Top 10 Romance anime with sad ending.

romance anime with sad ending

Light has a value due to the existence of darkness, similarly happiness exists due to Tragedies. Anime has reached many corners of our lives with its grand fight winning scenes and devastating sad endings. You might easily forget a story with a cheerful conclusion but romance anime with sad ending live rent free forever in our hearts and minds. Here is my list of collection for you.

10.Rumbling Hearts

Rumbling Hearts
AIREDOct 5, 2003 to Jan 4, 2004
GENREDrama , Romance

Kind love can often turn into cruel love. Rumbling hearts is a romance anime with a love triangle.

The story begins with the high schooler romance between Takayuki and Haruka. Haruka confesses Takayuki (the boy she always liked) and begins their romance arc.

But soon tragedy follows the path of their relationship, it take a violent turn and due to an accident Haruka remains in coma for three years.

Takayuki forms a relationship Mitsuki in mean time and Haruka wakes up from coma after three years and looks for Takayuki.

The friendship, love, it changes everything for Takayuki to choose between his past and present.

Essential soundtrack mixed with dramatic scenes makes a perfect depressing romance anime with a sad ending.


Nana romance anime with sad ending.
AIRED Apr 5, 2006 to Mar 28, 2007
GENREDrama , Romance

Two girls board a train to Tokyo in an aspiration to find their purpose which for ones hide in love and for another hides in music.

Nana Komatsu is a clumsy girl, after multiple failures in her love boarded in a train to Tokyo to reunite with his boyfriend.

Nana Osaki in the other hand left her love life just because of her passion that hides in music.

In a quest of looking for rooms, the two unites and the bond friendship passion weaves together depicting the value of life.

The animation clung to its manga however it’s ending is one to be added on the tragic ending list.

8.I Want to Eat your Pancreas

I want to eat your Pancreas
AIRED  Sep 1, 2018
GENREDrama , Romance

What happens when two right persons meet at a wrong time? It leaves a heart-breaking tale behind that would move many audience.  I want to eat your pancreas is a prime example of such movies.

An introverted, book worm Yaruchi meets a poles apart girl Sakura diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her only wish is to live the life before it engulfs her forever.

When their paths intertwines, the stoic and uninterested Yaruchi gets dragged into the adventures of fulfilling her last wishes. Soon the polar opposite characters bonds resonate, the feeling evolves just before the hurricane.

The cherry blossom, festivals vibrant animation along with the music and the ending is enough to let you out of your normal life and thrust you into something remember for years.


Orange romance anime with sad ending.
AIRED  Jul 4, 2016 to Sep 26, 2016
GENREDrama , Romance, sci-fi

Orange is undoubtedly one of the best romance anime with a tragic ending. The premise itself intrigues the interest where your future-self writing a letter to fix the greater regrets which is yet to come.

Protagonist, Naho takimiya receives a letter from her future self and discards it as a prank at first then realises it’s not just a gimmick when the events turns out to be true.

The wish to choose life differently just cause his future-self lost the most important person to her. She wants to correct his choice of actions, lack of communication and ability to understand.

The better sweet tragedy acts as the real tear jerker. Each episode of thirteen is named as a letter to herself. Over the years it has proven to be one of the best romance anime with sad ending.

6.Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories
AIRED  Apr 5, 2015 to Jun 28, 2015
GENREDrama , Romance, sci-fi

Plastic memories is one of the tear jerking sci-fi romance anime. The world has been introduced with android known as “Giftia” with a life span of approx. 9 years and four months. Giftia has their own emotions.

it’s the job of Terminal service to wipe out the memories of Giftia before their life span exceed. Protagonist, An 18 year old Tsukasa joins the Terminal Service One (organisation responsible to wipe memories) as a spotter to a beautiful Giftia, Isla.

As Tsukasa and Isla starts to work together wiping memories of Giftia, their bond continues to get tighter but soon Tuskasa realises he has fallen for Isla.

Isla is in verge of exceeding her life span, What would Tsukasa do? Will he abandon her or confess his love for the Giftia who is about to be die?

With thirteen episodes on board last episode is a real tear jerker. It’s one to watch when you want to feel depressed.

5. Five Centimetres Per Second

Five centimetres per second.
AIRED Mar 3, 2007
GENREDrama , Romance

5 centimetres per second is a must add on to the list while discussing the sad endings and romance movies. Directed by Makoto Shinkai (creator of your name, the place promised in our early days)

“Some people are destined to meet but just not meant to be forever.” This quote exactly articulates the poignant theme of this masterpiece. It has been one of my favourites.

The story of Takaki and Akira, the childhood heartthrob gets separated by cities and their love dies with time like an unwatered tree.

The extravagantly executed animation won Asia best animated picture and the last song compiled with the ending reminds you the strings of love could be painful sometimes.

4.Clannad After Story

clannad after story
AIRED Oct 3, 2008 to Mar 27, 2009
GENREDrama , Romance, supernatural

Clannad after story continues right after clannad. It’s varies completely different from the first season combining music, dialogue and animation, it evokes each emotion and sucks your tears.

The story of Tomoya and Nagisa continues as they graduated high school together. Their journey represents the need of each other’s presence and the value of work ethics. Though they continue to follow their personal problems.

The myth of happily ever after debunks at this 24 episodes season as life throws every possible mountain at their life. How long they will sustain? The journey of a boy turning into a Man.

The astounding ending will form a lump in your throat and grip your emotions and tears along with its ending.

3.Your Lie in April

Your lie in April
AIRED Oct 10, 2014 to Mar 20, 2015
GENREDrama , Romance

Your lie in April is one of the beautiful anime with tragic endings. Arima Kosei a talented pianist, trained adamantly by her mother without any mercy.

He overpowered every kid of his age and elder in town in an aim of perfection. But afer his mother’s death, he resists the piano, stages and the crowd leading a normal high school life along with his friends.

However, his spark of passion for music reignites when Kaori, a violinist barges into his life unexpectedly and turns his monotone life into colourful. Kaori soon falls in love with Kosei’s best friend and considers him Friend A. Along with their bond their music grows exponentially.

The music, backstory, characters everything is spot on with 22 episodes single season. The animation is vibrant and be ready to use a lots of tissues with that ending.

2.Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

Into the zforest of Fireflies' Light
AIRED Sep 17, 2011
GENREDrama , Romance, Supernatural

Who doesn’t remember the first love of the childhood? Like a calm breeze on a summer evening.

Into the forest of fireflies lights, a short forty four minutes long animated movie opens with teen female lead Hotaru in his uncle’s house during the summer vacation.

The movie takes us few years back to the day when Hotaru lost in the jungle in a similar summer vacation and met a spirit lived in the jungle named Gin.

Gin is a cursed spirit (used to be a human) by the mountain lord if touched by any human would disappear.

Though their bond grew stronger and stronger as the year passed by, an unrequited love formed with a promise not to be touched.

The ending makes it remarkable romance anime with sad ending.


Anohana romance anime with sad ending.
AIREDApr 15, 2011 to Jun 24, 2011
GENREDrama , Romance, Supernatural

Six inseparable friends on a summer parted their ways in childhood after a tragic event and never to be united again.

Jinta, who lives with his single father after losing his mother, hallucinates the presence of his dead friend Menma. At first he ignores the hallucination but it turns out it was not just a hallucination.

Menma asks Jinta to grant her a last wish and while all the old childhood friends now teenagers distant and vary from each other in so many ways.

All of them tried to deal Menma’s death in their own ways Whether if you have ever lost someone close to your heart or not, each episode of 11 episodes will tear you apart.

The music and lyrics blends perfectly together to evoke the range of emotions. The guilt, friendship, the love is one to witness from this anime

Tell me what are your favourite romance with a tragedy endings? If you have something new feel free to recommend me and do check out the best anime by wit studio.


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