The Top 9 Anime by Wit Studio.

What are top 9 Anime by Wit Studio? IF you are wondering then you are in right place.

When the matters of turning great manga into anime, many mainstreams studios can be listed on recent times. Wit studio being one of them has some impeccable anime. Ranging from the rumbles of Eren from Attack on Titan to humorous Twilight from spyx family. I have a personal collection of anime by Wit studio to fulfill your wanderings.

10. The Girl from the Other Side

the girl from the other side
Episodes 1
AiredSep 10, 2019

The short OVA with 10 minutes is a perfect start for anime by Wit Studio. The concept of two elements, light and dark, good and evil but there is good in bad and bad in good.

The OVA follows the little white girl symbolized as light and the man in black as the Dark. The little girl has been lost outside of an area of teratomorphic creatures who could curse anyone.

But the man in the dark offers shelter to the girl, caring for her and their bond begins to bloom with a new friendship.

With fantastic art and dream-like animation, Wit Studio has excelled in terms of surrounding and character designs. This one is a must-watch.

9.Rolling girls

Anime by Wit Studio. Rolling girls
Rolling girls
AIREDJan 11, 2015 to Mar 29, 2015
GENREAction, Adventure, sci-fi

It packed with fun anime combined with some wit and action. It aired with only 12 episodes under its sleeve.

Nozomi, the protagonist’s story resides in a dystopian japan, where territories are divided and led by human with superpowers. Nozomi joins the gang and embarks on a journey packed with adventures to fulfilll the purpose of her gang leader on a motorcycle. In the journey she encounters the land disputes, actions and nostalgic ride along with her companion girls: a shy girl, a foodie girl and a mysterious girl.

With pleasing characters designs, I found the world setting of this anime to be very artistic and aesthetic. The colour floods into the eyes. It’s a good watch.

8.Vampire in the Garden

Two girls looking at each other
Vampire in the Garden
AIRED May 16, 2022
GENREAction, fantasy

It is a dark fantasy anime by Wit studio released in May 16 2022. It is a quick watch for fans of those blood suckers with only five episodes.

The plot dwells into a world where the vampires have overpowered the human race. The immense ride of vampires into the top of food chain left humans vulnerable and frightened. Humans escape into a city, protecting their race behind long walls and waging wars against vampires. (I bet you are picturing Attack on Titan). Exhausted by their respective world, Momo(the girl from human race) and Feinn(queen of vampires) bonds over their common interest music. As their own worlds mark them as traitors, they venture for a world called paradise to live in peace.

The animation is on point and I personally loved the OST of this anime. Yoshihire Iko produced the music for this anime (You might know him from DORORO). Anyway it’s a worth short binge watch for fans of handsome face with long canines.


7.Great Pretender

Two guys riding a car together.
Great Pretender
AIREDJul 9, 2020 to Dec 17, 2020
GENREAction, Adventure, Mystery

What happens when a conman gets conned? Great pretender is a classic crime and heist anime filled with humour, available in Netflix. Currently the season 1 contains 14 episodes and season 2 with 9 episodes.

Makato Edamura, a swindler with a torn fate crosses path with another elite conman, Lauren Thierry. Lauren Thierry targets the rich bastard and serves justice to the righteous people. Makato joins Lauren and his mates to defend his title of being greatest conman of japan and together they put together some straight forward yet pretty hilarious scams. The referral of movies in the series specially walter white part has been one of my favourite scenes.

The animation along with the music serves as the cherry on top. The jazz music completely serves the purpose of semi realistic scams. If you want to try something new then give it a try.

6.Vivy florist’s eyes song

two artificial intelligence having a conversaiton
Vivy florist eyes song
AIREDApr 3, 2021 to Jun 19, 2021
GENREAction, Sci-fi, Suspense  

Can an artificial intelligence learn human heart? Vivy: flourist’s eyes song, a highly underrated anime by Wit studios. With bashing 13 episodes the writers of Re; zero assembled to create another sci-fi masterpiece.

The songstress diva, Vivy an autonomous AI machine designed to sing for humans from her heart and bring joy to their lives. Mashumoto, an AI from hundred years in future interrupts Vivy’s single purpose of life and warns about the future where AI have decided to eradicate human race. At first VIvy remains in disbelief but soon embarks on the journey to prevent the war that has yet to come in future.

The world building is something that I appreciated, beautifully choreographed fighting scenes and as always the animation is top notch. Music perfectly blends with the scenes, specially in sunrise in episode 4.

5.Rankings of kings

A prince pointing his sword
ranking of kings
AIREDOct 15, 2021 to Mar 25, 2022
GENREAdventure, Fantasy  

From Lion king to The great Mahabharata, the fights between brothers for the throne is unexplainable. Similarly the rankings of kings with 23 episodes unravel the stories of two brothers.

Bojii, a deaf prince with a minute body of a baby aspires to be one of the greatest king. Amidst of his physical disability and people’s laugh, his tenderness towards people remains unchanged and agility in battlefield well known. According to his birth right, after his father’s demise throne belongs to him but his brother conspires and rules on it. he befriends kage, an assassin from a wiped clan and embarks on a journey of being the greatest king despite all trauma.

The arc of Bojji is poignant enough to wet your eyes, throwing an insight on friendship, sacrifice. The animation and music elevates it to being one of the best anime by Wit studios.

4.Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

A man holding his gun in the air.
Kabaneri of the fortress
AIREDApr 8, 2016 to Jul 1, 2016
GENREAdventure, Fantasy, Horror  

It’s an action filled horror anime which was mostly criticised for being a rip-off for the mainstream anime AOT. With 12 episodes on board I liked the concept of human are risk to humanity.

In a dystopian world, where a serious virus has taken over. The virus turns them into a stronger version of zombies, an original breed. Humans have failed piercing their kabane’s hearts covered with metal and taken shelter in an island with gigantic fortress. Ikoma, the protagonist, a mechanic finds a way with his steam gun and manages to kill one of them. But survives the virus infected on his body and begins the journey of survival.

The fine details in animation made me an instant fan. You can literally notice the eyebrows hair flutter with gust of wind. Though it is highly criticised I found it very fascinating for the zombie genre fans.

3.Spy x family

spy family collage
AIREDApr 9, 2022 to Jun 25, 2022
GENREAction, Comedy

As the name suggest Spy family is a spy fiction with an extra amount of humour. The first season as of have 25 episodes and soon the second season to be released.

When a genius spy, twilight undertakes a mission to spy Donovon Desmond, leader of the national unity. He discovers the only way to get hold of him is to spot him at his child’s school. He fakes a name, a family and adopts a girl kid who is a psychic, to get admitted into the same school as Desmond’s child. To fake a loving family he arranges a fake wife Yuri who is secretly an assassin. The witty hilarious family does justice to its genre and it’s a must watch.

The fight scenes incredibly animated, from badass female character to rooting for Anya, the family drives you through a range of emotion.

2.Vinland Saga

Vinland saga
Vinland saga
AIREDJul 8, 2019 to Dec 30, 2019
GENREAction, Adventure

The historical fiction anime ticks every box to be one of the greatest anime of all time. The tale of battle hungry Vikings is one of the best anime by wit studio. Though the first season is only produced by Wit studio.

The story takes us into the world of blood lust, battle hunger Vikings. The feud between Englishmen and Vikings continues and Thors( also known as THE TROLL OF JOM), a retired Viking again joins the life of war upon some request from his old mates. Askeladd ambushes his ship and kills him. Thorfinn, the protagonist witnesses his father death and promises to take revenge on Askeladd when he has grown up. The innocence of Thorfinn dies with his father’s death and trains like a madman to avenge his death.

If you are a fan of Norse mythology and watched Vikings then for sure like me, you will be amazed to see what this anime has to offer. The animation is one of best with gruesome, blood painted battles. This is a must watch if you haven’t.

1.Attack on Titan

Eren standing in front of a titan.
Attack on Titan


AIREDApr 7, 2013 to Sep 29, 2013
GENREAction, Suspense

Anyone who even barely watches anime might have heard of the greatest of all time, Attack on Titan. This is hands down best anime by Wit studio. It is overwhelming to write about this anime while waiting for last episode to air.

Though I need not to mention the plot, we all know Eren and his story of how mankind has trapped inside four walls. The titans attack and destroys many lives. Eren’s mother also eaten alive before his eyes and he vows to eliminate the titans. I am not gonna reveal any spoiler. This is that anime which comes once in a lifetime experience. The music, the action, the politics, inspiration and badass characters you name it, They have it.  I bet you would be a fan after watching it and discussing among friends.


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