Top 15 Most Anticipated Books of 2024 to add on your Wishlist.

most anticipate books of 2024

For literary enthusiasts, 2023 has been a great year as the authors bombarded readers with impeccable reads. From gore bloodbaths to emotional turmoil, readers clung to the pages at the edge of their seats. while suffering and enjoying the charactersAs we stand on the first month of 2024; January, the captivating narratives await the readers to transport to the uncharted territories. Whether you enjoy the nail-biting thriller, tear-jerker love and romance or the realm of fantasy. 2024 is here to serve each taste buds. Continuing with sequels or landscapes of new writers, here is the list of the Top 15 most anticipated books of 2024.

15. Martyr

Martyr, anticipated books of 2024
AUTHORKaveh Akbar
GENREFiction, Poetry, Contemporary

Kaveh Akbar’s Martyr transcends the quest of an orphaned Son of Iranian Immigrants to find the true meaning of life and its existence.

Entangled with a poem, Cyrus is an orphaned kid whose mother died in an airplane accident and whose father was slaughtered in the Midwest. Obsessed with Martyrs’ Cyrus ventures for his past, trauma, and the reason behind their wailing death.

Draped in alcohol and addiction Cyrus strides for a new meaning to all of his past life.

14. Somewhere Beyond The Sea

Somewhere beyond the sea
GENRE, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance 

Beyond a Tale of Magic “Somewhere beyond the Sea” is an enchanting sequel to the beloved fantasy epic “The House in the Cerulean Sea.”

Meet Arthur Parnassus, whose life revolves around the orphanage of six extraordinary children awaiting for adoption. Along with his better half Linus Baker he hides the kid from the lurking shadows that once harmed him.

As the shadows start to emerge, new difficulties emerge Swinging Arthur between his present and past

13. The Trading Game: A Confession

The Trading Game: A Confession
AUTHORGary Stevenson
GENRE Non-fiction, Economics, Memoir, Fantasy
PUBLISHERCrown Currency

Embark on the epic journey of one of the top traders of Citibank, his journey from the gritty streets of East London to the corridors of Citibank.

The memoir portrays the number prodigy Gary who defeats his peers in “The Trading Game” at London London School of Economics. As he climbs the ladder as the youngest trader of Citibank, soon he wears the badge of the pinnacle of success.

But success turns into a double-edged sword for him, blurring his sanity and reality. Gary’s epic journey is one of the anticipated books of 2024 for readers of finance to witness.

12.Murder Road

Murder Road , anticipated books of 2024
AUTHORSimone St. James
GENRE Horror, Thriller, Murder Mystery
PUBLISHERYet to be announced

A Honeymooner couple’s life takes a turn when their kindness turns into a living Nightmare. April and Eddie switched into a wrong turn and inadvertently picked up a wounded hitchhiker on the way.

As the hitchhiker succumbs to her injuries at the hospital, April and Eddie uncover some chilling truths about the Town. But now caught up in suspicion of Coldlake Falls Police, They embark on a quest to clear their names.

The journey unveils the dark secrets and previous murders that happened around the town. The nail-biting thriller is sure to keep the readers on the edge of their seats.

11.Wandering Stars

Wandering Stars
AUTHORTommy Orange
GENRE Historical Fiction

Pulitzer prize finalist, and winner of the PEN/ Hemingway award, Tommy Orange announced his upcoming book wandering stars to be released in 2024.

Wandering Stars Follows the historic incident of the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864, the tale of a young survivor Star who is imprisoned in Marion castle. English and Christianity are forced upon him only after a generation his son is tortured by the same prisoner once his father suffered.

The generational story traces the timeline from 1864 to 2018 covering the wide history, and identity impact on an individual.

10.All This Twisted Glory

All this twisted Glory
AUTHORTahereh Mafi
GENRE Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
PUBLISHERHarper Collins

The best-selling Woven Kingdom series returns with its sequel or third book “All the Twisted Glory” to continue the saga with its heart-throbbing romance.

The book delves into the intriguing relations sparked between Cyrus and Alizeh. As Alizeh discovered her people but Cyrus called for a truce between the two offering his kingdom.

Exclusive magical world blended with betrayal, love, and loss Readers await eagerly for a gripping journey.


AUTHORAli Hazelwood
GENRE Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Vampires 

New York Times best-selling Author of The Love Hypothesis, is set to release his upcoming contemporary rom-com novel Bride.

The narration focuses on the lives of vampires and werewolves, as the daughter of a vampire councilman, Misery Lark offers herself to their mortal enemies. But a paranormal romance is ignited between Lark and the ruthless Lowe Morland, alpha leader of The Werewolf.

The paranormal romance filled with politics and fantasy intrigued the interest of many readers.

8.The Life Impossible

The life Impossible
AUTHORMatt Haig  
GENRE Fiction, Contemporary, Historical Fiction 

If once in your life, you were feeling lost then you would have read Matt Haig’s Fiction “The Midnight Library”, winner of The Best Fiction of 2020.

Matt Haig is likely to return with another contemporary literature. This time with a new outlook on life where his heart-warming characters go through transformation. This wild adventure created a turmoil of excitement among the fans of The Midnight Library.

7.You Like it Darker

You like it Darker
AUTHORStephen King
GENRE Horror, short stories, Fiction, Thriller

As his name depicts Stephen King is considered The King of the horror genre penning down some jaw-clenching stories over the years.

He mentions “You like it darker? Fine, so do I,” in his upcoming book.

You Like It Darker is a collection of twelve short stories that has been stored in Stephen’s vault for years. Ranging from Two Talented Bastids to The Answer Man, Stephen blends morality, metaphor, and horror endlessly.

Darker and horrific than before, You asked for darker? You got it darker.

6.Hell is a World Without You

Hell is a World without You
AUTHORJason Kirk
GENRE Fiction
PUBLISHERShutdown Fullbooks

Hell is a World Without You is a coming-of-age novel. That transcends the story of a kid whose views are unapologetic and hilarious at the same time.

The Plot focuses on Rarely a kid like most of the readers, who has an evangelical upbringing. The modest point of view of Rarely and the other characters is witty and blatantly honest major of the time.

The story of the church kid discusses openly the darker parts of the church. Though a bit odd for natural readers, It is one of the most anticipated books of 2024 for many readers.

5.Private Rites  

Private Rites
AUTHORJulia Armfield
GENRE Horror, Literary Fiction
PUBLISHERFourth Estate

The best-selling Author Julia Armfield widely known for her work “Our Wives Under the Sea” returns with another stunning novel.

The blurb dictates the life of three sisters Isla, Irene, and Agnes in a kind of dystopian world where it pours heavily reshaping the dynamics of the land. As their architect father dies, it becomes immensely difficult to maintain his legacy and the inheritance he left behind.

Exploring the queer love, Private Rites becomes one of the most anticipated books of 2024.

4.The Strength of the Few  

AUTHORJames Islington
GENRE Fiction, Fantasy, Adult

The Strength of the Few is a sequel to the nominee for the best fantasy of 2023 “The Will of Many” as the author is known for his The Licanius Trilogy.

Hierarchy #1 focused on the Cantenan Republic where the Protagonist Vis has been sent to the Cantenan academy to solve a murder along with a nag for an ancient weapon that existed. Faking his past and identity Vis’s journey is one to behold.

With brilliant twists and turns, and epic world-building building it is one of the most anticipated books of 2024.

3.Wind and Truth

Wind and Truth
AUTHORBrandon Sanderson
GENRE Fiction, Fantasy, Magic

Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive contains four full pledged novels with two novellas. Adding to the long-awaited climax Wind and Truth awaits to complete the first arc.

As Dalinar Kohlin challenges The Malevolent god Odium and throws down the gauntlet, Will the light of forces muster enough strength to tip the scales in their favor?

2.The Last Murder at the End of the World

The Last Murder at the End of the World
AUTHORStuart Turton
GENREMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Dystopia
PUBLISHERSourcebooks Landmark

With another Whodunit, the award-winning author of “The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle” returns with a bit strange premise “Solve the murder to save what’s left of the world.”

The thriller mystery delves into the lives of 3 scientists and 112 villagers as the world outside is suffering from a deadly fog wiping out humanity.

However a shield immunizes the island but with the mysterious murder of one of the scientists, the shield vanishes leaving 92 hours to engulf the island as well.

With their memory wiped out the day before the incident, the murderer hides within the crowd, beginning the cat-and-mouse chase.

1.Empire of the Damned

Empire of the Damned
PUBLISHING DATE    Feb 29, 2024
AUTHORJay Kristoff
GENREFantasy, Horror, Fiction, Vampires
PUBLISHERHarper Voyager

Empire of the Damned is the second installment or sequel to the Empire of the Vampires by Jay Kristoff. The dark fantasy saga focuses on the world of vampires in a dystopian world where the sun has set for 27 years.

As the last silver-saint fights the night demons, Jay’s whooping 879 pages first part of Gore Vampire isn’t just for any kids. The sequel focuses on Gabriel where it left off in the previous part., he saves Gabriel from betraying the Silver Saint brothers. And the truth Grail is yet to deliver.

The cherished first part of the trilogy created a buzz across oceans as the fans eagerly waited to continue the journey with Gabriel.


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