nikki inspires Anime and live-action movies. 

Howdy! Anime lovers, let’s dig deeper into today’s news. Tomoko Yamashita’s Josei Manga Ikoku Nikki (Diary of a Strange Land) is officially announced for an Anime Adaptation. Pony Canyon released a teaser trailer video and a visual key to announce the news on Friday revealing the main staff for the TV Anime. 

Ikoku Nikki

Adapted from the manga written and illustrated by Tomoko Yamashita, Miyuki Oshiro (To your Eternity, Unit Director for Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie) is directing the anime at Shuka. Kohei Kiyasu (Run with the Wind) is handling the scripts for the anime while Kenji Hayama (Nightmare Campus, Mazinkaiser) is designing the characters. Kensuke Ushio (Devilman Crybaby, Ping Pong, A Silent Voice) is composing the music. 

Tomoko Yamashita debuted his Ikoku Nikki manga in Shodensha’s Josei manga magazine Feel Young in June 2017. The Manga ended in June 2023 and Shodensha collected all chapters into 11 tankobon volumes. 

IKoku Nikki

The Manga follows the life of Makio Kodai, a novelist sharing his roof with her niece Asa after her parents’ demise. Makio and Asa’s lives aren’t any pretty but both try to adjust to each other’s presence Makio has never spent time as a child and Asa is used to adults which Makio isn’t. 

Tomoko’s manga has been nominated for several awards including 12th Manga Taisho in 2019 and on Takarajimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugo! List of best manga for female readers. 

The Manga also won the 2023 “Book of the Year” list by Da Vinci Magazine. It also inspired a live-action film which is all set to release in Japan on June 7. 

Source: Ikoku Nikki’s official Website


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