Top 15 Books to read if you are feeling lost.

books to read if you are feeling lost

Books have curated lives from ancient times and have the power to alter the vision and mind of a person. In this complicatedly woven maze of Life, the rich narrative and diverse perspectives play an ultimate role.

Literature holds the power to address some wider problems that humans face in their day-to-day lives. Humans fight the greatest battle with themselves, whether in the form of anxiety, overthinking, or facing life.

Whether you seek solace in that classic historical fiction or the ever-wondering characters whose pain you feel deeply. Here I present you 15 books to read if you are feeling lost in your life to guide you through wisdom, and inspiration. So you can use these books as a compass to drive the further path of your life with a clear vision.

15. The Measure

The Measure book
AUTHORNikki Erlick
RELEASED DATEJune 28, 2022
GENREFiction, sci-fi, fantasy, Dystopia

Nikki Erlick defines love, loss, and shot-spanned human lives in her book beautifully. In a world where each human receives a little box with a string inside it, the length of the string dictates your life span.

The plot revolves around the main eight characters and weaved to each other in a poignant way of story-telling. As the fear slowly creeps inside humans, discrimination is born and finds a way to separate.

With each character, you would resonate with their sufferings and adaptation to the new traumatic world. The thought-provoking narration portrays the other side of life letting you re-think everything.

14.Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Zen and the art of motor cycle maintenance
AUTHORRobert M. Pirsig
RELEASED DATEApril 1, 1974
GENREFiction, Philosophy, Spiritual, Travel

For men, nothing is more intriguing than philosophy mixed with a bike ride across the country. The traditional narrative shows the father-son duo on a road trip across vast landscapes of the American Northwest.

The pursuit of a meaningful life has been the greatest goal as Pirsig describes in his book, he also shares his own experience and struggles with mental illness perfectly weaving the philosophical knowledge from Zen Buddhism.

Robert further states the craft of acquiring skills to amend your life in every aspect is a crucial thing. This book ponders the thread that connects material life with spiritual ones.

13.The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck

The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck
AUTHORMark Manson
GENRENon-Fiction, Self-help, Psychology 

The unapologetic Mark Manson throws a deep insight into the pursuit of happiness. His approach to others he asks people to accept things the way it is rather than always maintaining a positive attitude all the time.

He suggests liberation for the flawed human beings and embracing the inherent struggles that come with life. As the world looks for superficial things to showcase, he recommends finding endeavor meaning.

Manson’s wisdom is pretty straightforward and even the slightest offensive to yourself while confronting the truth.

12.Stop Doing That Shit

Stop Doing that Shit
AUTHORGary John Bishop
RELEASED DATEJune 28, 2022
GENRENon-Fiction, Self-help, Philosophy, Psychology 

Confront your hindering toxic traits that prohibit your growth because of some self-destructive pattern you are in. With a pretty straightforward approach, Bishop challenges you to face your enigmatic limiting beliefs, lies, and excuses.

Defeating your inner-demon and becoming self-aware, you can use this book as a tool or a roadmap to your further journey. Filled with authenticity, Bishop shows the way to eliminate the barricades with a bit of storytelling and practical insights.

To break free from the prison of your negativity, this is one of the self-help books to read if you are feeling lost.

11.The River Why

The River Why, books to read if you are feeling lost.
AUTHORDavid James Duncan
GENREFiction, Philosophy, literature

The intricate bond between humans and nature flashes in this tale of David James’s self-discovery journey that captivated readers across oceans.

Meet, Gus Orviston, a young man exhausted with the family’s fly-fishing occupation. As the fog thickens before his eyes blurring the clarity, Twenty years old Gus sets on a lone trip to regain his inner self and for a clearer vision.

The vibrant fictional theme dives deep into spirituality, someone finding their place in this real world while perfectly balancing fishing and philosophy.


books to read if you are feeling lost.
AUTHORSusan Cain
GENRENon-Fiction, Psychology, Self-help

If you are a person who limits himself/herself from socializing or interacting then for your introvertish side this book is a perfect match. You could say it represents behalf of all introverts in the world or voice for the voiceless rather than not wanting to speak kindly.

In her book, Susan demonstrates the essence and importance of introverts. Their unspoken contribution to this world with some examples of strong successful introverted business person, public speaker, and record-breaking salesman.

As we are surrounded by mostly extroverts, Susan breaks the ice of undervaluing the introverts. If you are one of those introverts then it is one of the great books to read if you are feeling lost.


AUTHORAngela Duckworth
GENRENon-Fiction, Psychology, Self-help

What separates a hard-working fool who succeeded from a talented genius, who failed multiple times? The grit. Angela explores the reason and key differences between success from failure.

With years of research and personal experiences, Angela debates the fact of passion and consistency rather than admirable in-born talent. Ranging from athletes to educators, grit has been the common factor among them.

As Angela weaves science and storytelling, she challenges the readers to measure their Wit with her invented “grit scale”. The theme explores the fear of people not having enough talent to pursue something beyond.

8. The Midnight Library  

The Midnight Library
GENREFiction, Fantasy, Contemporary

What If you were given the chance to undo your regrets, mistakes, and opportunities to lead a peaceful alternate life you always wished for? Sounds fascinating right?

The story follows Nora Seed, a young girl caught in despair who faces the same situation when she finds the library and each book demonstrates the parallel life she could have lived.

Each decision and consequence reflecting on each book gives you a chance to live your best life. The therapeutic experience showcases the second chances, the hope, and the dawn after the darkest night.

7.Steal like an Artist and Show Your Work

Steal like an Artist and Show your work
AUTHORAustin Kleon
RELEASED DATEFeb 28, 2012 and mar 6 2014
GENRENon-fiction, Art, self help

The brilliant duo from Austin Kleon is especially for you if you belong to the artistic journey of creating something new each day and feeling down right now.

In his “Steal Like an Artist”, he conveys the necessary creative theft as the inspiration much needed for an artist. Even he encourages artists to take a slice from the ocean of art.

“Show your Work” opens the door for the artists to unveil their curtains and reveal their work piece by piece. The dynamic duo forms a path and inspiration for artists all out there to borrow and blend, and self-promotion and network building within your artistic field.


AUTHORInio Asano
GENREFiction, Manga, Graphic novel

The thin line between dream and reality reflects the utter truth that life holds and Asano’s tale revolves around the same thin line of Meiko Inoue’s complexities of youth.

Meiko Inoue graduated and working for years now but her struggles thicken with adulthood questioning her existence. She dwindles among responsibilities, her job, and her pursuit of happiness which each adult faces at some point in life.

The magic and poignant manga of Solanin resonates with readers with each detail and will soil hope inside you. The coming-of-age journey of Meiko is one of the books to read if you are feeling lost.

5. Thus Spoke Zarathustra

thus spoke Zarathustra
AUTHORFriedrich Nietzsche 
GENREPhilosophy, Psychology, German literature

The thought-provoking tale of Zarathustra travels as an epic classic from the vault, showering insights about conventional beliefs and traditional rituals.

The premise describes the story of Zarathustra, who descended from a mountain after years to defy the beliefs of humans to believe in god and to attain a higher form of existence.

Divided into four parts and themes; Camel, Lion, and Child, it reverbs different aspects of life weaved into one. The poetic narration dwells on morality and human nature and questions the profound beliefs.

4.A Gentleman in Moscow

A gentleman in Moscow
AUTHORAmor Towles
GENREHistorical-fiction, literary fiction

A beautifully crafted novel follows the story of a guy named Count Alexander Rostov caught in the backdrop of post-revolutionary Russia.

The poet Rostov is sentenced to lifetime imprisonment inside the Metropol hotel in Moscow for defaming the Bolsheviks or the rulers of that era. As the journey spans three decades the life inside the hotel for Rostov evolves as well as the outer world.

But Rostov’s witty humor and grit don’t fail from being a wealthy guest in the hotel to a waiter staff. As his life is confined to the walls of the hotel he forms some impeccable friendships and bonds in the hotel.

This historical fiction blends with a poignant tale that teaches you the undefeated endurance of humans, it is sure to pamper with upbeat vibes along with enlightened view.

3.The Alchemist

The Alchemist
AUTHORPaulo Coelho
GENREFiction, Fantasy, Philosophy

The enchanting tale of Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece The Alchemist weaves multiple genres and binds fans all over the world with a journey of self-discovery.

The narration set in the mystical desert of Egyptian pyramids focuses on Santiago, the shepherd boy who traded his sheep to seek the hidden treasure somewhere.

The search for gold soon transforms into a beautiful self-discovery journey with lots of philosophies and lessons. As the story unfolds with the lyrical prose of Paulo it forces you to re-think your dreams and the pursuit behind them.


AUTHORHermann Hesse
GENREClassics, fiction, philosophy, religion, spirituality

The highly recommended and anticipated spiritual journey of Siddhartha to find his true ordeal of life is what is needed to break out of the prison of mind.

The story of a common guy like everyone, a Brahmin guy from India who has ambition, greed, and dreams but one day he decides to give up all and seek atonement in the woods.

Siddhartha’s various stages of life mirror introspective philosophy and inner discovery as he faces wealth, love, and friendship on his path.

The timeless classic urges you to embark on your inner journey to find yourself and seek yourself other than others.

1.Man’s Search For Meaning

Man’s search for Meaning
 AUTHORViktor E. Frankl
GENRENon-fiction, History, Memoir, psychology

Atrocities of Nazi camps are evident to the whole world, with such experience or as a holocaust survivor, Austrian neurologist and Psychologist Viktor’s memoir is a heart-wrenching two-part book.

His daunting experience in a Nazi camp with other prisoners covers the first part. Frankl’s narrative showcases the other prisoners and those who found meaning in their suffering.

The second part transcends the therapy he developed while observing other prisoners called Logotherapy. This timeless guide navigates through where a man finds his meaning and how he survives through his hard times.

It is one of those books to read if you are feeling lost, that would shift your vision into a different lane and help you find your true meaning in your suffering.

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