NaNare  HanaNare schedules Broadcast for 2024

Tv Anime NaNare HanaNare releases Visual key, Original Cast and a glimpse of trailer.

nanare hananare anime

P.A. Works studio announced the broadcast schedule for the anticipated anime NaNare HanaNare in 2024. Along with a trailer and character PV, the studios revealed the original cast, additional staff, and the team behind it. The Collaboration of PA Works and DMM leads this anime project. The story mainly focuses on six girls with various hobbies, preferences, and personalities colliding, they explore the stakes of each other’s realm. The recently released visual key showcased six main characters Kanta Misora, Ryoha Ochiuchi, Anna Aviero, Aroka Otani, Shion Tanizaki, and Ebuka Kainoji.


nanare hana nare anime

With a brilliant cast like Rika Nakagawa (Shine Post) as Kanata Misora, Yuki Nakashima(Castle Town Dandelion) as Suzuha Obunai, Larissa Takeda Tago (Happy Sugar Life) as Anna Aviero, Manaka Iwami (children of the Whales) as Nodoka Ootani, Moe Kahara ( the way of the Househusband) as Shion Tanizaki, Miku Itou( mobile suit gundam) As Megumi Kaionji


The team behind the screens of Nannare Hananare remains quite impressive too. Yusuke Takeda and Tsukasa Kakizakai will fulfill the role of art director. While Naomi Nakano will assist with the color design. The visionary director of Katana Maidens, Kodai Kaimoto will provide the direction and original written elements for the anime. With Original character designs of Takada Tomomi, adapted into anime designs by Kanami Sekiguchi.
The additional script from the trio of Kakimoto, Yuniko Ayana, and Midori Goto enhances the quality of the show.


With an impeccable team and cast on board the show promises to captivate the audience with visually stunning animation and intricate story-telling. As fans await the arrival of the show, the creators are yet to announce the particular official date. NaNare HanaNare will be released soon in 2024 with its comic slice-of-life characters, teaching valuable lessons along with ever-lasting visuals.



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