October brings Back Love Live! Superstar! Anime season 3

October is slowly turning into heaven for the anime fans out there with the recent announcements. The Anime “Love Live Superstar” Season 3 returns in October 2024. The news was announced in the final performance of the “Love Live Superstar! Liella! 5th Love Live! Twinkle Triangle concert on Sunday. TV Anime series will broadcast on NHK E Tele channel starting from October.

love live superstar season 3

Bandai Namco Films (also known as Sunrise) produced the anime. Takahiko Kyogoku (Inuyasha) directed the franchise’s previous work. Along with Jukki Hanada (Steins Gate) as the scriptwriter and Atsushi Saito (Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure) as the character Designer.

HK Educational premiered the first season of Love Live Superstar! consisting of twelve episodes in July 2021. NHK also aired the second season in 2022. Crunchyroll owns the right to broadcast the anime in the UK and Ireland.

The Plot of Love Live Superstar Season 3 focuses on the Yuigaoka Private Girls High School. The School reopened recently and was on the verge of getting demolished but the newcomers have the five remarkable students who decide to lead the “School Idol Project”. A school with no history, no upper classmates, and no name to speak of, the journey becomes one of the most exciting one out there. Yuta Taneda has written the manga version of it.

Source: Anime News Network


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