Shangri-La Frontier 2nd Season debuts in October and Streams on Crunchyroll

Howdy! Anime geeks let’s look at some interesting anime news for you. The Web Novel turned anime Shangri-La Frontier 2nd Season is all set to broadcast on 28 MBS/ TBS stations. The official website for the Anime revealed a new visual and a promotional video for the second season. The Second season will also stream on Crunchyroll.

Shangri-La Frontier 2nd Season

The First season debuted on Oct 1, 2023, with 28 MBS/TBS networks and was released in consecutive courses. Crunchyroll also released the TV Anime on their platform as it aired.

The TV anime is set in a future world where VR games dominate over the old display screen games but these old games also known as trash games are becoming quite popular among the players despite their glitches. Rakuro Hizutome has mastered the trash games and no one seems to beat him despite the difficulty but he opts to go for the latest VR game “Shangri-La Frontier” and discovers the ultimate truth of the game.

Shangri-La Frontier 2nd Season

The Anime was directed by Toshiyuki Kuboka (Berserk: The Golden Arc I) with the assistant director Hiroki Ikeshita (Bungo Stray Dogs) at C2C studios. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Hajime No Ippo, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) was the scriptwriter for the anime while Ayumi Kurashima (Hunter x Hunter) handled the character designs and key animation.

Shangri-La Frontier

The original work of Katarina, the novel began publication on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website in May 2017. Later the manga adaptation illustrated by Ryosuke Fuji began serialization in Kodansha’s shonen manga magazine in July 2020.
Muse Communication has licensed the series in Southeast Asia while Crunchyroll continues to stream the TV Anime outside of Asia.

Source: Shangri-La Frontier official website


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