The Second Trailer of New Spice and Wolf Arrived.

Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf reveals the second trailer.

spice and wolf new movie

Toho Animation released another trailer for Spice and Wolf Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf Trailer on Jan 31, 2024. The ever-green fantasy romance anime throws away the nostalgic feelings that are about to surface in April 2024 with the new show. The original anime show was adapted from Dengaki Bunko’s light novel written by Isuna HaseKura with the illustrations of JU Ayakura. Toho Animation released the earlier trailer on June 29, 2023, announcing the arrival of the anime in the upcoming year.

The Plot

spice and wolf

The fantasy adventure romance focuses on the 25-year-old merchant seller, Lawerence who travels across the lands. With his Cart, selling various goods he lands in a village stumbling upon an incredibly pretty girl with ears and a tail like a wolf. Her name is Holo the wise wolf. The Wise Wolf now strikes a bargain with the merchant Lawrence to bring profits only if he takes her on the adventures. The journey of two loners begins with mixed feelings leading to an incredible journey

The novel Series received a manga adaptation illustrated by Keito Koume Later the 12-episode Anime aired in 2008 and the second season aired in 2009 along with two OVAs.


Takeo Takahashi ( Director of Spice and Wolf seasons 1 & 2) takes over the role of chief director. Meanwhile, Hijiri Sanpei (known for Wasteful Days of High School Girls) will direct the show. Kevin Penkin (tower of God) will compose the music for the show and Passione will handle the animation Production.

spice and wolf merchant meets the wise wolf

The adventure romance seduces the nostalgic classic historical setting with the amazing artwork. Previously Lawrence and Holo’s chemistry made a mark in the anime world within the medieval towns. Mark your calendar all the suckers of Spice and Wolf for April, because it is happening.

Source: Toho Animation


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