Top 10 Upcoming Anime Movies of 2024.

Concluding the calendar year of 2023, it has been an emotional rollercoaster for anime enthusiasts. Many anime projects baffled the audience whether it was Eren’s death in Attack on Titan or Gojou Satoru’s heart-breaking goodbye

. The groundbreaking Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume to Spy x Family code: White, worldwide anime fans showered their love in theatres

. Most of the anime movies are being announced to be released in 2024 in theatres or on digital platforms. We all await an amazing year that is to unfold. Here are the Top 10 upcoming anime movies of 2024.

10.Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom Movie

Mobile Suit Gundam’s long-paused movie, the sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, now finally Seed Freedom is about to be released Jan 26, 2024, in Japan

The story revolves around after events of seed Destiny, in the cosmic Era of 75 war continues. For a peace treaty, a peace monitoring organization was created with Lacus as the first president.

Long years after the 1991 movie The Gundam Seed features another original movie. With breathtaking animation along with music by Takanori Nishikawa, the mecha franchise will ignite some long-lost fire.

9.Dead Dead Dededede Destruction

Dead Dead dedede Destruction

Inio Asano’s much-awaited manga Dead Dead Dededede Destruction is set to release in two parts in March and April of 2024.

This sci-fi movie takes place in Tokyo, where an alien spaceship has landed, named “invaders”. But for Kadode and Ouran everything remains the same.

They enjoy living their mundane life of going to school and catching up with their friends. Until they realize the original threat to Earth was humanity itself.

With Tomoyuki Kurokawa directing the film, Reiko Yoshida writing the script is the cherry on the icing.

8.Chainsaw Man- Reze Arc

Chainsaw Man Reze arc. best upcoming anime of 2024

Oh boy! While I was writing this blog Mappa bombed the teaser trailer of Chainsaw Man: Reze arc.

With an unannounced date, whether it will be a theatrical or digital release. The arc will cover from manga chapter 39 to chapter 52.

Reze’s character was teased at the end of the season, though the teaser trailer didn’t reveal much of the story. But if you are one of the manga readers then you are familiar with the censored content this movie will feature.

Though debated Reze has been the best girl for some manga readers and it will be one of the best upcoming anime movies of 2024.

7.Bloody Escape

Bloody Escape, upcoming anime movies of 2024

The captivating, anticipated sci-fi supernatural movie Bloody Escape will hit the theatres on Jan 5, 2024.

The story revolves around the protagonist, Kisiragi human turned cyborg after experimentation, multiple organisations like vampires are behind him to seek revenge as well as to get his unique blood.

Goro Taniguchi, director of One Piece Red, is the sole creator of this movie. Though movie brings a fine concept of cyborg vs vampire vs yakuza, the game of mice and cats.

With some supernatural and sci-fi spell-bounding visuals and animations, this is one of the awaited upcoming anime movies of 2024.


Mononoke movie

Unraveling the classic gem from the late 2000s’, with a one-of-a-kind psychedelic animation style Mononoke anime returns with a movie.

Original series released in 2007, with the celebration of 15 whooping years, though the creators treated fans with Mononoke movie to be released in the Summer 2024 in Japan.

Previously the story followed the short tales of a medicine seller and his psychedelic adventures to study the spirits, derived from the Japanese fork-lore.

As also with its original director, Kenji Nakamura, the trailer looks jaw-dropping and it is one of the most awaited upcoming anime movies of 2024.

5.Kimi No Iro.

Kimi no Iro movie

The Goat duo, director Naoko Yamada, and writer Yoshida who previously gave us A Silent Voice, now came together once again.

The story revolves around a teenage girl who can identify the shades of color concerning their emotions and she adapts according to the situation, as her romance brews for a guy in school.

Kimi no Iro movie is set to be released before in the fall of 2023 then postponed to 2024. Though there isn’t any buzz around the internet for this movie.

Kensuko Ushio composed music for this movie who also gave music for a silent voice, Devil Man Crybaby.

4. Kizumonogatari: Koyomi Vamp

Kizumonogatari Koyomi vamp movie.

To bite your neck off, the vampire saga returns with its fourth movie named Kizumonogatari: Koyomi vamp. A compilation of all three previous movies: Tekketsu, Nekketsu, and Reiketsu. 

The franchise being a prequel to the Monogatari series, announced to release of the fourth movie in Jan 2024.

As also being considered the reboot of the trilogy, the bloodied trailer embarks the vampirism once again.

With the original trio director Oaisi Tatsuya and Shaft Studio brought together, a compilation yet intriguing reboot.

3.Haikyu: The Battle at the Garbage Dump.

Haikyu: The battle at the Garbage Dump

To conclude Haikyu’s remaining volleyball court journey, the creators announced the next film Battle at the Garbage Dump.

The movie is set to be released on February 16, 2024, which is the first installment of the duo movie. These two movies are expected to smush large portions of manga starting from chapter 291.

The story picks up where it left off in season four, Nekumo and Karasuno arrive at the stadium for the battle at the garbage dump.

Though the movie promises some great animation for fans, it will be one of the most awaited movies of the year.

2.Blue Lock: Episode Nagi

Blue Lock : Episode Nagi

Welcoming the anime cum sports enthusiast blue lock announced its spin-off Blue Lock: Negi to hit theatres on April 19, 2024, in Japan.

The rivalry between Team V and Team Z resurfaces, as the movie’s point of view is set from Nagi Seishirou. The other main characters Yoichi, Rensuke, and Meguru featured in the trailer too.

With impeccable visuals, Blue Lock fans will be mesmerized by the origin story of Nagi how he got into Team V, and his dream of winning the World Cup.

Though some fans might hesitate to watch Nagi’s POV it will be a treat to watch one of the best upcoming anime of 2024.

1.Madoka Magica : Walpurgisnacht Rising

Madoka Magica: Walpurgisnascht Rising.

Keeping your prejudice aside, don’t fall for the cute poster. Madoka Magica franchise perfectly built the dark fantasy genre matching the psychological level of Death Note.

The fourth movie of the Franchise, Walpurgisnacht Rising is set to be released in the winter of 2024. Deeply diving into the Mahou Sojou theme, the franchise never disappointed with its throat-grabbing tension and dark scenes.

With the previous directors Akiyuki Shinbou and Yukihiro Minamoto, the movie will continue the journey of magical girls Kaname and Miki, produced by Shaft Studios.

As the most anticipated teaser trailer dropped a few months back, oh boy I must say, the animation looks crisp yet so elegant and soothing to the eyes. 


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