Top 12 Tragic Character Sacrifices in Action Anime.

tragic character sacrifices in action anime

Shonen Anime is not only filled with highly animated action scenes but also with nail-biting strategic battles. The combat features many one-on-one duels along with many selfless heroic character sacrifices which adds a great amount of depth to story-telling and its character development.

And yes most importantly the greater sacrifices provide an emotional turmoil and further motivation for the main character in the Anime. The sacrifices breathe life into the plot making it more impactful and connected to the audience.

So here is the list of 12 tragic character sacrifices in Action Anime to clench your heart and make your eyes all teary.

12.Nui Nokata buys time for Hyakimaru (Dororo)

hyakkimaru's mother

Hyakkimaru’s fate kept me wide awake after watching Dororo Anime. The cruel father feeding him to the demons to prosper his land and kingdom, suffering without a body, and the poignant death of his love interest are just too much to handle.

Nui Nokota ( Hyakkimaru’s Mother) in the final confrontation asks for forgiveness from Hyakkimaru for all he has suffered. Nui stabs herself to save Hyakkimaru from the demon in exchange for her life.

In her last words, she constantly seeks forgiveness and reminds how cruel they were but also assures that Hyakkimaru will no longer suffer alone. She will alongside him and shows regret for not saving him earlier.

11.Greed’s sacrifice to stop Father (Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood)

greed's sacrifice

In the climactic battle against Father, the anti-hero Greed one of the Homuculi decides to atone for his past deeds and lends a helping hand to the Allric Brothers.

As Greed goes against Father, the god-like form of Father consumes Greed and he willingly accepts his fate to restrict Father’s control over Alchemy.

Greed’s sacrifice allows the Allric brothers to launch a counterattack to stop Father once and for all. Greed’s change of mind makes it to the list of character sacrifices in action anime.

10.Vegeta defeated Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Z)

vegeta's sacrifice

The fight between Vegeta and Maijin Buu had the most emotional impact on all the Dragon Ball Z fans all over the world. The sacrificial death acceptance of Vegeta allowed him to be one of the most loved characters and greatest character of the Dragon Ball Franchise.

Maijin Buu’s fight with Vegeta to rule the earth and its inhabitants, Vegeta couldn’t defeat Buu despite his immense efforts in the fights. To redeem himself and his past actions, Vegeta launches relentless moves towards Buu but eventually gets overpowered.

Vegeta realizes the threat hugs Trunk and self-destructs with immense power to kill Majin Buu. The final moment when Vegeta expresses love and affection while hugging Trunk is one the most powerful scenes in Dragon Ball Z.

9.All Might gives up his Quirk (My Hero Academia)

All might's sacrifice

Passing up the torch from one generation to another becomes a sign for the heroes in the world of My Hero Academia. The world surrounded by quirks constantly gets threatened and the symbol of peace Allmight rises to save.

All Might while battling his nemesis All For One, realizes his endurance for One For All is coming to an end. The only way resides is to pass his power “One for all” to Izuku Midoriya and maintain its legacy for the next generation.

To keep the spirit of heroism alive he must do the needful for the greater good and become one of the selfless anime characters.

8.Tatsumi’s Death (Akame ga Kill)

character sacrifices in action anime

During the intense battle between Tatsumi, the member of Night Raid, and Prime Minister Honest, the ending witnessed a poignant sacrificial moment that felt like a cold winter for all the fans.

When Honest achieves the “Hundredth soul Demonic Beast” form Tatsumi gains his “Incursion evolved state” but Tatsumi realizes the real threat of him losing his human side.

To save his comrades and humanity Tatsumi uses all of his power against Honest desperately and faces his death. The cost becomes a bit pricey for Tastsumi and his comrades as he loses his life.

7.Thors’s selfless death (Vinland saga)

thors sacrifice

Vinland saga presented the most principled and selfless anime character, Thors. A powerful Warrior known for his tremendous powers, undertakes an oath to never choose violence.

Protecting his definition of a true warrior, Thors is surrounded by a mercenary band once he belonged to. But after defeating Askeladd in a one-on-one duel, he chooses the sacrifice of his life to save his son sticking to his words.

Another sacrifice in the Vinland saga that intrigued me, was when Askeladd sacrifices his life by killing the King for Prince Canute. But Thors’ sacrifice remains a heart-breaking character sacrifice in action anime.

6.Ichiro Inuyashiki’s self-detonation (Inuyashiki)

Inuyashiki sacrifice

If you have watched Inuyahsiki then you must be familiar with Ichiro Inuyashiki, an old man transformed into an advanced android, and Hiro, one of the most evil characters to exist in the history of anime.

As Hiro causes constant chaos in the series, in the final confrontation Ichiro faces Hiro and the battles take a toll on both of them. Ichiro in the end consumes the radioactive materials and travels far into space.

Ichiro sacrifices his life to save humanity from the threat posed by Hiro. The anime provides one of the greatest character sacrifices in action anime.

5.Ace Protects Luffy (One Piece)

ace sacrifice

What does it mean to lose a brother? Ask all the Luffy and One Piece fans who witnessed the death of Ace. The fans bawled their eyes out when Luffy’s adopted brother Ace, commander of the white beard pirates second division, is pierced through by a punch.

 In the Marineford Arc when Admiral Akainu captures Ace, Luffy rushes to Ace’s rescue. Instead, Akainu attacks vigorously Luffy, as he goes for the death blow Ace interprets the move and comes in between.

Resulting in a deadly hole in his chest and leading to his death but saves Luffy. The brotherhood and sacrifice feel very personal and had a great impact on all the One Piece fans like me for a long period.

4.Netero turns himself into a bomb (Hunter x Hunter)

netero's sacrifice

The one-on-one fight between Netero and Chimera Ant King Mereum takes unexpected turns in Hunter x Hunter. The sacrificial movement from Netero is just pure heart-shattering when he realizes Mereum’s unbeatable power.

After using multiple tricks like the “Zero Hand “ attack he still couldn’t beat Mereum. Netero finally turns towards the final movement of his life, activating the “Miniature Rose” technique which turns him into a human nuclear bomb.

Netero sets off the bomb by clutching his heart in the hope of wiping out the invincible Meruem and saving humanity from this unimaginable threat. The scene is considered one of the best character sacrifices in action anime.

3.Mikasa and Eren’s sacrifice for the greater Good

mikasa's sacrifice

 The Attack on Titan finale hyped fans like no other. The finale has to be one of the saddest and most tragic endings. The rumbling, turmoil, the emotional attachments all were at their Peak. But it gave us some tough anime sacrifices for love.

Mikasa’s undying love for Eren is evident from the beginning, protecting him at any cost no matter the situation. But the finale troubled Mikasa pulling the hardest decision to behead Eren for the greater cause giving us the saddest death in anime.

And Yet another sacrifice that goes unnoticed is Eren’s. Despite being aware of the future, Eren became the common villain so both worlds could come together and defeat him to attain peace for the rest of their lives.

2.Lelouch Lamperouge’s Sacrificial Plan (Code Geass)

Lelouch's sacrifice

The heart-shattering character of all time and one of the most selfless characters, Lelouch in Code Geass. His Primary goal always has been to relieve Japan from Britannia and create a Utopia for the people and his sister.

After attaining the Power of Geass, Lelouch decides to eliminate the war permanently and becomes a common enemy which allows the world to unite against him.

He portrayed himself as a Tyrant, causing chaos and the root of all the problems that resulted in his assassination in the public. His sacrifice will go down in anime history as one of the most tragic character sacrifices in action anime.

1.Itachi Uchiha Slaying the whole clan. (Naruto)

itachi's sacrifice

The cold war between the Uchiha clan and Shinju clan took a violent turn, as the Uchiha clan planned a war against the rival clan, Itachi played a vital role that turned him into a villain at first but after realizing his truth he became the unsung hero of the Konoha village.

Itachi chose the hardest path to wipe out his entire clan on that night for the well-being of Konoha village and spared his brother Sasuke. Along with Sasuke, the world hated Itachi but his greater intentions no one could foresee.

After taking off the curtains, fans realized the pain and sacrifice Itachi had been through and instantly became a badass anime character with tragic character sacrifice in action anime.


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