Studio Comet Schedules Possibly Greatest Alchemist of All Time Anime for Jan 2025. 

Howdy! Anime Lovers out there, let’s check out some anime news. Kogitsunemaru’s Possibly Greatest Alchemist of All Time (Izure Saikyo No Renkinjutsu-shi) light novel series’ adapted anime is all set to be released in Jan 2025. On Thursday, The official website for the anime announced the news revealing the main cast, staff, and a teaser promotional video and visual too. Illustrator of the novel series, Hitogome and Manga artist Taro Sasokama drew illustrations to celebrate the news. 

Possibly Greatest Alchemist of All Time

Staff and cast 

Adapted from the light novel series written by Kogitsunemaru and illustrated by Hitogome and the manga version adapted by Taro Sasakama. Naoyuki Kuzuya (Wild Adapter) is directing the anime at Studio Comet. Mituskata Hirota (Rent-A-Girlfriend) is handling the scripts for the anime while Sayaka Anesaki (My Dress-up Darling) is designing the characters. Hiroshi Nakamura (Assassination Classroom) is composing the music for the Anime. 

TV Anime also features an amazing star cast including Shogo Sakata (Wind Breaker) as Takumi Iruma, Ai Kayano (Chihayafuru) as Sofia Sylphid, Nao Toyama (Blue Exorcist) as Maria, and Afumi Hashi (Domestic Girlfriend) as Maple. 

Greatest Alchemist of All Time.

The anime follows Takumi Iruma who gets accidentally mixed with a group of heroes summoned into another world. Takumi gets a favor from the Goddess as compensation for the mishap. Takumi chooses the simple yet elegant skill of being an Alchemy. Being granted the wish Takumi becomes the greatest alchemy brewing elixirs to making holy swords. Soon his journey of Alchemy leads to being rich and undefeated in the battle. 

Kogitsunemaru and Hitogome’s light novel series debuted in August 2017 and Later Alphapolis published fifteen volumes since Feb 2018. 

Taro Sasakama’s manga version began serialization on the Alphapolis manga website online in August 2018. Alpha Manga publishes the English version digitally. 

Source: Possibly Greatest Alchemist of All Time official website


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