The Banished Former hero lives as He Pleases marks release for April 2024.

The much-awaited anime “The Banished former Hero Lives as He Pleases” finalizes the release date for April 2024. The previously released trailer left fans with anticipation but with additional key visuals along with the multiple cast, confirmed the release date on TV Tokyo and other broadcasting partners. The additional faces behind the screens opening theme song performers and further voice artists. The news of production first announced on Nov, 2023.

The banished former hero lives as he pleases

The Blurb

The fantasy adventure series focuses on the life of Allen, regarded as a failure for not being gifted by God. The duke’s family expels Allen who used to be a former hero in his past life. As he embarks on a carefree journey of self-discovery remembering his past life and powers, he encounters his former fiancée, Caught in the turmoil of assassination the saga of the banished former hero begins.

the banishhed former hero

Adaptation and Team

The Banished Hero Lives as He Pleases anime receives an adaptation from Shin Kozuki’s light novel of the same name. As the light novel was illustrated by Chocoan and published in TO Books publication. Later Karasamaru adapted it into a manga, thus began its serialization in the Nico Nico Seiga.
The visionary director Kazuomi Kaga( Rent a Girlfriend) will showcase his intricate story-telling with the Production house Studio Deen. Yoshiki Okusa shoulders the role of writer while Rintaro Ikeda supervises the script. Kei Haneioka composes the mesmerizing music heard along the trailer.
Shouta Aoi, who plays the lead role of Allen, provides the opening theme named “Evolve

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The banished froomer hero 3

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Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for all the adventure that The Banished former Hero lives as he pleases is gonna bring. If you liked my news then stay tuned for more suggestions.

(Source : Crunchyroll News)


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