P.A.Works announces “MAYONAKA PUNCH” original anime.

Mayonaka Punch

From the animation studio that has produced anime like Buddy Daddies and Komada- A Whiskey Family, P.A. Works confirms their upcoming original anime Mayonaka Punch with a short teaser. Mayonaka Punch is set to be aired in the summer of 2024 or in July of 2024 with its unwavering comedy and the world revolving around the social realm. The exciting short teaser released on Youtube, promises the comic world filled with anticiaption.

mayonaka punch announcement

The Plot

the teaser promises the world revolving around the group of Newtubers. A bunch of teenagers streaming in the biggest streaming platform to exist called Newtube. The story will mainly focus on the female leads Masaki and Ribu. As the real world mostly spends its time on streaming platforms like Youtube, twitch, and many more, similarly the comic anime will showcase the behind-the-scenes of streamers behind that famous screen with a twist of humor.

four girls driving

The Creators

With a colorful and crisp animation produced by P.A. works, the studios announced consistently multiple projects like Na Nare Hana Nare.

With Shu Honma on board as the director, Ryota Arima handles the character design who was the chief animation director for Hell’s Paradise.

Hideaki Shirasaka fulfills the job of screenwriter with Tsukasa Kotobuki’s original characters.

Mayonaka Punch 2

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Tomomi Usui’s illustrated manga adaptation will make its appearance in Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace magazine starting in March of 2024. With the manga adaptation, the novel adaptation is on talk to spread the world of Newtubers in words.

With a loud buzz among the fans, the storm of discussion regarding Mayonaka Punch took over the social media platform. As the series awaits to reach into the hearts of fans in July 2024. Fans all over the world have marked their Calendar and counting the days.

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