Top 15 Upbeat Anime of 2023 to cheer up your mood.

upbeat anime of 2023

The realm of anime evoked various emotions throughout the years inside me. The wars waging adrenaline rush, the romance anime pushing me to blush, and the poignant anime tearing apart my heart.

After all these tornadoes of emotions at the end of the year 2023, my heart was exhausted. My soul demanded cheerful characters and feel-good storylines to elevate the magic of moods.

Scaling from beautiful landscapes to color visuals and lively soundtracks, to quirky humor and slice-of-life stories, upbeat anime stirs joy. So here is the list of the Top 15 upbeat anime of 2023 to cheer up your mood from my vault.

16.The Eminence of Shadow

The Eminence of Shadow
Episodes 20
AiredOct 5, 2022 to Feb 15, 2023
GenreAction, Comedy, Fantasy

Have you also dreamed of being the plain-looking guy who at times fought bad guys with bare hands? Well, to bring your dreams to life, The Eminence of Shadow shows it.

The power fantasy parody follows Minoru Kagenou who wants to remain in the shadows being a normal guy and fighting the evil biker gangs at night. But his mortality holds him down.

One such day, his end of mortal life leads him into a fantasy world where he is born with powers that he always seeks. In the other world, he soon starts to fight the evil.

The isekai anime is surely one of the best upbeat anime of 2023. The unfair negative reviews don’t justify the true essence of this anime.

15.Chillin in my 30s after getting fired

chilling in my 30s after getting fired.
AIREDJan 7, 2023 to Mar 25, 2023

Reconsidering his un-magical life in his 30s’ the absence of magical prowess leads Dariel out of his infantry under the general Granbraza which is now led by his son.

Wandering in a forest his encounter with Malika, a girl fleeing from monster threats drives him to her village to live a peaceful yet human life till he never lived.

As he spends with himself, he discovers his powers, his alliance, and his foe which he once considered friends.

14.”Ippon” again!  

"Ippon" Again!
AIREDJan 9, 2023 to Apr 3, 2023

Meet, Michi Sonoda, a judo enthusiast from middle school who finalizes on giving up on her aspiring dream of playing judo. Once considered a die-hard passion now treated as a waste youth sport for teenagers.

Things go hay-wired her grandeur planned farewell crumbles after a life-shattering defeat from her opponent, Tow Hiura. But fate does dirty when Towa Hiura joins her class reigniting the flames of long lost judo sports.

This upbeat anime of 2023 has one of the realistic animations of girls, no dreamy eyes or figure and It is sure to put a few smiles and ignite your lost dream sports.

13.Tomo Chan is a Girl

Tomo-chan is a girl
AIREDJan 5, 2023 to Mar 30, 2023
GENREComedy, Romance                                               

The thin line between girly emotions and being a Tomboy fades as Tomo Aizawa confesses her love to her inseparable childhood friend, Junichirou Jun.

Despite her bold approach, she gets friend-zoned. Jun considers her a buddy-pal or a brother-like figure which is impossible for him to stir any emotion beneath.

With adamant determination, Tomo consistently tries to reshape their relationship hoping to evoke any emotion inside him.

12.Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch
AIREDApr 3, 2023 to Jun 19, 2023,
GENREComedy, fantasy, Adventure

The sequel to Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is utterly hilarious, filled with fun adventures and If you have watched the first season then you know the season plot dwells on 15-year-old Yuna who is transported into another gaming world.

She is gifted with a bear suit and saves everyone at the end of the day. The second season demonstrates her day-to-day life in the new world.

Filled with adventure, fun, and tear-jerking laughter moments, Yuna continues to help more and more people explore the world.

11.Farming Life in Another World

Farming Life in Another World,
AIREDJan 6, 2023 to Mar 24, 2023,
GENREfantasy slice of life                                      

An impeccable slice of life and heart-warming show, narrated by the main character Hiraku Machio’s Pov who died from a terminal illness.

Witnessing the unfairness that occurred to him, God decides to reincarnate him in another fantasy world with a proper healthy body and inherited farming qualities that he could dream of in his last life.

Simple yet elegant the plot weaves farming with countryside life with a twist of fantasy but it is one of the underrated whole-hearted upbeat anime of 2023.

10.BOFURI! (season 2)

BOFURI! top 15 upbeat anime of 2023
AIREDJan 11, 2023 to Apr 20, 2023
GENREaction adventure, comedy, fantasy                                                                  

Season two explores the journey of Maple and her friends in New World Online events. As they ponder over the new world of video games, awaiting for new floors to be introduced, each character Maple and her friends set in adventure and pursuit of strength as the fear looms.

However, valuing the essence of network building, the guild forms alliances too. With Maple leading the guild, the fun resides.

Though a comedy video game-filled anime it contains some of the choreographed action sequences with ultimate animation. It captures the sense of having fun escaping from the real world.

9.Tonikawa Over the Moon for you

Tonikawa Over the Moon for you
AIREDJul 12, 2023 to Aug 23, 2023,
GENREComedy, Romance                                               

With wholesome romance and comedy, Tonikawa returns with ONA, with some more supernatural twists exploring the short arc of protagonist Nasa.

As the narration follows, Nasa is entitled to the role of programming teacher in a girl’s high school but his nervousness and anxiety peaks around all the teenage hormones. The equation of love continues as Nasa struggles in the school with teaching programming.

With few captivating new characters introduced the joy prevails with soundtracks.

8.Angel next door spoils me rotten

angel next door spoils me rotten
AIREDJan 7, 2023 to Mar 25, 2023

The beauty with brain “Mahiru Shinna” excels in every aspect of life from academics to people, she is admired everywhere. But when two poles apart neighbor caught in a downpour, Shinna doesn’t bother about the rain and finds solace in a swing.

The neighbor, Amane Fujiyima offers a helping hand and lends his umbrella to her but in this turmoil, he catches a cold. Out of gratitude shinna offers to be his caretaker.

As the story unfolds Shinna becomes more concerned for him and does all the household chores. It is one of the uplifting anime of 2023.

7.The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague,
AIREDJan 4, 2023 to Mar 22, 2023
GENREcomedy fantasy romance               

Caught in his plagued world, Himuro-Kun is a generous soul whose life takes unexpected turns when his nervousness, anxiety, or stress comes into play.

Despite his struggles, one benevolent co-worker Fuyutsuki offers a lending hand, becoming his source of warmth. Not only in the office alone, she offers practical methods beyond.

Combining their professional and personal life, their bond deepens and each kindness done intended stirs a tornado of emotions inside Fuyutsuki. Fuyutsuki remains determined to pay her kindness in a not-so-usual way.

With one of the best character designs and upbeat anime of 2023, the plot surely evokes serotonin in your body to feel light-hearted and buoyant.

6.My Love Story with Yamada Kun at Lvl 999

My Love Story with Yamada Kun at Lvl 999
AIREDApr 2, 2023 to Jun 25, 2023
GENREComedy, Romance                                               

Dealing with a heartbreak, Akane Kinoshita‘s heaviness seems to doom her but she decides to mend her wounded heart and hatches a plan to confront her ex-boyfriend.

As she sets an in-place event in Forest Horizon, the game where they found solace together once but she teams up with elite yet asocial Yamada.

They navigate the real world and virtual world together, and their differences start to surface but they never fail to recognize each other’s potential and qualities and form a unique bond.

5.Skip And Loafer

Skip and Loafer
AIREDApr 4, 2023 to Jun 20, 2023,

Mitsuki Iwakura’s ambitious journey drives the story as she shifts from her countryside to Manhattan-filled Tokyo, to fulfill her aspiring dreams and bring change in Japan.

With an enthusiasm-filled heart, Mitsuki takes the commuter to her entrance ceremony at school, but the chaotic rush takes an unexpected turn. She meets a classmate Sousuke Shima, who helps her navigate to school which forms an unspoken bond between the two.

Interweaved characters taking sides, Mitsuki’s determined vision along with Sousuke’s kindness was enough to snatch my sadness.

4.Edomae Elf 

Edomae Elf
AIREDApr 8, 2023 to Jun 24, 2023
GENREComedy, Supernatural

The narration follows the life of a local deity or supernatural elf Elda and her shrine maiden Koito. Set in the Edo period of Japan, the shrine goddess discovers a new set of life in the Takamimi shrine.

As Koitio’s family’s four generations served her as a shrine maiden, it’s time for otaku lover Koito to take over the duties of the shrine. Koito introduces Elda to the fancier world of socializing and balancing her work.

The chemistry between the two shines, and the historical information provides wider insights into the period along with a bubbly-flavored theme. It is one of the best upbeat anime of 2023.

3.A Galaxy Next Door

A Galaxy Next Door
AIREDApr 9, 2023 to Jun 25, 2023
GENRERomance, Supernatural

“A Galaxy Next Door” follows the life of stressed manga artist, Ichirou Kuga shoulders the responsibility of his two siblings after the sudden demise of his father.

As the financial burdens start to surface along with his departed assistance and low sales of his manga, his turmoiled life doesn’t come to an end until he meets shooting star Princess Shori.

Shori a novice artist, now works for Ichirou as an assistant but a supernatural phenomenon binds them in a forced engagement. It is a light-hearted adult romance anime with a protagonist character resembling real life.

2.My Clueless First Friend

My Clueless First Friend,
AIREDApr 9, 2023 to Jul 2, 2023,
GENREcomedy, slice of life romance

The plot revolves around an elementary school girl, Akane Nishimura, an introverted girl. As Nishimura’s classmates believe her shy nature is a by-product of some supernatural powers, and named her Grim Reaper.

Bullying continues on her until a boy from another school Taiyou Takada stands up for her and socializes with her. As her one and only friend Akane, Taiyou’s cheerful character brings optimism into her life.

This anime reminded me of my first-day encounters at school, making a new friend who would stick for life, and that one living-spirited friend. While the show is wholesome and adorable it brought a smile to my face.

1.Buddy Daddies

Buddy daddies
AIREDJan 7, 2023 to Apr 1, 2023
GENREComedy, Action

If you loved the Spy X family, then you are gonna love this upbeat anime of 2023 too. It feels like the daddy version of it, Buddy Daddies. A four-year-old, Miri Unasaka sets on a quest to find his father in Tokyo city on the bustling Christmas Eve.

Things go south when Miri invades two professional assassins Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwas’ who plan to execute a mafia. Struggling with an ethical dilemma two decides to return Miri to her mother.

Her infectious smile melts their hearts, but this task of raising a child isn’t like their other well-executed plans. The two struggle with her care and pampering but at the other end her presence changes them internally.

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