Queen & King by Nandini Gupta Book Review

Best thriller novels are those which keeps you at the edge of your seat and exceeding the adrenaline rush like no other. Though I don’t read much of thriller novels, I thought to put my adrenaline at work and scurried the internet and came across Queen & King by Nandini Gupta,, a student of journalism and dramatic literature in New York University. Let’s dive into the plot of the book and discuss further what type of a read it is.

Queen & king by Nandini Gupta, Each is growing a devil inside a is a thriller fiction novel. The story dives into the life of a married couple Avanti and Dhairya, who weren’t as privileged as normal people. Hardship never left their lives from childhood. Avanti, after her father’s death is abandoned by her mother only to live in a temple. She sold newspapers, did house chores and mopped bakeries. Dhairya has a crooked relationship with his toxic father who physically abuses his mother. Their paths intertwined in the same bakery they both work and led them into a beautiful marriage.

Their life takes turn when a third life enters, a baby boy named Kabir. Soon hardship represents an incline path for the couple to climb in. Dhairya loses his job, frustrated with poverty steals and fight against the unfairness of the upper caste. Dhairya slowly becomes the father once he always hated. Avanti fights her own demon from past and simultaneously the toxic husband who was once her dream man. The story dwells into social issues of “Beti bachao” and the lives of lower people.

Honestly I was excited with the premise and the cover but as they say don’t judge a book by its cover. And I was pretty much disappointed by first chapter itself. I felt the book was too slow paced, it was like the inciting event was in the climax. The portrayal of her poverty is totally absurd. Like her preserved water in clay pot evaporates due to the sunlight coming from hole of her hut. I live in a small town where in scorching summer heat the clay pots placed under tree and it serves perfectly chilled water to the travellers. It might bring sympathy of those high class readers who haven’t seen a life in village but not readers like us.

Avanti, an orphaned girl who craves for motherly love from childhood marries her love and finds his mother and doesn’t bond with his mother and mentions Dhiarya’s mother. A voracious reader like me, struggled to finish it in one go. Narration was beautiful but the story never gripped me to move forward. Though I love philosophical conversation between characters, it was overused with random characters too many times.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t recommend Queen & King by Nandini Gupta. it never felt like a thriller, more of a memoir to me. Though it highlights a great social message of saving girl child and unfairness. If you are ready for the message then go for it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


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