Top 11 Mature Anime like Scum’s Wish to Watch.

anime like scums wish

Scum’s Wish Anime shows the dire desire of unloved hearts seeking pieces of romantic touches and beyond with mature themes too. The one-sided love leads to some mature content and ahem! Ahem! moments, Never Mind.

Scum’s Wish isn’t your typical romance anime, Maybe that’s why most people enjoyed it. The desires or you should say Scum desires spice up the things for fans like you (Wink, wink) and has some sweet romance blended into it. It also teaches a lot of things that other shoujo anime doesn’t.

Well, If you are here then most probably you liked it and ended up looking for “Anime Like Scum’s Wish”. So here is the list of some mature loved anime similar to Scum’s Wish, enjoy.

11. School Days

School Days
AiredJul 4, 2007 to Sep 27, 2007
GenresDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll

The school life slice of life drama anime is daring and deceptively intelligent taking you on a rollercoaster. Unlike typical romance anime, School Days resemble anime like Scum’s Wish offering a set of school romance.

High school loves are precious and for Makoto Itou, it’s no different. His silent love at first sight never allowed him to confess instead he keeps a photo of her as wallpaper on his phone.

However, his secret doesn’t remain a secret anymore when his classmate spots the photo. Instead of exposing him, she offers to build their romantic relationship. Hence begins the friendship among the trio.

The twelve episodes portray the uncertain human desires and emotional attachments with pure entertainment. School days are a perfect start after Scum’s Wish.

10. Higehiro

Aired  Apr 5, 2021 to Jun 28, 2021
GenresDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll, Muse Asia

The most misunderstood anime of the award must go to Higehiro. If you set aside the debate over the relationship between the Main character and a girl the anime is a pretty entertainer.

Yoshida is an ordinary salaryman and has a crush on his boss but his proposal gets rejected and in the ocean of sorrows he decides to get drunk.

Yoshida that night provides shelter to a runaway schoolgirl who now lives with him. Yoshida couldn’t refuse his decisions and continued to let her live in his apartment leading to the start of their relationship.

Higehiro isn’t just for anybody, though less in terms of anime like scum’s wish but the drama and characters are fully immersive. To explain in one word it is “Refreshing”

9. Netsuzou Trap

Netsuzou Trap
AiredJul 5, 2017 to Sep 20, 2017
GenresDrama, Girls Love
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll

Ready for a wild ride? Netsuzou Trap isn’t just everyone’s cup of tea with an important theme of the complexity of feelings in people confused with their gender.

Yuma Okazaki and Hotaru Mizushina have been friends ever since their childhood and even both have boyfriends. But one incident forever changed the dynamics of their friendship.

Regardless of right and wrong or whether you empathize with the characters or not, the anime with the semi-explicit scenes is a great anime to watch.

8. Love and Lies

Love and Lies
AiredJul 4, 2017 to Sep 19, 2017
GenresDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCurrently Unavailable

When held longer Lies become truth but will it transform into Love? To answer your question, check out Love and Lies. The drama anime slowly touches your heart like a scum’s wish with each episode.

In futuristic Japan to fight the low birth rate, it has become the mandatory norm to get married at 16. For average Teenager Yukari Nejima, this might be the best way to find a partner.

But his suppressing love for his crush begins to explode and he confesses his love surprisingly she accepts his proposal after a few rejections. Soon Yukari receives his marriage letter and discovers many lies and love.

The protagonist is surrounded by love and desires while exploring the themes of young love like scum’s wish. Don’t skip this enjoyable masterpiece.

7. Yamada’s First time

 Yamada’s First time
AiredApr 2, 2010 to Jun 18, 2010
GenresDrama, Romance, Comedy
Streaming PlatformCurrently Unavailable

Step out of that intense storyline or unique plot, and get ready for some fan service cause Yamada’s first time seems like one. This rom-com is specially for adults and kids stay away, okay?

Yamada is a beautiful and intelligent girl like any other teenager she buries some dark desires with her. She wants to make love with a hundred men before the end of the school.

But her insecurities lead her to a boy named Takashi Koshuda to make love and experience it for the first time itself. Thus begins her quest to make some love.

With glorified scenes and mild adult scenes, the anime is a gem and a pure entertainer if you loved anime like scum’s wish.

6. White Album 2

 White Album 2
AiredOct 6, 2013 to Dec 29, 2013
GenresDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll

Have you ever Fallen in Love? No, Not once? Then get ready, White Album 2 is sure to make you fall head over heels. The anime is as fitting as it should be as a mature romance drama anime.

The standalone sequel of White Album focuses on Haruki and his time during his third and final year. His light band is about to be disbanded and his dream of performing is slowly dying.

Haruki plays the White Album with his guitar and suddenly an enchanting voice and a piano sound start to synchronize with his voice. Thus the complex romance of Haruki begins.

In Comparison to anime like scum’s Wish, White Album 2 lacks in terms of explicit scenes and mature content but excels in other perspectives.  So set aside slice-of-life romance anime and Watch this one.

5. O Maidens in Your Savage Season

O Maidens in your savage season
AiredJul 6, 2019 to Sep 21, 2019
GenresDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCurrently Unavailable

Behold the comic version of anime like Scum’s Wish: O Maidens in Your Savage season. You might cringe at times but surely you will laugh your ass off with explicit scenes.

Sexually repressed Girls Band has a poignant back story that leads them to be under this single literature club. In the literature club, they discover an erotic book and start to discuss it.

As they discuss things more openly they also connect through their emotional backstories and growing in their ways.

At first, its tropes lead to a typical adult content anime but soon the character development and emotional arcs make it worth-watching. Watch this anime and discover the difference between love and sex that every teenager must have pondered once.

4. Citrus

AiredJan 6, 2018 to Mar 24, 2018
GenresDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll, Netflix

Do you want an anime to add to your guilty pleasure list? Citrus is a perfect match. The Girls Love feels like an underrated anime when it comes to showing off the explicit scenes.

Yuzu Ahira’s social life changes when her mother remarries and she gets transferred into a strict girls’ high school. In between all the overachievers students, she paints out the student council president, Mei Amehira.

Soon Yuzu discovers the truth that Mei is her step-sister while trying to recognize her feelings Mei does something unexpected that shakes Yuzi and their relationship.

The well-written anime can be said to be a great fiction. In comparison to anime like scum’s wish, the unapologetic explicit scenes don’t hold back.

3. Yosuga No Sora

Yosuga No Sora
AiredOct 4, 2010 to Dec 20, 2010
GenresDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCurrently Unavailable

Who decides what’s wrong and what’s right? Well, the situation decides. Pondering the theme, Yosuga No Sora is no different from anime like scum’s wish whether the adult content or the mature themes.

The anime focuses on the twin brother and sister Haruka and Saro who lost their parents in a sudden accident. Thus they decide to move into the countryside where grandpa used to live.

The nostalgia resurfaces many feelings and people but the secret bond between the twins starts to melt and form into a new kind of bond despite their surroundings.

The anime about twins is a great entertainer and worth watching if you are a fan of Scum’s wish. If you are comfortable with incestuous scenes then go for it.

2. Domestic Girlfriend

Domestic Girlfriend
Aired Jan 12, 2019 to Mar 30, 2019
GenresDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll, Netflix

Looking for a love triangle with spiced-up things? Then Domestic Girlfriend matches the query perfectly. The battle between love and lust continues throughout the series with lots of adult scenes.

Natsuo Fuji’s unrequited love for his teacher Hina knows no boundaries but soon enough he spends his first night with a random classmate girl named Rui to lose his virginity.

But Natsuo’s Father decides to remarry and brings him his new step-sisters Hina and Rui. The shocking revelation fires up inside him and he continues to dwindle between his decisions.

The anime is a god’s blessing for certain fans (you know whom I’m talking about). Similar to Scum’s wish the anime doesn’t disappoint in any aspect.


Anime like Scum's Wish
AiredApr 5, 2006 to Mar 28, 2007
GenresDrama, Romance
Streaming PlatformCrunchyroll, Netflix

Nana feels like a paradise if you are a fan of mature anime that shows the rock bottoms and reality to the end. From the hands of Ai Yazawa and the madhouse, the masterpiece explores friendship, girls’ power, and achieving goals.

The story follows two young women named Nana who collide in the city of Tokyo while pursuing their dreams. While one dreams of a music career another seeks romantic love in her life.

With the coincidence arriving at their foot, the circumstances lead them to live under the same roof. However, their relationship takes a turn and transforms into something unrequited.

The intensity of young love shines throughout the anime similar to Scum’s Wish. The pain, struggles, and endeavors, this anime has it all. It leaves you at the end of the road with so much experience that feels personal.


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