Line Manhwa “Viral Hit” Anime Sets Debut Appearance in April.

If you have a taste of Webtoon like Lookism, then this enthralling news is for You. Webtoon Manhwa’s “Viral Hit” TV anime is all set to premiere in April 2024. Okuruto Noburo Studios announced on its official website with a teaser trailer on Saturday 10 Feb 2024. The long-awaited TV Anime from the original work of T.Jun, is set to broadcast on Fuji TV +Ultra.

viral hit anime


Along with the teaser, Studio revealed the amazing staff behind the screens. From the original work of PTJ cartoon company and author T. Jun with the illustration of Kim Jong Hyun, Okuruto Noburo will handle the animation Production. Masakazu Hishida (My instant death ability is so overpowered) will provide his great insight as the director of the Anime. Satomi Miyazaki as the character designer Toshiya Ohno as the series compositioner and Yutaka Yamada will create magic with his powerful BGM evident in the teaser Trailer. Studios is yet to reveal the cast of the anime.

viral hit anime

The teaser trailer of Viral Hit anime featured a glimpse into the life of Kota Shimura, a high school student who struggles with his poverty and the medical emergency of his mother’s hospitalization. As he works for a few part-time jobs, some Delinquents in school constantly bully him. Tired of being a loser and the behaviors of his bullies Kota decides to raise his fist against the bullies. But the live-streamed fight reaches a whopping 10 million views, with the hope of erasing his poverty with the money from streams Kota decides to fight.

The Manhwa received “Judging Committee Recommended Work” at the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival within the manga Division. The manhwa also acquired the first ranking of Line manga original works that should turn into the anime.

As the fans await impatiently for the TV Anime “Viral Hit” the anime will reach its audience in April. Mark your calendars for April and begin the countdown.

Source: Kenkadokugaku website


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