Mappa cancels the production of Yuri!!! On Ice Anime and thanked for the support. 

Howdy! Anime lovers. Unlike daily today I have some regretful anime news. Yuri!!! On Ice Anime official website and Mappa issued a statement officially canceling the production of the anime movie of the franchise Yuri!!! on Ice: Adoloscence. On Friday, the remorseful news arrived from the production committee and Mappa Animation Studio on their official Twitter stating the various circumstances weren’t in the favor of the franchise. 

Yuri!!! On Ice Anime

The officials released the statement both in English and Japanese while apologizing and thanking the fans for their undying love and support throughout the years. 

Yuri!!! On Ice Anime

The Franchise announced the Yuri!!! On Ice anime movie in April 2017 at their Yuri! Exhibition event but the title of the movie is Yuri!!! On Ice: Adolescence was announced in July 2018 in another Yuri concert. The film deliberately delayed the scheduled date of the original release in 2019 and also released a teaser trailer at the time celebrating the Yuri on Ice Marathon event. 

For the movie, the original production was likely to return to overtake their respective roles. Sayo Yamamoto (Texhnolyze) as the Director with his story and Mitsurou Kubo with his original concept at Mappa studios. Mitsuro Kubo (Moteki) was also returning for the screenplay and character designs. Tadashi Hiramatsu (Attack on Titan, Banana Fish) also for the character designs along with Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba for the music of the movie. 

Yuri!!! On Ice Anime

The original series Yuri!!! On Ice anime premiered in Japan in October 2016 while Crunchyroll streamed the series on their platform as it aired along with Funimation releasing the dub version later in 2018. 

At first, the movie was delayed in 2019 to further scale up the content for the originally planned story. However, the final product couldn’t meet the standards of the officials resulting in the cancellation of the movie. 

The fans who were waiting eagerly are deeply saddened with the news as well as the creators of the movie. 

Source: Yuri!!! On Ice Anime Movie Twitter  


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