Top 10 Best Anime Prequels that You should Watch.

best anime prequels

Continuation of anime series is common, in short sequels are aired every year as per their parent manga volumes. But prequels are different and rare. It showcases the origin of some characters or background you can say. In comparison to sequels, prequels are few but spotting a good prequel is like looking for a needle in a pile of straws. So here I have a few of my top 10 best anime prequels list that you must check out if you are also interested.


Handa-Kun, best anime prequels
AIREDJul 8, 2016 to Sep 23, 2016

If you are an artist just like me, then you must watched Blue period, Bakuman, and Barakmon. Handa-kun is a prequel to the Barakmon series.

We all encountered the talented, handsome calligraphy prodigy yet arrogant Shusei Handa in the Barakmon series after smashing a calligraphy critic.

This prequel dives into the early life of Handa in school around his friends and families. His arrogant life and ideology explored in twelve episodes give us some fine laughs here and there.

9.Kuroko’s Basketball: Tip-off

Kuroko's Basketball: TIpoff
AIREDFeb 22, 2013

Showcasing the life of Kuroko, this OVA portrays his livelihood when he was a member of one of the best basketball teams, Generation of Miracles.

Though the special is a little bit short around 23 minutes, the story revolves around the POV of six-year-old Kuroko’s, building the team relationship.

Giving a taste of the original series, it shows the transformation of Ryoutu Kise to Kurouko in the generation of miracles.

8.Dragon Ball Z: Bardock Father of Goku

Dragon Ball Z: Bardock father of Goku
AIRED Oct 17, 1990
GENREAdventure, Fantasy

We all have been fans of Dragon Ball Z and Goku. However, this movie is a treat for all to get familiar with Goku’s arrival on Earth and his father’s backstory.

The story explores the planet Vegeta and his low Saiyan soldier Bardock, father of Goku fights and struggles to defend life on Vegeta against Frieza.

After the destruction, Kakarot also known as Goku was initially sent to Earth to eliminate life. An old man Found him and accepted as his grandson.

Released in 1990, it considered to be one of the great anime prequels. 

7.Planetarian: Snow Globe

planetarian; snow globe
AIRED  Jan 20, 2021
GENREDrama, Sci-fi

This special OVA thirty-six minutes long Planetarian; Snow Globe is a prequel to the Planeterian: The Reverie of a planet

In the sequel, we got to see the failed universe after thirty years of space colonization program. Humanity has gone nearly extinct, remaining men in a doomed earth known as Junkers collect scrapyards.

One of the Junkers discovers a pre-war planetarium in such ruins known as Sarcophagus City. The in-charge robot Yumemi welcomes the man as his first customer in thirty years.

This OVA leads back to the life of Yumemi and the scientist and her creators. The pre-universe and other employees also featured in this one episode of OVA.


Fate/ zero, best anime prequels
AIRED Oct 2, 2011 to Dec 25, 2011
GENREAction, Fantasy, Supernatural

Being the Prequel to Fate/ Stay night, Fate/ Zero takes place 10 years prior to the original series.

The story focuses on the Holy Grail war as also shown in the series Fate/Stay Night summoning different masters to attain their respective wishes from the holy Grail.

In this prequel, Kiristugu who saved and adopted the protagonist of the sequel, appears ample time acting as a main character.

Kiristugu participates against six other competitors, in a battle to grant their wish by Holy Grail.

With impeccable animation, the story too follows the light novel with great details. It’s been one of the best anime prequels.

5.Fruit Basket’s Prelude

Fruit Basket's Prelude
AIRED Feb 18, 2022
GENREDrama, Romance

Reviving the magic and romance of Honda’s story Fruit Basket’s prelude , the movie is a prequel to the Fruit Basket series.

The Heart-wrenching story of Honda’s mother’s death shown in flashbacks comes into the big picture. The prequel explores the pre-life of Honda and her mother Kyouku before the tragic death.

The first half consists of flashbacks of mother-daughter’s bond and the other half shows the Kyouko and Katsuya’s bond as they met.

With amazing Ost in the background, You will love this origin backstory as it also a romance anime with sad ending

4.Magi:Adventure of Sinbad

adventures of sinbad
AIRED Apr 16, 2016 to Jul 2, 2016
GENREAction, Adventure, Fantasy

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad is a partial spin-off and prequel to the series adventure fantasy anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

In the Labyrinth of Magic, the adventures of Aladdin, Djinns, and Alibaba are portrayed with their encounter with Sinbad, king of Sindiria.

This anime prequel cum spin-off represents the early life of Kid, Sinbad before becoming the king and conquering the dungeons.

The epic saga of adventure covers Sinbad’s early life, the dungeon arc, and the power within the kingdom. The defined character arc is one to watch for.

3.Jujutsu Kaisen Zero

Jujutsu Kaisen Zero
AIRED Dec 24, 2021
GENREAction, Fantasy

After gaining popularity, Jujutsu Kaisen series sorcery continues with the first movie of the franchise and also the prequel to the main timeline known as Jujutsu Kaisen Zero.

The story stars the protagonist, Yuta who has been bullied in school. He repaid the prices with the dark power Rika orimoto, a curse inside him.

Forever loved Saturou Gojou trains Yuta in Tokyo jujutsu High School along with Maki, Panda, and Inumaki. As Yuta struggles to blend with others and mission, Getou appears to use the curse for his motives.

Mappa has done a great job with the animation with pretty crisp fight scenes. Though it doesn’t have the main trio, it explores the story of Yuta and others.


AIRED Jan 8, 2016
GENREAction, Mystery, Supernatural

However, the Kizumonogatari movie trio is the prequel to the Monogatari series. It explores the origin of the protagonist bitten by the blond vampire.

The movie portrays the world of vampirism with Protagonist Kayami Arargi and the blonde vampire Shinobu. The origin has been teased many times in the Monogatari series but finally fleshes out with the movie.

As a student from Naetsou private school, on his return, he discovers the rumored blonde vampire around a pool of blood who attacks him.

The animation dwells perfectly in the world of horror and gives us some beautiful monologues. The only con is the length of the film which is one hour and three minutes.

1.Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal

Samurai x: Trust and Betrayal
AIRED Feb 20, 1999 to Sep 22, 1999
GENREAction, Drama, Romance  

Bringing the samurai era back Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal OVA is a prequel to Rurouni Kenshin anime

Rurouni Kenshin showcased the story of Kenshin, a samurai who left his bloodied life only now to wander and repent those he murdered.

In Samurai X, Hittokiri Battousai before transforming into Kenshin, gets stranded by a group of bandits and named after the man who saved him.

The origin story explores the dark past that Kenshin holds before vowing never to kill anyone. It is one of the most underrated anime and one of the best anime prequels I have seen. This is one of the jaw-dropping anime.

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