Oblivion Battery Anime debuts in April on Amazon Prime Video, revealing promos.

Another day Another exciting news arrives for the day. The baseball manga turned anime Oblivion Battery is all set to make a debut in April 9. Kadokawa released two promotional videos on Sunday, featuring the main theme song and the announcement.
The anime will air on various channels on April 9 on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido, and TV Q Kyushuu as per JST. The anime is reportedly airing on AT-X on April 12 along with Amazon Prime Video in Japan.

oblivion battery

Staff and Cast

The baseball Manga was originally written and illustrated by Eko Mikawa. Makoto Nakazono(Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen) will direct the TV anime series at the Mappa studio while Takeshi Lida (Flip Flappers) as the assistant director. Michiko Yokote (Mononoke) will handle the series composition along with Hitomi Hasegawa (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)as the character designer. Tomoki Kikuya (Bocchi The Rock) and Hiroko Yamasaki (The Dreaming Boy is a Realist) will compose the music for Oblivion Battery Anime. Mrs. Green Apple performed the opening theme song “Lilac” and Macaroni Enpitsu performed the ending theme song “Wasurena Uta”

Other staff

  • Art Director: Yuki Funagakure
  • 3D Director: Kohei Ogawa
  • Color Key Artist : Naomi Nakano
  • Action Animation Director: Junpei Tatenaka, Masahiro Tokumaru
  • Editor: Masato Yoshitake
  • Sound Director: Yasushi Nagura
  • Sound Effects : Takuya Hasegawa
oblivion battery anime


Toshiki Masuda (Detective Pikachu) as Haruka Kiyomine
Mamoru Miyano(One Punch Man) as Kei Kaname
Yohei Azakami(Bungo Stray Dogs) as Aoi Todo
Nobunaga Shimazaki (Murai in Love) as Shunpei Chihaya
Yuki Kaji (Haikyu) as Taro Yamada
Yoshitaka Yamaya (Jujutsu Kaisen) as Kazuki Tsuchiya
Takeo Otsuka (Fire Force) as Eiichiro Kokuto
Mark Ishii (Tshukigakirei) as Hironobu Makita
Kengo Kawanishi (Blue Period) as Shuto Kirishima

oblivion battery anime

The baseball anime Oblivion Battery follows the talented life of pitcher Haruka Kiyomine and Kei Kaname, a skilled catcher. During their Junior League days together they defeated many teams and hope to play again. After Kaname loses his memory to amnesia, the two join a nonpublic school where they meet some of the ex-rivals who have given up on the basketball dream. But Haruka and Kei form a basketball club with them to relive the dream.

Eko Mikawa’s manga started serialization in Shueisha’s online manga app Shonen Jump+ in April 2018.
An original net Animation adaptation produced by MAPPA aired in October 2020.

Source: Anime news Network


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