Top 10 Superior Anime with Pirates and Adventure.

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Is One Piece the only Pirate Anime out there? A lot of people believe but You don’t have to because you are here. While talking about the amount of adventure and adrenaline rush these fantasy anime bring is unmatchable. From massive high waves to gutsy wind, the ships shoring high in the waves and space battles, your heart just pours the love into it.

The endless treasuring haunting with chaotic sword fights and fist fights delivers the glory to a pirate life whether in land, seas or space. Well, with that being said, If you love the thrills of a pirate’s life here is the list of best anime with Pirates and High adrernaile rush adventures to end your search for anime like One Piece.

10.Space Adventure Cobra

space adventure cobra
Aired  Oct 7, 1982 to May 19, 1983
Genre Adventure, Action, Sci-fi

Space Adventure Cobra is a fun-filled adventure anime with pirates from the 80s. The anime focuses on the protagonist Johnson, the epitome of normal life and dwindling between work and house.

It all takes a turn when Johnson goes to a club to attain a dream-like state evoking pleasant memories. But a brawl with the club manager triggers the previous life of Johnson being a space pirate named Cobra.

Immediately Johnson or you can call Cobra turns toward his spacious pirate life where his android partner Lady awaits as well as a Space guild.

With the mafia after him Cobra’s pirate’s adventures are sometimes episodic but few arcs include too. Watch the manly pirate defeating robots, aliens, and pirates in the vast land of space with endless colors.

9.Cosmo Warrior Zero

cosmo warrior zero
Aired Jul 6, 2001 to Sep 28, 2001
Genre Adventure, Action, Sci-fi

If you are starting with sci-fi anime with pirates then Cosmo Warrior Zero is a great match. The anime sets up the space war between humans and Machine men.

After years of Battle, the peace treaty seems in favor of the Machine Men. Losing everything to the War Warrius Zero leads a ship with both humans and machine men.

As he is tasked with the impossible task of capturing the famous space pirate Captain Harlock, soon Zero uncovers the real truth.

Though the anime could have used a few more episodes to build up the characters and storyline it goes well if you are into sci-fi anime about spaceships and adventures.

8.Treasure Island

Treasure Island
AiredOct 8, 1978 to Apr 1, 1979
GenreAction, Adventure, Mystery

Based on the Book Treasure Island, the original adaptation is an engrossing anime series. The great adventure takes you to the life of a young boy named Jim Hawkins, who discovers a mysterious map for the Treasure Island.

Jim follows the map of the horrifying pirate Captain Flint with his best friend John Silver. But Jim soon identifies the actual identity of John who was the right hand of pirate Captain Flint.

As Jim struggles with the feeling of betrayal and friendship, the journey results in many sword fights along with intense mystery and chaos of the Sea.

The puzzling quest for Fint’s treasure with a few twists and turns, Treasure Island is a classic anime with pirates from the 70s.

7.Sol Bianca

Sol Bianca
Aired Mar 21, 1990 to Jul 21, 1991
Genre Adventure, Action, Sci-fi

The late eighties and early nineties seem to produce a lot of sci-fi anime with pirates like there is no tomorrow. Sol Bianca features five female pirates each acquiring their desire to fulfil while aboard in the most advanced ship Sol Bianca.

Set in the future year of 2395, Sol Bianca’s ship has some lethal weapons and Female pirates just slice every enemy that comes forward. From haunting minerals to taking revenge they never back down in their adventurous path.

The characters draw you into anime and keep you hooked for all time even though it’s a 2 episode OVA. With good humor and bloody action scenes, Sol Bianca has one of the coolest spaceships in anime history.

Though a lot underrated, Sol Bianca does hold the capability to become a cult classic one day.


Aired Oct 23, 1992 to Sep 23, 1993
Genre Adventure, Fantasy  

90s anime is shining through the journey, Isn’t it? Ellcia is an adventure fantasy anime with pirates that is filled with bloody action scenes along with scary monsters.

The OVA follows a futuristic timeline, where a great nation called Megaronia dominates every piece of land on Earth and her queen is looking for a mythic great god Ship eventually which will become their doomsday.

Meet Eira, leader of the group of small pirates who gets in a brawl with the Megaronia Queen. The Queen has killed the previous king and queen and imprisoned their son but little did she know the previous queen was pregnant with a little girl.

You can guess who it is right? With a unique premise and energetic sword fights Ellcia gives pretty decent animation for its production period and is a total worth entertainer.

5.Outlaw Star

outlaw star
Aired Jan 9, 1998 to Jun 26, 1998
GenreSci-fi, Adventure, Action

From light-hearted humor to dark philosophical questions, Outlaw Star checks out each box. Bringing a rare gem from the 90s, the anime showcases Gene StarWind and his dream of piloting a ship.

From Bounty Haunting to guarding someone, Starwind and his friend Jim Hawking run a business, desperate for any payment. But their biggest thrilling task is yet to come in the mall planet Sentinel III.

When They are tasked to protect a girl named Melfina, their journey of space begins as they board the Outlaw Starship.

With a pretty straightforward story and some amusing quality action scenes, Outlaw Star entertains as an anime with pirates. Being from the 90s era the anime aged well.

4.Bodacious Space Pirates

Bodacious Space Pirates
Aired  Jan 8, 2012 to Jul 1, 2012
GenreSci-fi, Adventure

Cowboy Bebop Fans! Here is another space outlaw anime. Bodacious Space pirates explore a futuristic world where space travel is quite a normal thing for people.

Meet Marika Katou, a waitress and high school student who inherits the most feared ship of his late father “Gonzaemon” in the vast galaxy. Now it remains in Marika’s hands to whether to become a pirate like her father or continue being a waitress.

However, with great power comes great responsibility (I should stop saying this everywhere) Marika and crew must ensure to become the greatest and the most feared among all.

This great space adventure delivers what it promises with its lots of female characters and of course the female pirate lead. The space battles, exploration, and flawless animation truly make as a great anime with pirates.

3.Mars Daybreak

Mars Daybreak
Aired Apr 1, 2004 to Sep 23, 2004
GenreAction, Adventure, Mystery

If your eyes are craving for space adventure and anime with pirates then The Mars Daybreak serves the purpose. As the name suggests The anime takes you to Mars which is filled with Waters.

As Humanity exists in the vast land of waters drifting in Ships, food and work become a rare thing. The expensive existence gives birth to notorious pirates who rebel against the government that rules from the earth.

In the turmoil of Gram River, the protagonist gets entangled with the pirate group Ship of the Aurora and joins the fight. Hence it starts cat and mouse game between pirates and the elite group from the earth.

Even if the animation isn’t anything remarkable, the character development is on point. With exploring the love triangle aspect among the characters the anime fits for anime with pirates.

2.Fena : Pirate princess

Fena : Pirate princess
Aired Oct 3, 2021 to Dec 19, 2021
GenreAction, Adventure, Mystery

Fena: Pirate Princess is such an underrated anime with pirates that needs your attention. As each pirate adventure anime holds the mystery of treasure haunting the female lead Fena sets herself on a similar path too.

Soon to uncover her real truth and Identity, Fena offers her body on an island to live. Trapped on the island from childhood and losing his father in the same shipwreck leads to her traumatic present.

As Fena musters the courage to flee away from the island, she reunites with her childhood friend Yukimaru and sets out on the sea to locate The Goblin Island which her father died looking for.

With the gorgeous animation and story-telling provided by Crunchyroll, Fena stands out If you are looking for a female protagonist in anime with pirates

1.Black Lagoon

Black lagoon
AiredApr 9, 2006 to Jun 25, 2006

Black Lagoon is a refreshing action anime often referred to as modern-day anime with pirates. The pirate anime includes thrilling action sequences, boat chases and bullet fights too.

Rokurou Okajima is a mouse trapped in corporate life, loyal to his bosses but his loyalty is thrown into the bin when a group of heartless pirates mercenaries known as Lagoon Company Kidnaps him upon a deal.

Failing to comply with ransom, Rokurou realises his bosses no longer care but he does the unexpected and Joins the group throwing behind his past. With his badass female pirate character Revy, Rokurou battles with his inner humanity and the clashes of bullets outside.

The unique detailed animation with a black and crude sense of humor, and a few episodic arcs is a pure entertainer pirate anime.



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