Top 13 Anime with Hacking For Tech-Savvy.

anime with hacking

In a generation of dominating AI and ever-developing technology, the anime territory has successfully predicted the future a long ago that we now live. Whether in The Ghost in the Shell or the Serial Experiments Lain, computers play a vital role and I know some computer geeks who love to watch exaggerated hacking events with utmost desire, unlike real-life hacking. Many anime weaves these scenes or storytelling as an aspect of greater sight or in some hacking plays a crucial role. From the complexities of hacking narratives to decoding the symbolism, Here is a list of The Top anime with hacking to satisfy the bug that kindling inside.

13.Dramatical Murder

Dramatical Murder, anime with hacking
AIRED Jul 7, 2014 to Sep 22, 2014
GENREAction, Mystery, sci-fi  

Adapted from the Visual novel with same name, Dramatical Murder is a futuristic cyberpunk anime knitting the hacking as a part of it.

Set in the island of Moujima, japan where a luxurious facility for richest people in the world has been built named Rhyme. However, the residents of the island are forced to leave the island to please the wealthiest people.

The protagonist Aoba Seragaki gets involved in the virtual world of Rhyme. If the virtual world of codes exist so do the hackers corrupting it. Noiz, a talented hacker plays an ultimate role in the series.

12.Battle Programmer Shirase

battle programmer Shirase

Source : Wikipedia

AIRED Oct 4, 2003 to Jan 4, 2004
GENREComedy, sci-fi, Ecchi
CREATORHiroki Hayashi

The tech-savvy story of talented and laid-back programmer named Akira Shirase also known as Battle Programmer Shirase. This anime showcases hacking mixed with comedy and action in an unique way.

Akira Shirase renowned as BPS is a formidable hacker who takes many freelancing jobs ranging from mundane computer issues to conflicted cyber issues. Shirase uses his talents in a bright way so the people in need can benefit from it.

As each episode brings new obstacles to Shirase’s gate, the tech- savvy flaunts his skill of hacking. This is one of the light hearted anime with hacking that combines humor brilliantly.

11.Cyber City Oedo 808

cyber city Oedo 808

source: Wikipedia

AIRED Jun 21, 1990 to Oct 4, 1991
GENREAction, Adventure, Sci-fi
CREATORYoshiaki Kawajiri

Bringing from the pocket of 90s anime, another gem original video animation, Cyber City Oedo 808 is a cyberpunk anime set in the city of Oedo.

The plot traces the monotonous life of three prisoners Sengoku, Goggles and Benten sentenced to over 300 years of imprisonment for their cyber crimes. As in the year of 2808 as the technology has increased so does the rates of crime.

The cyber police hire three criminals in order to eradicate other criminal in exchange for their relaxation of prison years. As the prisoners haunt other prisoners they face many obstacles with hacking, breaching firewalls, and launching into to other’s cyber networks.

10.Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown, anime with hacking
AIREDOct 14, 2011 to Mar 23, 2012
GENREAction, Drama, sci-fi
CREATORHiroyoki Yushino

The political thriller set in a dystopian Roppongi district of Tokyo where the Apocalypse virus has ravaged Japan. To bring silence to the utter chaos, the United Nations overthrows the political agenda from the country and Rules with their GHQ organisation.

The sci-fi series shows the young boy Shou Ouma who gains supernatural power to retrieve powerful weapons called “Void”. The power he receives after the chaotic interaction with Inori Yuzuriha, a famous pop singer in a warehouse.

With the cinematic animation, the part of hacking scenesc include Tsugumi, a hacker who works for Guerilla Resistance Group (GHQ). This anime blends romance subplot with some sci-fi and hacking


AIREDOct 12, 2012 to Mar 22, 2013
GENREAction, Mystery, Sci-fi, Suspense
CREATORGen Urobuchi (Writer)

The psychological thriller, Psycho Pass is set in a Futuristic dystopian world, where the state of mind decides the fate of a person rather than their actions.

Sybil system has revolutionized law enforcement providing a unique law to monitor each individual’s mind and collected in “Psycho Pass”. In this controlled world if someone’s Psycho pass reaches its maximum or inches towards criminal offense, they are pursued by the Inspectors.

The story focuses on Akane Tsunemori, a young police officer partnered with veteran Enforcer Shinya Kougami is tasked to track down and apprehend potential crimes.

Some hacking scenes show intricate lines of code, futuristic interfaces, and hackers manipulating the Sybil system and exposing its vulnerabilities.

8.Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy
AIREDFeb 25, 2006 to Aug 12, 2006
GENRE Mystery, psychological, Sci-fi
CREATORDai Sato writer

With some visually stunning animation, Ergo Proxy throws insight into existential exploration, Set in the fictional dystopian city of Romdo.

After the environmental collapse, the earth’s uninhabitable nature led humans into the domed City of Romdo. The humanoid robots called AutoReiv were created to revive mankind but drastically fail when Autoreivs are plagued with a virus called ‘”Cogito virus’

The virus develops its conscience of Autoreivs threatening mankind. The narrative revolves around Re-L investigating the series of murders that occurred due to the AutoReivs.

As Re-l unravels some disturbing truths, she uncovers the existence of another mysterious being called Proxies. I loved the haunting soundtrack that gives an eerie vibe with its cybernetic animation.

7.Heaven’s Memo Pad

Heaven’s memo pad
AIRED Jul 2, 2011 to Sep 24, 2011
GENREDrama, Mystery
CREATORHikaru Sugii

Heaven’s Memo Pad is one of the best piece of anime with hacking also combining the elements of slice of life. Meet, Narumi Fujishima, a pessimist high schooler who constantly shifts with his father’s line of work.

One day Narumi stumbles upon a group of hackers in a ramen shop along with his cheerful friend Ayaka called NEET. There he encounters Alice, an introverted detective with amazing hacking skills and computer knowledge.

As Alice lives on the upper floor of the ramen shop, Narumi gets more and more involved in the cases that are tasked NEET group.  With the responsibility of leading the NEET group, Alice barely moves out of her apartment like the most of hackers out there in the real world.

6.Summer Wars

Summer Wars
AIREDAug 1, 2009
GENREComedy, Sci-fi
CREATORMamoru Hosoda

Weaving the dynamics of virtual reality and family seamlessly, Summer Wars portrays the emotional tangent with bits of comedy and slice of life.

The narration revolves around Kenji Koiso, a math prodigy, who works as a moderator for the virtual world of OZ. During a summer break, his senpai or his crush Shinohara Natsuki invites Kenji to the countryside. Yeah! I hope I was in his place(Long Sigh)

 Kenji has to act as her fiancé on this family trip but things go south when he receives an email thinking of some kind of math problem. He solves it and mails it back to the sender.

His knack for math puts him in between a crisis of the virtual world, releasing an AI that wrecks both the virtual world and the real world. AI forms a crack in the world as well as in Shinohara family bonds.

5.Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil
AIREDMay 12, 2007 to Dec 1, 2007
GENRE Mystery, Drama, Sci-fi

From the key animator of the Neon Evangelion Series, Mitsou Iso returns with Dennou coil with a unique and important sight into the near future of 2026 when cyber glasses or VR are quite ordinary.

Meet, Yuuko Yasako Okonogi, who recently moved to the city of Daikoku along with her family and her Grandma runs an illegal shop store related to these cyberglasses or VR.

Yuuko’s Grandma also leads a group of kids involved in decoding the corruption that takes place inside this augmented reality. As Yasako collides with a stranger named Yuko Isako Amasawa, a talented hacker who is also after these cyber corruptions.

The unique animation of virtual reality and the hacking scenes of the elementary kids is what I recommend for a wholesome show.

4.Terror in Resonance

Terror in resonance
AIRED Jul 11, 2014 to Sep 26, 2014
GENREMystery, suspense
CREATORShinichiro Watanabe

Terror in Resonance is a psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat with its polished plot of anti-hero and hacking playing a vital role in its plot.

The complex narration surrounds the enigmatic life of two teenagers named Nine and Twelve behind the name of Sphinx, mysterious attacks happened in Japan. As they threaten to attack further, the police and investigator Kenjirou faces the turmoil in between.

Another character named Lisa Mishima joins the two teenagers which certainly gives the emotional depth. But the hacking becomes centric when Nine and Twelve use it to deceive the police.

They leave multiple puzzles and mysteries on the authorities’ way manipulating to remain anonymous.

3.Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell
AIREDNov 18, 1995
GENRE Psychological, Drama, Action, Sci-fi
CREATORMasamune Shirow                                       

An anime that left various marks across the globe and the most talked psychological anime from the 90s. “Ghost in the shell” ask various question to the world as if what makes it to be a human. Is it the body or is it the soul?

The plot presents future world set in 2029 where the distinction between human and robots has thinned. In the city of Niihama, Humans can replace their limbs and memories.

As a new hacker named “Master Puppet” emerges to wipe out and alter the memories of his victims to do his bidding. As the game begins between the protagonist Motoko and the hacker, it leads to various existential questions.

2.Serial Experiments Lain  

Serial Experiments Lain
AIREDJul 6, 1998 to Sep 28, 1998
GENREDrama, Mystery, psychological, Suspense
CREATORYasuyuki Ueda

The dark and intensifying, Serial experiments Lain is one of my favourite pick from psychological anime from 90s.

Explored in the world of near future, the anime shows a high schooler girl Lain Iwakura who resides in the suburban of japan along with her family.

As the introverted and socially awkard Lain, receives an e-mail from a deceased friend Chisa Yomoda. She gets caught in the Wired, a thing like internet that exist now.

The surreal storytelling shows further when Lain dives deeper the line between her reality and the cyber world thins, A group of men follows her describing the intiricate details of her life, that she didn’t even realise to this point.

The cryptic world with dark psychological theme is one of the must watch anime with hacking.

1.Steins Gate

Steins Gate
AIREDApr 6, 2011 to Sep 14, 2011
GENRESuspense, Drama, Sci-fi

.  Japanese psychological thriller light novel turned anime with the same name. Steins Gate is one of the best rated anime of all time blending the concept of time travel.

The story follows the life of a mad scientist Okabe Rintarou, who indulges himself in his science laboratory along with his friends Mayuri and hacker friend Daru. At initial episodes they invent fun filled gadgets leading to deceive it as a fun filled anime.

As the story progresses the magic of the series unfolds when Okabe and his friends discover a Phone microwave. The phone capable of sending messages through time and the essence of it stop the evil group SERN.

Perfectly executed plot along with Daru’s hacking scenes provide a great sci-fi along with psychological thrill which

(Image Source: MAL and Wikipedia)


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