Loner Life in Another World Anime’s trailer marks its October debut, revealing additional Cast and Staff.

Howdy! Anime seekers, let’s discuss some anime news. Shoji Goji’s Loner Life in Another world anime revealed the trailer with English subtitles on Sunday. The Anime is all set to be broadcast in October 2024. The Anime was announced during the “10th Anniversary Memorial Overlap Bunko All-Star Assemble Event” on Jan 21, 2024.

Loner Life in Another world

Staff and Cast

From the original light novel series of Shoji Goji and the manga by Bibi, Akio Kazumi (Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis) is directing the anime at Hayabusa Film and Passione. Kenta Ihara (Vinland Saga) is handling the series composition along with Keiya Nakano (Battle Spirits) as the character designer for the anime.

The additional Staff members include:

  • Monster Designer: Hanako Kikuchi
  • Art Director: Takeshi Sekino
  • Color Design: Sakie Suzuki
  • Director of Photography: Kouji Hayashi
  • Editor: Ayako Tan
  • Sound Director; Hisayoshi Hirasawa
Loner Life in Another World

The additional cast revealed in the recent trailer are:

  • Haruka Shiraishi (Golden Kamuy) as Class Rep
  • Hina Suguta (My Dress-up Darling) as Gal leader
  • Kyouhei Natsume (Tomo-chan is a girl) as Nerd A
  • Hirou Mineta (Blue Period) as Jock A
  • Tomohiro Yamaguchi (Record of Ragnarok) as Delinquent A
Loner life in Another World2

The Loner Life in Another World anime follows the high schooler Haruka who is transported into another world with his classmates by a God. God offers them the power of their choice but when it comes to Haruka’s turn it is just silly powers. With no heroic powers and bizarre skills, Haruka must survive in another world.

Goji debuted his light novel series on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website in November 2016. The Manga adaptation illustrated by Bibi started serialization on the Comic Gardo website in Jan 2019.

The Novels have circulated over 2.8 million copies both in print and digital.

Source: Loner Life in Another World official website


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